Sunday Music

Sunday again, and this time a birthday too,  a boy named Jesus has his 2017th – congratulations.
Whether You are Christian or not, identify with this religion or not, I am sure that the idea that God became human can address everybody. It is re-enacted in every birth, in every human being is a divine spark. From this insight can follow ideas about how to live, a whole ethical system based on respect & values, but man’s freedom allows him to do otherwise. I think greed (avaritia) is the most common self-depreciating deviation and explains most of the world’s actual situation. There are a lot of learned people armed with impressive numbers to “explain” it, how the world works and why it must be as it is. I am stupid, especially with numbers, but I recognise greed when I see it, I just need to look around with open eyes.
If this was a sermon now the Frohbotschaft or eu-angelion, the “good news”, should follow. But I am not sermonising here, and You, venerated reader, may be old enough to be the master of Your own fate & faith, You do not come here to be lectured.
And so be it.
This Sunday’s Music is Nocturne 4 by Eric SATIE, performed by Klára KÖRMENDI (Ger.). (Here is a notably different version, by Jean-Yves THIBAUDET (Ger., Eng.), where you can follow the notation.)
Frohe Weihnachten, dear reader. I hope you like the music. May the coming week be peaceful for all of us.



18 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. “It is re-enacted in every birth, in every human being is a divine spark.”

    What a profound and loving thought for today. As you go on to say, if I may paraphrase, we take the spark and either shine in the world or cast a shadow of greed/hatefulness in the world. Let us hope that in 2018 more light will shine! Happy Christmas, dear friend! xoxo from Savannah & the MITM

  2. Thank you for sharing the gift of music with us. Thank you for your friendship and support. Thank you for sharing the wonderful and interesting books that you find. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for always speaking up and standing up for the right thing.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Mago!


    May the Holidays fill you with warmth, joy, and peace. And May the New Year bring you good fortune, keep you in good health, and surround you with good food, good company, and good times. Be safe, be warm, and be happy. Cheers!

  3. Merry Christmas, My friend!

    A lot of people could learn a lot from the parables of Jesus. Some who even call themselves Christians. It is all I will say on the matter. May we enjoy this day with light in the darkness, surrounded by those we care about.

  4. Whether we celebrate it or not, we can all share some joy, surely? Love and kindness, today, more than ever, are what I wish you all and hope for.
    Here’s to good friends! Frohe weinachten!

  5. Hoppelschaum, Savannah, Mistress, Eroswings, Lone Grey Squirrel, Melanie, Mitzi, LẌ, Dinahmow, Inexplicable DeVice – let me thank you all and each for the good wishes. I hope you had good days and can enjoy relaxing holidays.
    I spent the last days doing absolutely nothing : Sleeping, reading, looking out of the window, and of course some nice coughing in between. I followed no pattern, just drifted along – all in all, a very satisfying experience.
    Now I will slowly re-structure how I spend days & nights, especially because I will leave this place either on Frayday or Saturday. When I’ll go travelling I want to be clear minded, fresh headed, crisp like a frozen rose, ha ! And de-cough too.
    Thank You again, may all the good wishes boomerang onto yourself ! Nochmals Danke !

  6. Dear Mago, loved ones, and friends,
    Happy New Year!!!
    I hope all is well with you and yours. May the New Year keep y’all healthy, hearty, and full of good spirits. May y’all be surrounded by good fortune, good people, and good times. Be safe. Be warm. Be happy. Peace, Best wishes, and Cheers to y’all.

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