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Schweinerisch is a word coined by fellow blogger Foam in her comment on the last post. It is a very nice word I think, and describes my feelings not only about some German politicos, but the whole political situation very well.
The German Federal Election (Ger., Eng., site) lies back several weeks, and the result was not as clear as one wished. Forming a new gouvernement is difficult, because of the initial refuse of the Social Democrats to form another coalition with the Conservatives, or to take part in a coalition at all. The head of the party, Mr Schulz, simply refused to play a role. So talks started between the Conservatives, the Green Party, and the oh so liberal FDP.
Just a note : The German word “liberal” or “liberale Partei” has nothing to do with the American fighting word liberal. I think what in Northern America is called liberal is mainstream here ; what we call “links”, left, is in the US seemingly understood as bordering to anarcho-communism, at least when I look at conservative media.
These talks were long and exhausting, and ended with a bang, when in a well-planned & oh-so-spontaneous action the head of the “liberal” party stormed out. And while he was still fighting to get into his jacket and walked the twenty meters or so to the waiting journalists, he miraculously put together a well-worded declaration. Accidentally those journos too drunk or too tired could have the hand-out too.
The only thing those liberal idiots proved is that they do not care about the state, the parliament or anything else : All they care about is themselves.
May they rot in hell.
Now there are talks between the Conservatives and the Social Democrats to revive the coalition that has ruled for the last four years. They sooner or later will find a compromise, the question is only how long this coalition will hold together.
The underlying problem is that in this parliament – with more than 700 members the largest crowd ever elected in German history – that in this parliament sit more than 90 fascists.
None of the bourgeoise parties will work with them, it is not thinkable to have these people in a gouvernement. I only hope this stays so. But one has to acknowledge the fact that they are there, grinning, following their stated aim to teach the “Altparteien” or “Systemparteien” (both nazi-words they reuse) a lesson & to form the state as they want it to be. One has to understand that this party is the strongest political power in Saxony (the tenth largest state, the sixth most populous, of sixteen), and strong enough to sit in many parliaments of the single federal states. As opposition, but nevertheless in the parliaments. With the notable exception of Hassia and Bavaria.
Looking at a “liberal” egotrip / einen liberalen Egotrip, social democratic refusal of political civility / sozialdemokratische Politikverweigerung, a crumbling chancellor / eine bröckelnde Kanzlerin, and on top of all this, the greasy smirk of those fascist creatures / das miese Grinsen der Faschenlarven, schweinerisch is absolutely correct, in any aspect.

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  1. Yes, I saw on the news that it was getting messy in Germany.
    The Liberal party here are big softies…. and a little bit spineless. They seem to miss out on opportunities to further their beliefs… so I’m guessing Liberal means something different here.

  2. I think it’s a big mess with this word “liberal”. I have no clue about the Liberals in the UK, so I am sorry, i can say nothing about them. From my vague knowledge of European parties I’d guess they are, like the German “Liberale”, a child of the 19th century, but what they want, stand for, I do not know.
    The German mess will be sorted out, I am sure about this dear Scarlet, and meanwhile all is working, the gouvernement is in charge. But psychologically it is no good, not only in the national context, but on the European level too. Don’t get me wrong, nobody in Europe needs “German leadership”, but Germany needs an undisputed gouvernement. And the chancellor needs to have a firm background or rooting when doing things in Bruxelles.
    And, we have a societal, or cooperative, problem at hands. A large part of the German society is too far out on the right, the results of the election show this fact.
    Notably in Easter Germany. It is not as bad as in some states to our East, but it is a problem. Interestingly those areas that were under communist rule swing back to authoritarian, nationalistic, and xenophobic regimes, as we can watch in Poland, Hungary, and some other regions. And in former Eastern Germany. They want easy solutions to difficult problems, they want to get back to “them good ol’ times” – that never existed. It is an emotional problem, a problem of identity, a lack of self-respect, and – in some cases – of sheer intellectual underperformance. It’s the European version of “making Amerga great again”. Thank GOd without an orange.

  3. Maybe the FDP is a little bit similar to the Libertarian Party in the U S? Is there still a Partei der Vernunft in Deutschland?
    Die armen Schweinchen. I feel bad for using their name in vain.

  4. It may be a bit unsettling to have an unsure coalition government. The advantage is that the rascals can be turned out and new ones installed if things don’t work out.

    Here, we are stuck with our Schweinerisch politicians for two, four, or six years, depending on which office they hold. Very difficult to turn one out of office, excepting extraordinary circumstances.

  5. Politics suck! In any country!

    But things would be so much worse if we do nothing. I tell people that a government by the people, of the people, and for the people needs the participation of the people! I tell my nonvoting friends that they have no right to complain if they didn’t vote. I shame them by reminding them of the many people who struggled and died for the right to vote in this country, and I remind them of the millions more around the world who are denied the right to vote.

    The government and society fails when good people keep silent and turn away. So long as one person speaks up and stands up for what is right, there is always hope that things can get better. One person can make a big difference–Buddah, Jesus, Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Joan of Arc, and so many others.

    It only takes one person to speak up, to stand up for the right things, and that gives so many others the hope and the courage to stand up and do the right thing. Thank you, Mago, for speaking up, because your voice has a powerful impact on those who hear you and read your words. It shows that there are still people who stand up for the right thing, and that means there is still hope for a better world for everyone.

  6. Eine vernünftige Partei ? In Deutschland ? Sorry Foam … parts of the conservatives are rational, parts of the Greens … in all parties here some irrational elements are lurking, and as the meeting of the fascists just showed, it is ready to come out.

    The good thing of the democracy is that you can get rid of the gouvernement (without killing them) – forgot who saied it, that Austrian perhaps. The Pirate Party scuttled itself in terrible and absolutely useless infights, too many too fat egos there Piratenpartei LẌ. I doubt that it still exists.

    Oh dear – Eroswings ! Cool it, I’m not Jeannd’Arc or only near the calibre of the people on your list. I strongly doubt that “my voice has a powerful impact” – this blog will not singlehandedly turn the world into paradeys and let world peace brake out. Nevertheless thank you for the charming words.

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