Sunday Music

The new year is already a bit used ; it’s still shiny, full of promise and all, but this special new-year-smell fades, and now we simply have to use it – because that’s what it is made for.
The American Leader is now one year in office – no, don’t worry, I will not speak about this creature here in abundance. With a little luck he’ll be gone in another twelve months. One may wonder who or what will replace the orange ham actor. I see a good chance that the US will implode when The Leader survives the whole four or – GOd forbid ! – eight years in office. There will be no more “democracy” left. But we can not change the c(o)urse of history, and if America wants to wreck herself, so be it.
The week was uneventful. I worked, I slept, I looked out of the window.
A bit more windy than usual. This heavy & strong wind came from the West, so it would be a Ζέφυρος, a Zephyr (Ger., Eng.). But I think the ancients would not count this storm as Zephyrus, who usually is understood to be a mild messenger of spring. It was more of a brutal Northern Βορέας (Ger., Eng.), just from the wrong direction.
And Βορέας brings us easily to this Sunday Music, a sweet little nothing from M. RAMEAUs (Ger., Eng.) (last) opera Les Boréades (Ger., Eng.) (Boreas’ children), performed by Les Ambassadeurs under the French musician & conductor Alexis KOSSENKO (Eng.).
I hope you like the music. If you have snow in your part of the world, just be a little more careful please. Especially inhabitants of Devon seem to have a fondness for falling into the mud, what would Freud say ?



10 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Perfect music for this latter part of January!

    Re: you-know-who, I think Senator Tammy Duckworth, who’s also a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, said it best when she called him a “five time deferment draft dodger” Cadet Bone Spurs!

    Stay warm and stay safe, sweetpea! xoxo

  2. I really think Donnie Dipstick will be gone over the year, Savannah. The next elections in combination with the results of Mueller’s investigation will be too much.
    Warm & safe is alright for this evening, tomorrow in the ddm it’s cold ‘n slippery. So I enjoy it right now !

  3. I don’t want to see any snow again this winter. Plus, frigid arctic temperatures. Plus, the wearing of a mud patch on my britches.. yeah, at least the landing was relatively soft due to the squishy mud. Anywho, I’m ready Whatchamawho to leave anytime.

  4. I always love your Sunday music posts, because you introduce me to many wonderful musicians and their amazing masterpieces. Thank you for sharing this wonderful, cheerful tune with us. I love learning about new music, and you always have something to teach us.

    We just had a very cold freeze pass through. Closed schools and made bridges and roads very slippery and hazardous. And it was too cold to be outside. The locals aren’t meant nor used to this type of freezing weather. But at least it meant eating warm, delicious soup to stay comfortable and safe.

    I hope you continue to have a very peaceful and safe week. Good health and stay warm and safe.

  5. Well, that Sunday Music was certainly full of blustery gusts, welcome lulls, and exhilarating windy stuff – I loved it!
    No snow here, but plenty of mud which, to date, has not been graced with an imprint of my posterior!

  6. Et tu, Hoppelschaum ? Mud jumping seems to be the thing among bloggers now – I blame it on MsScarlet. IDV is not yet fully convinced, but it’s only a matter of time …
    Schaumkopf – Brausekopf – nur die Ruhe ! This too shall pass, spring is promised, at least …

    Good to see that you like the music Eroswings.
    Closed schools and slippery roads ? I understood that you are in the Southern US – ? WOw. Here winter is adjourned until March I’d guess. It is grey, relatively warm, and will rain rain rain – nothing to de-grump MsScarlet I fear …

    Yes LGS – let’s be optimistic : It will be all good in the end !

    You mean the bloke who worked soo damn hard at this totally empty desk, LẌ ? COuld be described as “fake work” perhaps …

    Glad you like the music IDV.
    I think it is important that you stamp the Norfolk mud and give it your seal of approval. This will make the Norfolk mud discernible from other muds, Devon mud for example. Devon mud is only the real thing when it features the imprint of MsScarlet’s knees, two small pricks sometimes with an additional Sid paw.

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