Sunday Music

And this Sunday just in time – shocking, one can not rely on nothing these days, not even the own unreliability.
Here I sit and look out into the first (very) early spring day, the sky is of a very light blue, a grumbling sun works herself through whitish veils, daisies are poking their heads out of the ground. Of course Mr Winter will shovel some snow on these over-optimistic little lovelies, freezing days will come, probably in February, perhaps around Easter that is end of March this year.
I should go out, but I’m much too lazy. Sunday is for relaxing, for doing nothing – what is of course nonsense, because we always do something. So I prefer to sit on my sofa and look out of the window & watch people wandering over the steep hill through the wineyards – good for you, carry on !
This Sunday Music is dedicated to those of my venerated readers who share the company of chickens – yes, I think especially of the Norfolk brood, they have some really nice flocks there : Now lets hear Mr SOKOLOV (Ger., Eng.) with RAMEAUs (Ger., Eng.) La Poule.
I hope you enjoy the music – may the coming week see no “historical event”, this usually means something no good.




17 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Thank you for sharing this very nice music with us. If it’s cold outside, I can’t imagine leaving home unless it was necessary. I’d be relaxing with a good book or watching tv or having something warm to drink. People watching is a nice option. It can be very entertaining. I hope you enjoyed relaxing at home, and I hope that the week and weather will be good. Stay safe and warm.

  2. Must be around midday now at your place, dearest Savannah. The sun stands high, cicadas chirp, and Pan goes to sleep. Time for one drink and a hammock …

  3. I haven’t gone out today, either! Well, except a few steps into the garden to feed the birds (sparrows, tits, and Mrs Beaky – her husband was nowhere to be seen), but that hardly counts.

    A lovely music choice, thank you. I found myself following the music and wondering if my fingers could ever go fast enough to keep up? It’s been a long time since I’ve played the piano properly. Perhaps more overcast days are in order so I have an excuse to sit around tickling the ivories?

    Have a good week!

  4. In toyed with the idea to feed birds here, but then decided against it : It is warm enough for them to find enough food. Perhaps when the snow returns I’ll throw out some seeds.
    I followed it and admired Sokolov, I’ll never be able to do this.
    Why not play around, dearest IDV – and did you have to use the “Czerny” too ?

    YES ! Spring ! When the sun comes out and all pagans venerate God Horrmon – what thankfully nowadays is legal in Canada, dearest Mistress

  5. Oh yes, these are the kind of chickens that strut and peck charmingly beside medieval walled gardens and have to be chased out of the greenhouse.

    I can go for days without leaving the house at this time of year, if it wasn’t for The Mr. I’d probably starve to death because I can so easily talk myself out of bothering to shop.

  6. “Tune for Four Beaks” – a timeless masterpiece : Thank you for this LẌ.

    I hope The Mr cares to bring you at least an apple a day, dearest Eryl, vitamins these days …

    Sunday, what Sunday, Melanie ?

  7. No worries dearest MsScarlet ! It was a bit windy outside and I had to concentrate a bit more than usual when driving, but that was it. I am happily waiting for the promised snow for today & tomorrow !

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