Sunday Music

What a fitting title – because a sun-day it was.
I went out and it was pretty sobering. Not that I had been drinking through last night, but actually walking in the sun showed me clearly that this infection is still not gone totally. After some hundred meters I was coughing an wheezing, but I chose to ignore it.
While on my way I clicked some photographic images, here are two to illustrate how this day looked.


View into the Franconian Wilderness on Sunday 15th of October 2017


Another View into the Franconian Wilderness, taken from the same spot, just a little bit more to the left


While one looks into the wilderness, houses are built behind one’s back. That’s what “P3” is for.


Middle of October may be a bit early for a Christmas lp, but “My Favorite Things” is a nice little song, here in the version of Mr Kenny BURRELL (Eng., Ger.) from his album Have Yourself a Soulful Little Christmas (1966) (Eng.) … aaawwwhhh ….



Hope You enjoy the music. May the week be peaceful and sunny for all of us !


16 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. What beautiful autumn golden hillside colors and vivid blue sky! Thank you for sharing. Take care.

    [off-topic. sorry.]

    Have you ever attended the Frankfurt Book Fair?

  2. Oh, you poor thing. There are few things as aggravating as an infection that just will not do its business and move along. I suppose the lovely surroundings are too tempting for it to give up.

  3. Glad that you like my snapping, makes me trigger-happy *rimshot !*

    Sorry, no LẌ, I never have been on the Frankfurt Book Fair. I once heared that one can get a lot of books for free at its end, but have no clue whether this is correct.

    Yes of course Mr Peenee, I’m too lovely for the bazillovirus to move on !

    Isn’t this the dangerous “self-medication” people talk so much about, dearest Dinahmow ?

  4. The first photo could almost be a tapestry or embroidery (are they the same thing?), I love the squares and the flashes of red. I do hope the sunshine killed off that monstrous bug, and you are now bright and shiny once more!

    Couldn’t quite bring myself to listen to a Christmas song just yet…

  5. Are the strips of colour a vineyard? PErhaps some other form of crop? Great colours that you have captured. It must be nice to see some sunshine and feel its warmth. Even if you still haven’t shaken off the “dreaded lurgy”… feel better soon my friend.

  6. I will gulp down “Echinazin” for breakfast, dear Svannah

    I think tapestry is in German “Bildwirkerei”, making an image by working with any kind of textile (or the finished product), while embroidery is one technique used, among others, like weaving in general, stitching – goodness, this exactly what I always avoided : Handarbeiten !
    Oh, give the song (and Mr Burrell) a chance, dear Eryl

    Yes vineyards, dearest Princess. The notably whiter square is a newly planted wineyard, it will take some years until it will bring fruit.

  7. I like your left aspect. What wonderful pictures! I should have taken pictures yesterday of the Sahara dust on my windows and the blood red sun. The British weather continues with its mysterious ways.
    I hope your bug buggers off for good very soon.

  8. What a lovely and colorful scene! Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing nature’s gift and wonders with us.

    Take care of yourself. Drink tea and eat a good healthy meal to nourish yourself. Be safe and good health to you.

  9. My friendly side, dearest Scarlet.
    Thank you, I already feel better, just have to be careful with air conditioning, and open windows.

    The colours are great this year ! I would like to go out and do more photographing. I discovered a small village where I need to go and snap pics, especially in late afternoon when the sun is in a special angle, the village is located in a small valley. It all becomes a bit “pictorial” – I think someone mentioned this word earlier here, but forgot who & where & won’t look now, sorry.
    Thank you Eros, I am happy and thankful when I have a vegetable or an humble apple, and I think these things really help me. And Sylvaner, of course !

  10. Yeah, I live in a nice area for drug cultivation IDV. Nice that “P3 in Blue” tickles you ! And thank you, the infection has lost, rearguard actions merely …

  11. That is beautiful . I hear a rubdown with a disgarded pair of Miss MJ’s undergarments will cure most things or so Mr IDV tells me , I think its a bit pervy myself , but each to their own.

  12. “The heat” – one or two days around 25°C and you Canadians complain about “heat”.

    Hello Mr Beast, welcome, and thank you for your first comment here. So The Mistress has a little business at the side and IDV is her best customer ? Who’d thought ? But be careful, you know how fast rumours go around …

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