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This appartement looks and feels a bit empty now that the visit is gone. It is warm, reasonably tidy & clean, the bills for electricity & water are payed, the furniture is usable, but the whole thing, it is empty.
The sky is dark grey, midday saw at least short episodes of sunshine. A little excursion into the Franconian wilderness was done, heads were aired, walks were walked, a sausage was consumed and coffee was drunk ; when the clouds conglobated ever more, the wind became chilly & first snow-like particula mixed between the raindrops, then it was time to return to this place for me, and, sadly, to start over and drive away for my visitor.
We may expect rain, rain with snow, and finally snow, together with gusty winds. And wild boar, because I just read that they invaded the Botanical Garden last week. They start a reign of terror over the suburban gardens. The road works that forced me to use a pretty long detour over the last weeks, are finished now, so I may drive through the woods again – yay for swine, yippiahyeah …
À propos swine, don’t let me forget to write about the German election sometime next week, not now while I am just collecting meself together again.
The week that was, simply was. No drama, no accident, all went well, unagitated and slightly boring. I more or less listen astounded to the endless waffle of my codriver, I never before met a person of such loquaciousness – her husband must be deaf or a saint. The kids are all right. Thankfully I was allowed to do a little research for an American lady, and could help a bit with a family history. Nice to see that at least one or two of my brain cells survived. Next week will see me at the desk, papers must be sorted, a few letters need to be written, I want to have my stuff done, packed & sealed before December.
Enough of my waffle, let’s hear some music.
This Sunday Music is movement 3, the shortest, titled “The Alcotts”, of Charles IVES‘ (Ger., Eng.) Piano Sonata Number 2, usually referred to as Concord Sonata (Ger., Eng.). We see the interesting pianist Christina McMaster (about) with a flawless performance. BTW it is very interesting to see how a modern young pianist uses the new media as a matter of course and presents herself to the public.
I hope you like the music. May we all face a peaceful week, stay warm and safe.



21 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. That is beautiful music to hear on a rainy San Francisco day, while the coffee brews on the stove and the kittens finally settle down. No snow here!

    How good to read that you were thankful for doing research for that American lady. You are strengthening your brain by doing this work. ;-)

  2. Polling booth ? I am sorry Dinahmow, do you have some kind of elections in the land of OZ ? Escaped me totally.

    Thank you both very much for telling me that you like the music, sometimes I may feel a little bit insecure about what to put up. sometimes i feel that I did not search enough, or that something is too melancholic, too silly, ach … Of course patterns need to be broken. But I would like to see what I actually did bring as Sunday Music over time. Maybe I will look at this stuff, perhaps next week when the other Krempel is done.
    I am a simple man, just show me the carrot …

  3. That was a lovely choice of music, Herr Mago. Ups and downs, rise and fall, a story among the notes – And a nice, peaceful ending. Perhaps the soundtrack to the week gone by, if not the coming one?

    May your drive be road work-free for many a month to come.

    P.S. I’m glad we don’t have to contend with wild boar around here – the garden is turned upside down enough by Beaky as he feels the need to overturn almost everything in his quest for food. Despite the hand outs I provide him with!

  4. It sounds like this week was just eventful enough, though I’m sorry your visitor has left you feeling bereft.

    We had snow but it didn’t last long enough to build a snowman, and an unexpected drunken Thursday night after attending a talk on archival maps.

    I do hope you get to see a wild hog!

  5. Thank you for sharing this interesting piece. It seemed melancholic and wistful and sad in some parts, mellow and thoughtful overall, with a hint of anger in one small part. At the end, it felt like acceptance and contentment.

    I like wild boar–delicious! Glad you had a peaceful week and a nice visit. Stay safe and warm. Have a calm, quiet, and beautiful week. May the weather cooperate and make your drive and days pleasant.

  6. Beaky boy becomes a problem I guess. Why encourage him with handouts IDV ? I understand the calculation behind it – give him stuff, so that he leaves the garden alone – but Beaky is from the tribe “take”, he’ll grab anything he can pick at.

    Sloshed in the archive ? Well, yeah, I heard about this … I am glad to see wild boar in the distance Eryl, it’s a different thing when they hit their bony heads against my vehicle just for fun. Happened to a colleague who drives in the same area.

    Charles Ives is strange in some ways. He uses a collage technique and doing so is way ahead of his time. Some of his music is wild, atonal, and – yes ! – angry. I do not know enough about the man to understand at what he’s angry.
    Thank you for the good wishes Eroswings. The weather seems to be cooperative, it’s cold but dry. These forecasts are pure phantasy !

    Wilde Sau in Rotweinsauce, Straßekill LẌ ! I think this will be found on the menue more often around here. The boar population is growing too fast, hence they come into town. The only solution is to hunt them, and of course eat them too.

  7. Today I liked the music.
    What a perfect description of the almost snow! One to remember…
    No cold here, the temperature plays between 32 degrees C and about 19 C.
    Goodbyes are preludes to hellos, are they not?

  8. Yes, you are right Austere, Goodbyes are preludes to hellos. But having to say goodbye again and again – it is like rubbing on skin, it will get sore, and hurt. And there is the need for starting anew again and again too.
    Glad you like the music.

    Here was a pair of “Falken”, falcons, through the summer, I do not know where they went, have not seen or heard them for some weeks. Obviously no turkeys here, dear Mistress.

    I am glad to state that Mr Ives’ music has it with them ladies.

  9. Iowa.
    Offing to Iowa. I have no clue what Iowa exactly is, where it is, what is there. It seems to be remote, more or less out of any news, perhaps a bit agricultural, and maybe a bit boring. I think a colour called “iowa” would be something between khaki-green and “mud”, but greyish. I hope that there are trees, not necessarily forests, but trees, a park like landscape.
    I think Iowa is cold in winter, warm in summer, and well, something in between in fall and spring. I do not think that there are big cities in Iowa, maybe rural towns. I want to think of Iowa as a kind of harbour for people who do not want to live life in seemingly “over crowded” areas, while “over crowded” may be discusable, of course. I want to believe that Iowa is a place of big skies, of silence, quietness, with good air and internet access. Where one can have a “simple” life in a “simple”, perhaps wooden, house without bigfoots, bears, and whatever nightly wannabe intruders.
    But as things are, you missed nothing, dearest Scarlet, it is just a mis-understanding – I was only talking about that bulging heap of paper on my desk. All this nonsense must be sorted, filed and whatnot, letters need to be written, requests must be handed in, deadlines must be held – who needs these devilish inventions anyway ?
    Don’t get mad, dearest Scarlet, but … it was the first that popped up in my brain when I read your comment : Iowa.

  10. Yes, yes, and yes ! I think the megalopolis – NewYork of course – could also be called Moskwa, Shanghai, London or even Frankfurt. And boy – I can say something about Absolute happiness, not so much about the pills. I have to look at it again, but I find it is a nice touch that Rat Average slams into the ground in front of Larry’s, where the Loung Lizzards lurke. Thank you for this Rattenrennen LẌ !

    Yes, yes, and yes ! The one who breaks out, the antidote, the counter plan. He tries, and seemingly gets away with it, good luck and godspeed, Mr Negrin. But does he escape the green manalishi ? Not really i think. Thank you for this Austere !

  11. Schweinerisch seems to go with politics. Anywho, I have an older desk top to work with now, but no sound :-). Maybe, I still need to have my phone on the side. The performance does look lovely.

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