Sunday Music

It snows, continuously & gently. Small flakes. The clouds are so very low that one can touch them. But it is much lighter than yesterday, when the fog barely lifted and the whole day was spent in a dark grey, while today it is a white grey, without even the slightest idea of “sun”. The forecast says that it will become warmer within coming night, and tomorrow we’ll have temperatures well over the freezing point, abundant rain, and wind becoming stronger & stronger. And so for the coming days. But it is only a small disruption, afterwards winter will come with might.
This Sunday Music is a piece called East Side Drive composed by Mundell LOWE (Ger., Eng.), a very interesting jazz guitarist. (Here a link to his 1955 version of Cheek to Cheek.) He also composed film music, and today’s piece is part of the soundtrack for Satan in High Heels (Eng.), I am sure it was the cinematographic highlight of 1962.
I find it always astounding what one can pack into three minutes.
I hope you enjoy the music. May the coming week be a peaceful one.



23 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Well, that all finished rather suddenly! Very enjoyable. Sid was showing signs of interest by cocking his head hither and tither.
    It’s all murk here. A deep dank misty murk.

  2. You need to de-murk, MsScarlet. Perhaps more mist will do the trick ? It is not all lost as long as you can see Sid by your feet, and always wear the thermo-vest in shock orange please …

  3. A foghorn! I was expecting a very loud noise to tease Sid with. The murk is less murky now. Apparently we are to have a giant moon tonight. Something to look forward to then.

  4. The Ring of Fog – an early version of Mr Cash’s smash hit ?

    25°C warm fog ? This is more a steam bath, Der Ring des Nebelungen LẌ ! I am sorry, but I prefer the cold / freezing version here.
    Yes, cinema veritee, early sixties beatnick stuff and all, an early take on our heroine’s life & times.

  5. That Satan in hHgh Heels put me in mind of some of Henry Mancini’s scores.

    We had some very heavy rain last night so would not have seen the Supermoon. I believe there were also scraps of comet tails (or something). Also, my neighbour put up some twinkly-flashy lights to add to the pollution. And it’s still raining-O1Frabjous Day! :-)

  6. Ah, murk and the (super)moon. Thanks to the reminders here, I have just taken a photo of the slightly-obscured-by-murk supermoon from the window of my smallest room (as is usual). I shall post it on my blog in the next two or three days for those who didn’t get the chance to see it. Don’t hold your breath for anything spectacular, though – it looks just the bloody same as the other moon shots I took earlier in the year.

    I love the music – a wonderful choice, thank you, Mago. The theme of one of my favourite shows (or, at least the beginning of the theme) was clearly inspired by music such as this.

  7. What an amazing sound! Thank you, Mago, for sharing this fantastic music. I luv the upbeat, exciting, and very danceable music! It’s a very fun and dynamic piece.

    Stay safe, stay warm, and have a peaceful, enjoyable week!

  8. Auweia Der Ring des Nebelungen LẌ – for some guys nothing is holy. Did not know that an extra-x-rated version existed.

    “Supermoon” ? Scraps of comets ? No way to see something here Dinahmow. It’s fog, or snow, or (now) rain. I am not sure whether all together qualifies as murk, but it may come close.

    Thank you IDV, a look at the “supermoon” will clear all & everything, even with a little murk thrown in
    Yes, there are parallels. Interesting intro, never have seen this show.

    Thank you for the good wishes, Eroswings – glad that you like the music.
    Now I’ll find out how how it is outside, ach, ddm, really …

  9. I can’t listen to the music at the moment as the Mr is playing his guitar in the room just beside me, and I lent my headphones to a friend last night. So I’ll have to wait, but it sounds intriguing.

    We’ve had glorious sunshine for the last several days along with freezing temperatures. I enjoy it all from my window.

  10. Is the Mister more leaning towards the classical, the jazz, or is he following his own ways, dear Eryl ? BTW some days ago was Hendrix’ seventy fifth (!) birthday.

    You should stick to the stripy tights, dearest Mistress, tights for thighs.

  11. I forgot about the weather here! I missed the super moon because of cloud cover and it’s been raining and really, really, REALLY cold here! Today it barely reached 41F which I know isn’t cold for some folks, but in my little town it might as well be freezing! xoxox (no snow here, we’re too far south, but it is snowing up in Atlanta.)

  12. You are never late, Savannah dearest, sometimes others may be a bit early perhaps.
    41°F equals 5°C, what is not very nice, but far from freezing point, pretty much what we have now. So the snow will not stay – and thankfully I do not have to worry about ice tomorrow morning.

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