Sunday Music

I look up from the keyboard and out of the window, and there is a greyish veil over the yellow vineyards. Very fine rain is coming down, the wind blows in Eastern direction, it’s pretty cool outside. Less “golden October”, more autumnal, with a hint of foggy November.
The week was mostly uneventful in real life, while in blogland two long lost bloggers resurfaced, Mr Beast and Ms FirstNations, who nowadays goes by the name of “Steve”.
Serious and touching is the announcement of JON in the comments of his last post. He says farewell and goodbye, his cancer is in an advanced stage, there will be no more posts. Sometimes …
The only antidote to life’s blows is beauty. Today in the form of an HA[E]NDEL (Ger., Eng.) aria titled Tornami a Vagheggiar, from the opera Alcina (Ger., Eng.), performed by the astounding Apollo’s Fire. The Cleveland Baroque Orchestra (Eng.) together with the outstanding soprano Amanda FORSYTHE (Eng.).
I hope you enjoy the music, live healthy & survive the coming week, if possible a little longer. This would be nice, thank you.



13 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. What a refreshing and lively performance. Very cheerful and upbeat.

    It’s good to have Beast and Steve back. It’s always nice to have wonderful people come back to the community. And my heart goes out to Jon, who will be missed and is cherished for making us smile and think and laugh.

    Have a wonderful week. May the beauty and bounty of nature continue to inspire and renew you.

  2. Beautifully appropriate musical selection. Hopefully the autumn will bring some good Spätlese and Auslese wines and good produce for Die Gemüse Frau in the city market.

    A brief thunderstorm here this morning to clean the race track for the F1 race later today.

  3. Thank You Eroswings. Mother Nature tries her best I guess, but the rejuvenating & renewing … inspiring is enough for the moment.

    HA – die Gemüsefrau is still at it, there must be something in the carrots. Oh, I forgot that there is a race today, thank you for reminding me LẌ !

  4. I almost got hit by a car today on my bicycle (in a quiet neighbourhood!) but that is par for the course what with all the distracted drivers. Nonetheless, I shall try to survive the coming week.

    I’m happy that Beast is back and pleased to know that First Nations, er, Steve is blogging but on the other hand, it hurts to say goodbye to Jon.

  5. People seemingly suffer from cold turkey when their contact to a oh-so-smartphone is interrupted for more than two minutes. I have near hits daily, in residential areas, on country roads – in nine from ten cases I see the driver fiddling with a phone. The tenth is drunk or on other drugs.
    Yes Mistress, it would be nice to enjoy your company for some time to come, its enough that we have to say adieu to Jon.

  6. Very sorry to hear that you are about to lose a friend; I hope his last days are full with peace and love.

    That was the perfect music for me this morning, I liked it so much I’ve put it on again! With such a delightful start to the week I feel quite able to make it through to the next. X

  7. This is what I hope too Eryl, and I wish that he has no payne.
    Very glad that you like Handel, Forsythe and Apollo’s Fire – may it be a good start into a good week !

  8. Apologies for my lateness, Mr Mags. I do hope to survive the week, and possibly a little longer. I hope not to be too shrivelled by my exposure to this constant drizzly rain.
    Good to see our errant friends, yet so sad about dear Jon.

  9. No apologies, dearest Scarlet, your arrival is gift enough !

    Drizzly rain and “murk” (What a wonderful word !) arrived here too. The light along the forest roads is changing ; leaves and animals can be a danger, but when the fog is dense enough one has not to see them anyway …

  10. I am still here. I don’t blog anymore, as you know. but I stop by here to keep in touch with you. :) Some weeks ago the power blew and I was seemingly logged out of everything. Even with my hidden cheat sheet, I can’t keep up with all the bazillion passwords and forced password changes for many sites. Lets see if this comment reaches you and I remember my wordpress password within three attempts.

  11. It’s highly appreciated that you drop by now & then Melanie !
    As You see, all went through, so Your wordpress-account is still accessible. So your digital existence was ended (at least partly), wiped out by an electric oscillation ? A bit worrrying …

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