Sunday Music

Roughly one hour ago the ongoing rain became a bit different, white pieces started to mix in. Now I look outside and see only white, no structures, nothing but white, with some whitish objects swirling by, big & wet snowflakes. I wonder how long it will go on, will some of the snow even stay ? The temperature is actually still over the freezing point. Tomorrow morning will be interesting. At least snowdrifts are not mysterious obstacles.
Les Barricades Mystérieuses (Eng.) on the other hand, are a bit of an enigma (please read here, if you are interested ; of course the painting by MAGRITTE is not only mentioned, but shown in the intended context of use). COUPERIN’s little piece can be killed easily by players who simply go much too fast, who skim the musical text just like a cheap novel for the beach. Of course one can read too much into it also. Or one uses it for a play, and re-arranges the material.
This is what Thomas ADÈS (Ger., Eng.) did : He arranged the piece as quintet for clarinet, bass clarinet, viola, cello and double bass. If I understand wikipedia correctly, the piece can be found on the album America: A Prophecy.
I hope you like the music. May we all have an easy week before us.



19 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Ah, yes, I saw pictures and a short video of the snow in Eschenbach in der Oberpfalz. That’s about 1 1/2 by car?
    I do like be the music. We have similar tastes. I’m assuming you received the photo I sent via iemähl? :-)

  2. Eschenbach ? Just go East from here and stop short of the border … Two hours by car. It’s the area where they already have run out of dogs to bury (“Wo der Hund bergaben ist.“)
    Of course I got the iemähl, Messer im Kopf, of course I admired the picture, of course I already have answered (on the 7th of November at 23:something, as answer to your comment :
    “Oh.. eine Enttäuschung. Schade.. Here’s to soldering on. Prost. Aaaand, did you get my iemähl?”) : A very fitting and nice porträt, just like I remember …

    Now it is all blue-grey and black trees & bushes, roads are free. Glad that you like the music Schüssel auf Kopf LẌ. Sorry to hear that the cooler weather vanished, but winter can’t hide. According to what I read in wikipedia November should see temperatures between 10° and 20° Celsius (50-70 Fahrenheit) – what a strange idea to have a November with 20° C !
    I hope it is all bearable.

  3. I agree with the others–the music is lovely, very relaxing and perfect for those cold, snowdrift days. Thank you for sharing this charming find. Usually, I use old, classical music as motivational background music when I clean the place. Classical music puts me in the cleaning mood, especially the tunes that remind me of spring and summer and life’s energy and wonders.

    I hope the weather makes things beautiful, so that you have a wonderful week. Stay safe and warm.

  4. Lovely music! Hopefully the roads will not be slippery when you head out in the morning, as I would assume the rain/slush mix will freeze a bit overnight. Drive (and walk) Safely!

  5. There was a flock of them, so it was a bit difficult to single one out IDV, and I finally gave in, sorry.

    So “Four Seasons” by Vivaldi – and others made such a little cyclus too – may get you going ?!
    I think baroque music could work, the Romantics perhaps less.
    Thank you Eros – the sky is still dramatic, the temperatures are low, but over freezing point – the air is clean and clear, winter is in the air.

    No worries Ponita, it is Franconia after all, not the white heart of the Big White North. The snow stays in the forests, on slopes and fields and meadows, but the roads are clear.

    Yet – exactly Norma – winter just showed us that he’s on the prowl and one day not so far away the stuff will fall down and stay. Until February.

  6. SNOW!!! Oh my goodness!! Scotland has some but I am too far south, although it has been jolly cold. I have been huddled around the fire munching hot toast and honey whilst watching classic episodes of Coronation Street and drinking too much tea.
    Appalling news, but I have been barred from Blogger, it won’t let me comment anywhere, so it seems you are stuck with me… and I was desperate to say to Mr Lax something along the lines of: That’s a very peculiar thing to do with a butter stick!! And to Mr Devine: You wait until you see what’s going on in my bath!! But these little gems have been rejected… several times… and now my fingers hurt from trying.


  7. Oh DEAR ! MsScarlet barred from blogger – a castoff, a rolling stone, in the not yet arrived snow, warming the bones at a small fire, dashing the last teabag again & again …
    WHY ? Let’s hope the blgoogl-gremlins will sort out what there is to be sorted.

    I too noticed that LẌ mentioned a “butterstick” – Southern cuisine m’dear, I think nobody knows really what is in a “gumbo” … and of course has Beaky no chance against Scarlet’s legendary bubble bath scene, even Ms von Teese had to express her admiration, if a little green from envy.

    Now what stands “Soz.” for ? Son Of Zeus ? Slovenska Oglasevalska Zbornica ? Small Occluded Zones ? I am simply not familiar with this geek speak. All I know is that “afk” means “away from keyboard”, so the person went to sleep or something like that.

  8. I knew you would understand, Mr Mags, well, everything except ‘soz’, which means sorry. Sorry for using your comment box as a conduit for rejected comments.
    I believe an update has messed with my settings on my laptop, I will see if I can remedy it tomorrow. Meanwhile I will try to communicate to everyone via this obsolete portal…. it has tiny writing, and trying to see what I am typing makes me feel slightly nauseous. I will do my best and I send apologies to everyone for my absence.

  9. SHAME on blogger I say ! Framing the great Scarlet into a tiny portal ! But as I just saw, your delightful butterstick remark was published at LẌ’s. Maybe the electronical hiccups are already over ?

  10. Sadly not…. but I can comment when using the obsolete portal (lPad mini, first generation), which is difficult to type on due to me being half blind. I will try to sort out my laptop tomorrow. I’m sure it will be fine. Eventually.

  11. No snow here, but it’s certainly been chilly. We have brought in lots of logs so we can have big fires and roast chestnuts when the weather is too bad to go out. Or if we’re just pretending it is.

  12. Say dearest Scarlet – what is about this rumours that you’ll appear in a film ?

    Chestnuts – Esskastanien or Maroni – a strange word, I am clueless about its origin, dear Z. Tonight the first frost, but it will stay dry, perhaps some “Reif” tomorrow morning, rime or white frost, thankfully no ice. People are busily storing wood, those I spoke with expect a strong winter this year.

  13. … oh. It will be of cultural value, educational, and “artsy”. With birds.

    Oh dear … will I be allowed to attend the pre-view ? What will you wear on the Red Carpet ? What about the cast ? Who’s the leading man ? Questions abound ! Shall we bribe the critics ?

  14. Tonight temperatures will stay under the freezing point, fog will freeze, frost and slippery roads are forecast. In sunny Franconia, while you surely are still sunbathing ha ! I thank God, or an unknown engineer, for the heated windscreen, Mistress dearest.

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