Sunday Music

Oh dear, that’s how a zombie must feel.
Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat that hurt when I swallowed, and someone had stuck an axe through my head. The axe removed itself within some hours, thankfully, and the payne in the throat became lesser & lesser. I even used salted water. But of course, as it seemingly must be, these two uninvited guests came back in the evening. Now my throat was also swelling, what caused a mild panick attack. Some years ago I already had had the pleasure to sit upright through a night coughing, wheezing and gasping for air, with a swollen throat and a stuffed nose – it left a lasting impression & is really nothing I want to repeat.
I should not have worried, because I could not fall asleep anyway. When my bed became uncomfortable and started to feel like a bottomless pit, like the groundless mud in Flanders 1917, ready to swallow me, to let me vanish in Poe’s maelstrom, I crawled out and sat on my sofa. I switched on a small, red glass lamp, and found the warm light comforting. This two-seater sofa is great for sitting, but bad for recumbency, it is simply too short. So I pulled over one of the arm chairs, and folded me in. Here I nodded off, thankfully.
I finally gave in at five in the morning, the usual time to get up any how. I had a cup of coffee & some toast, and read in my Lichtenberg (Ger., Eng.) until I could not follow anymore – then I slept soundly for some hours through the morning until midday. Interestingly the swollen throat went back to nearly normal in the early hours of the morning – these mucosae seem to have their own rhythm.
A rhythm of his own surely has guitarist Stèphane WREMBEL (Eng.) as you can hear in today’s Sunday Music titled Blues Mineur. (If you are interested, the full session is here.)
I hope you like the music. May the next week be easy & stress free for all of us.



15 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Ah, so Ms Scarlet was right: #7 over at The Very Mistress’s Christmas Party really was you!
    I hope your “uninvited guests” have gone now – never to return? And are you supposed to be working tomorrow, or have the schools closed for the holidays now?

  2. YIKES! Hope you feel better soon, sweetpea! We have a party to attend! I’m listening to your music right now! totally fooled the MITM , by the by! He thought it was Stephane Grappelli at first. xoxox

  3. Mes Dames, mon Sieurs, thank you very much for the good wishes.
    And yay, there is THE event of the season (I am the person in picture 7, MsScarlet knows too much about me !), I will peep in tomorrow in the morning Franconian Time, that will be in the middle of the night Canadian Time, looking for survivors and a gulp from the Vodka Fountain, but now I simply must sleep.

  4. Thank you for sharing this lively music. I like it. Get well soon. I can understand what you are experiencing. The fickle weather here–cold, freezing one moment, then warm, even hot, the next day–is wrecking havoc with my sinuses. They get blocked or sore or swollen at the most inopportune times, making sleep or work or other activities a bit more challenging.

    Eat some chicken soup or something warm and comforting for your sore throat. Drink some tea with some honey. Get plenty of fluids and rest. And be safe and warm. Have a peaceful week, and good health to you.

  5. I’m sorry you can’t enjoy the Infomaniac Christmas Party but we’re all stepping lightly around your prone body.

    I covet the area rug in that video.

    Warm hugs to you.

    Good music!

  6. I love this music, thank you! Even when feeling ghastly you spread Sunday music cheer. I’m glad you made yourself a little nest you could sleep in with chair and sofa, and hope you feel much better in the morning.

  7. Ladies and Lads, Gentle Men and Gentle Women, please accept my apologies for answering collectively again. My brain is not frozen nor thawed, mushy describes it best.
    Thank you for the good wishes, all are highly appreciated.
    Now excuse me please while I try to rebuild myself to former strength & glory, a task that becomes more difficult in the morning overe the last days, Norma recognised it well.
    And thank you again, it was very kind that no one walked over me at the Infomaniac Christmas Party, very kind !
    Use hand sanitiser, think before you touch something, use whatever strengthens your body’s defences, from Ketamine to Vitamine, and remember my fate as cautionary tale, ach

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