Thank GOd, the working week came to an end. It became a bit rough at the edges lately, so a two weeks’ brake is very welcome.
Usually I do not write (much) about my day time job, what should I say ? I leave early, pick up kids, bring them safely to a place, and all in return in the late afternoon. My actual co-driver is not a spotless diamond, but I am neither, we get along well. The only “thing” that is bothering me, and sometimes the boys, is that she has the tendency to create a mess by “speeding up” things. Frankly, she sometimes makes a bloody mess with her over-agitated engagement, she definitely lacks, and could use, deep relaxation.
It would be unbearable if she was in a way “wrong” or “dishonest”, she is not. She actually takes good care of the boys, even too much, like a clucking hen, but sometimes she’s simply too pushy. And then she usually uses the phrase “Ich habe einen Termin !” (I have an appointment !) to make things go faster, what usually has the oldest boy and me sighing and taking extra care, because then something may fail.
This last drive started with a little confusion on the yard, it took me a bit longer than usual to reach the point where my vehicle has to stand. The boys boarded reasonably well, we left a little later than usual.
At the first stop my co-driver jumped out with little boy J and marched to the door of the social housing block, just there was no response : Usually dad or mum wait at the front door of the public entrance, but nobody was seen, no answer to the door bell – and my co-driver came back to the car talking a lot I could not understand. She was completely thrown, and simply did not stop blabbing on and on. We had already waited for ten minutes, and it was clear that something had gone wrong there, so I told her to get inside the vehicle with the boy. I phoned the number I was given to reach the parents, but it was useless ; so I tried the additional number, but the man I reached did not get what I wanted. So I said that I’d take boy J with me and be back in roughly an hour or so. I was really running late now.
Driving on these small roads is usually a nice experience, but sadly a lot of people use them as detours and short-cuts between two or three motorway intersections that are found around this lovely Franconian capital. And on this Frayday afternoon before Christmas, when the travelling weekend was officially declared open, it was a bit challenging, simply because all these blokes from all parts of Germany are not used to our narrow roads – and my lack of “respect” against BMWs did not help. I follow more the “move over basted, I drive in the name of the Lord”-attitude.
The usual commute took a bit longer, where I could usually go through with 90 km per hour on the open road, driving in a nicely formed queue with 60 or less had to be enough today.
When I reached the last stop the phone rung and the man I had talked to earlier called back. So I could explain what it was all about, and he said he’d look for mum & dad. It all works, just needs a bit of time.
My co-driver had been very quiet since she had entered the vehicle again, and when we were driving back with boy J alone, she finally complained that we’d be back an hour later as usual on a Frayday. It came out that this time ! she really had an appointment – she did not tell me what it was, just “We women have so much more work to do in these festive times, much more than men ! TA !” – and she had put that date so close to our usual returning time that even a small deviation would be fatal, running late more than an hour of course …
Is the cosmic force trying to tell her something ? Perhaps, but I doubt she’s listening. Am I just mean ? I do not think so – I do not laugh about her, I do not feel “smug”, like “I told yah!” – this is all nonsense. Perhaps I just wrote this text because I do not want to get pushed myself. In fact, every time I witnessed it,  people got angry and did their tasks slower. Not necessarily better, but surely slower.
So when she’ll push the kids the next time with her “Ich habe einen Termin !” I can turn around and say – “Humbug ! Think about what happened the last time when you really had one !” Perhaps with this thinning-the-herd-attitude of the old God … but I’ll fool nobody, I’m soft as baby poo.
And here is some music, just so.

10 thoughts on “Tired

  1. Huzzah! Two weeks off from work for you! I hope you’re feeling well and will enjoy the holidays. I have no words for your co-driver. I hope the holiday is good to her. Happy Christmas, M!! xoxo

    p.s. Thank you for the music! It’s playing as I type!

  2. Hope you are feeling 100% soon so you can enjoy as much of that time off as possible.

    I had two jobs that were tied to the academic year, with a Christmas/New Year break. That was always a nice way to see off the old year and see in the new one.

  3. No one deserves break more than you, I’m glad you’re getting one. She sounds like someone in the wrong job, which happens all the time and always makes everyone around them miserable.

  4. I’m glad that you seem better and you have some time off to rest and rejuvenate and rejoice in the Holidays. Take some time to treat yourself to something special. You’ve earned it.

    As for the co-driver, be patient. Don’t let her poor planning and dour attitude get you. You keep doing what you need to do to keep your kids safe and keep you in the clear. Focus only on what you can change. Don’t worry about the things beyond your control.

    Life is too short to be wasted on worries and annoyances and distractions. Live every day fully, and do the things that make you happy.

    Thank you for sharing the wonderful music. It makes me smile to hear such beautiful sounds. Cheers, stay warm, stay healthy, and be warm, safe, and serene. Happy Holidays!

  5. Ah, a little drama on the last day of work should make the holiday (well, the start of it, anyway) even more relaxing and well deserved. You can look back on yesterday and say “Thank gods that’s over with for another year!”.

    Beautiful, relaxing music, thank you, Mago!

  6. Two weeks off sounds very good! Are the Christmas lights up bright and shining in your part of the world?
    I plan to go for Christmas eve mass tomorrow night.
    Those kids are lucky to have you around.

  7. I quit a job this year because I couldn’t change the behaviour of a co-worker. I complained about her to the administration but they turned it around on me and made me feel like I had a bad attitude and that I wasn’t a team player.

    Another colleague complained about this same person and she got the same reaction from administration. She was made to feel that SHE was the one with a bad attitude and that she wasn’t being a team player.

    I felt that I wasn’t being supported by my so-called “superiors” so I quit. I am happier for it and I have managed to find work elsewhere.

    Take pride in knowing that you’re doing a good job. I was doing my job well too but I just couldn’t take the aggravation any longer.

    The Mistress hopes you can relax and enjoy the holidays.

  8. Thank you for the good wishes SavannahFröhliche Weihnachten for You, the MITM and all Yours !

    This time zwischen den Jahren is usually very nice, peaceful and restful LẌ. At the moment it looks like me staying here, my fingers shake and tremble, while sweat forms on my head despite I feel cold. No good to cough over the Christmas table and give a special gift to all – Wanna Virus ? Beg for Bazilles ?! I am an idiot, I should not have been working through last week.
    Fröhliche Weihnachten LẌ, best regards to Nikki & Lola.

    Thank you Mr PeeneeFröhliche Weihnachten for you and Saki !
    I hereby ban all thoughts about work for the next weeks.

    Peace and relaxation, yes Hoppelschaum that would be nice! I hope you can find traces of these nice things in your neck of the wood : Fröhliche Weihnachten for you and all yours, hope your boys are doing well.

    Fröhliche Weihnachten Eroswings ! I try my very best to follow your fine advice. Sadly “living every day fully” right now means “cough as you never coughed before!”, and I’m really good at it !
    And thank you for your music selection at your blog : I never knew that Nat King COLE did Oh Tannenbaum !

    Exactly, a little drama works wonders IDV. Glad that you like the music. Fröhliche Weihnachten IDV, for you and all yours – but I do not know if it is the correct seasonal greeting for witches ? Happy solistice may be more fitting, but what knows a Franconian …

    Thank you for the compliment Austere. I hope I do them good.
    Christmas lights are not abounding around here, in fact it is all very modest this year. If people do put up lights they usually go for simple solutions this year, of course some do a bit more and have also models or figurines. But all in all it is less than it used to be five, or even three years ago. I have no explanation ; it simply may be a Mode, a trend, and the coming years will see blinking houses again.
    It’s a long time since I attended a mass. Hope it all will be festive, peaceful, and uplifting, after all it is a birthday celebration !

    Thank you for the kind words Mistress. I think I can relax, hope the same goes for you. When you are relaxed, you’ll sleep better. As I said to Peenee, the job is now banned for the coming weeks. Let’s focus on nice things, like cake sniffing.

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