Sunday Music

Back home from a trip into the Suebian nature. Yesterday it was a picture-perfect sunny day in the early afternoon with clear blue sky and blinking snowy fields. And wind knifing through one’s jacket like the proverbial hot knife through warm butter. You could stand and watch snow drifts building, watch the surface of the snow change while the fierce breath was running over it. Wonderful clear air.
Awwwhhh …
Time to jump back into the car, and leave the ridges of the Suebian Alb behind.
And while driving down to gentler & warmer fields the sky changed into a pretty angry grey and it started to snow. And kept on the good work until this afternoon, when all of a sudden the snow turned to graupel or sleet, and then to rain.
When I had to leave in the afternoon it was raining. When the railway wagon stood at stations it was rattled by the wind, I could hear it howl & feel the car sway. So when I stepped out at my destination, I braced for the onslaught of heavy cold gushes – and found it to be warm : The temperature of the air is actually rising, tomorrow morning 6°C are to be expected, with gushes up to 9 on the Beaufort scale (Ger., Eng.).
The winter-wonder-land is melting away in front of my eyes.
I like fog, and rain, it may be gentle or not. And hence we hear as this Sunday Music The Gentle Rain in the version of Art FARMER (Ger., Eng.) from his 1972 lp Gentle Eyes (Eng.).
I hope you enjoy the music, and may the coming week be gentle to all of us.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. That was some wild weather stalking you on your trip! I also like misty rain and snow.

    Friday night during the football game the temperature dropped from 52f/11c to 38f/3c and the wind went from still to gusty (15 mph/24 kph). I had dressed like I was going duck hunting, so no worries.

  2. What a wonderful, serene, and dreamy sound Art Farmer’s Gentle Rain is! Thank you for sharing this gorgeous musical treasure. I love it! Perfect for rainy and cold days. It’s very smooth and comforting and mystical at the same time.

    I’m glad you got to enjoy some of nature’s beauty. It got really cold here this weekend–cold enough for me to close the kitchen window that I keep cracked open for fresh air. And I had to put on long, lounge pants and socks to keep the chill off my feet. I refuse to turn on the heater–it’s too loud at times, and it makes the air too dry, making my skin itch and uncomfortable. Plus, I like it just a little bit cool–it makes me feel comfortable and energizes me when I have to work, and helps me fall asleep at night.

    I’m glad the winds that shook the trains didn’t blow you away, and I hope you enjoy better weather and a relaxing week. Be safe. Stay warm.

  3. The Duck Hunter feat. Wetter LẌ as The Coach. A drama in classic noir tradition.

    Glad that you like it Savannah !

    Glad that you like the music Eroswings.
    “Cold enough … to put on long, lounge pants and socks” – ! Caramba ! I am digging through the drawer for the fur-lined gloves.
    The wind pummeled my vehicles this morning. The only thing that helps against being pushed over the road into the oncoming traffic is to slow down so that I have a chance to conter the unexpected movements of the car. I wonder about the snow promised for next morning. Slowly the possibility of ice becomes real.

  4. Medames Scarlet et Savannah – Oh you poor snowless souls !

    Please no more sobbing MsScarlet. BTW it does not work with me, sorry. I was made familiar with this technique by my late & unforgotten friend Jeannette.
    “Always the Mud” could be the theme song for the oncoming neo-noir-classic “The Duck Hunter”.

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