Pop! Goes The Weasel

Chances are that you have heard the sound. It makes a distinct noise when a bubble bursts. And all of a sudden you stand naked & alone in the cold wet darkness. Of course you sit fully clothed at the desk in your warm appartement, but the feeling of being abandoned is overwhelming for a moment. Sometimes it is a glance or a gesture, or an email with three sentences that you read in less than two seconds. To stomach what it says, may take a wee bit longer.
Of course it was not a large bubble, but a nice one, allowed to develop not for long, so it could not become an obsession of some kind, or something to build on. Just a nice idea to follow, nice enough to raise time & effort ; initial success helped the bubble to grow, and the sceptical, more seasoned & experienced part of the self warned. Of course one listens to this, but it would be … nice, wouldn’t it ?
The bubble bursts silently, but very audible, and the quiet reverberation will stay for some time. And “time” is the master word here, a cruel master, fluid, oily, untouchable, merciless.
So I will soldier on. And drive my vehicle over narrow, muddy roads, take care for the passengers, and ignore the dents.

11 thoughts on “Pop! Goes The Weasel

  1. “Retirement” ?? I heared about this in the tales of the forefathers, dear Dinahmow.
    It is a bloody luxury one can not afford in these days.

    As they say, “shit happens”, LẌ. Wär’ ja auch zu schön gewesen.

  2. (Had to pull you from the “unknown”-folder, sorry.)

    Just checked and – YES ! – I received a very fitting and nice portrait of you !
    Wie aus dem Gesicht geschnitten ! Exactly how I remember you :)

    Thank you for the picture, I just wonder what you are looking at ? I only hope it’s not a drunken party guest dropping something … whatever.

    The bummer will leave, at least I came pretty far.

    Hey – really a nice picture : Thank you Schäum’sche.

  3. I’m sorry things took an unexpected, unwelcomed surprise turn. Just pick yourself up, and keep moving forward. As long as you keep moving, you aren’t stuck. Take a deep breath, let all that stress and sadness out. So long as you have hope and the will to keep trying and going, things will work out. The difference between success and failure is that to succeed, you have to get back up when you fall, you have to keep trying, dust yourself off, and keep on going.

    Have a safe and peaceful week. Keep hope. And know that you’ve got friends who support you and cheer for you. Count me as one friend among the many who value you.

  4. Of course you are right Eroswings, get up, adjust crown, march on. But sometimes its a bit more demanding than usual.
    Thank you for the good wishes, all appreciated.

    Eh, Norma ?

  5. Beautifully expressed. I don’t know that I will ever be able to retire. I’m currently doing contract work. I get no benefits and I have to figure out my own taxes as I go along. I am without insurance, and I am very worried much of the time.
    I would like to find my bubble again, but as you say, we soldier on.

  6. Better than Schönberg ! I like it, cat really seems to play, tries to figure out sound – thank you LẌ, it’s heartwarming on this foggy grey morning.

    Oh yes, I know this situation well, working as “Selbstständiger”, on your own. It needs a bit of time before the next bubble can develop, dear Cara

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