While I slept, worked & tried to get rid of unwanted memories, the world kept on turning. Strange things happened.
I did not follow the speech of The Leader, the usual melange of spin, half-truths & plain lies, but two things found me scratching my head. The remark about Northern Korea, some idiocy about a “bloody nose” – does Donny Dipstick really want to start a war ? He’s sick enough for this.
The second thing was the whole enactment, the stage production. I am not familiar with these speeches about “the Uniom”, so I do not know whether this is the regular proceeding, but I found it pretty disgusting : Especially when The Leader generously waved at his pack of sycophants and allowed them to rise for the standing ovation. Way to go, Donny : In 30s Berlin and today’s Pyongyang they jump(ed) up when da leadah was / is only looking at them. I think at least one person did not get up – and thus surely learned what it means to be different. The hype about this “memo” is just nonsense, it is a smokescreen. The only thing it proves is that The Leader really has something to hide, and is ready to use any means to save his lousy arse. Possibly even a war.
Regarding war : In occupied Poland Germany erected extermination camps. The actual Polish gouvernement just passed a law that prohibits to speak of “Polish camps”. What at first glance seems to be a legitimate thing is sadly a part of the national-conservative rulers’ (so far succesful) attempt to re-write history. This is the reason for historians from Israel to oppose this law. The leaders of the PiS-party simply want to establish that the Poles were all innocent victims of the German aggression and had nothing to do with the extermination, with the holocaust. What is simply wrong. Poland had & has a history of antisemitism. Through the second world war there was collaboration – not only in Poland, but in any country we invaded – and there were  (of course !) Polish individuals who became guilty as Kain. There was not “only” Jedwabne (1941), but Kielce (1946) too (see). But PiS is re-writing history – and of course yells for compensation for the damages of the war, happily ignoring international treaties that already have solved anything in this regard. It is pretty sickening.
Sickening too is what happened in the German parliament some days ago. A member of the neonazi party gave a speech concerning his party’s ideas about the reunion of refugees’ families. It was stuffed with nazi formulations and showed nothing but a concept of man Himmler would have approved. The head of the Green Party finally had enough and yelled at the fascist. The President of the Parliament did nothing. When questioned he said something along the line that “it must come out”. He meant that those brown swine shall expose themselves. I only hope that his trust in the stability of the German democracy is justified, but, frankly, I have some doubts about this. The nazis are elected, they are now, while the Social Democrats form together with the Conservatives the ruling coalition again, left as the largest opposition party. This does not show me the fears & angst of the electorate, to me it shows its barbaric dumbness and aggression.
And sadly enough, dumbness, aggression & ruthlessness is what these three depicted situations have in common. We live in an age of shamelessness – and I do not mean naked skin or presented tools of procreation. On the contrary, there seems to develop a new kind of prudery when pictures of breasts are not allowed on so called “social” media, when museums unhang paintings (!), and a breastfeeding woman is looked at as a monster.
But you can shamelessly belie like a president, shamelessly lie about historical truths like a Pole, and shamelessly use nazi-speak about human beings like a German “politician”. If 2018 continues this way it will be remembered as
“The Year of the Shameless Swine”.

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  1. We will Savannah, and at one point we’ll celebrate with a crunchy roast !

    Don’t know MsScarlet, they are not laymen there. Their schoolbooks are alarming, a whole generation grows up with an old-new set of nationalistic ideas. There has been a bi-national schoolbook commission, of course it is abandoned.
    Nice that the nymphs are lurking again. Next they will hammer off the nipples from statues, like they did with male organs on antique statues in Christian Rome.

  2. Pedantic Corner: The State of the Union speech is a requirement of Article II Section 2 of the US Constitution wherein the President delivers a report to the US Congress, typically outlining budget, foreign, and domestic initiatives. On face value, a good thing.

    However, in practice in modern times, the thing has devolved into a cesspool of media sensationalism and partisan politics — just like everyday Washington. No matter who is President, the usual template is: a speech with intentionally created stopping points for members of the President’s party to stand and “clap like a demented seal®*” and the opposition party members staying seated and looking dour. At some point the President will also have some of his invited guests stand to highlight his political agenda with a sob story or heroic action or political/social cause. This has been going on for a long time.

    * One of our own Miss Scarlet’s wonderful bon mots.

  3. Cool – all this is normal, not the “Leader Special” as I thought. There are really very different styles in politics on both sides of the Atlantic LẌ. I can not think of or imagine Angela Merkel in such a role.
    We have the budget discussion, and usually when it comes to the money for the chancellor’s own administration the opposition has its moment, there can be a pretty lively Generaldebatte. But this is not an annually occasion. At the start of the session of the parliament the chancellor gives a “Regierungserklärung”, a gouvernemental statement, and explains the gouvernement’s stance on some issues or topics, usually a debate follows. That’s it.
    Without all these standing ovations, all this theatrical gestures – goodness ! Do American presidents practise in front of a mirror ? “Drama, baby, more drama !”

  4. “A blind man cannot see your colour, a deaf man cannot hear your words, a dumb*man cannot understand. But all can feel the hand of friendship.”
    No idea who said it first, but I was taught the philosophy and hope I live by it.
    As for America! Words fail me.

    *old term for a mentally deficient person

  5. The great thing about democracy is that people choose their leaders. The worst thing about democracy is that sometimes, only the worst people seem to care enough to vote, while the rest don’t care, then act all shocked when crap leaders get elected. Democracy works best when all voters participate.

    People complain now about the state of the gov’t. I ask them if they voted. When they start giving me excuses, I tell them their failure to vote means a success for the opposition. I tell them don’t just complain. Do something about it. And vote! If you’ve got time to waste taking endless selfies and posting them on social sites all day, then you’ve got time to volunteer, speak up, and campaign for the best leader possible.

    Keep the faith. There are still many of us who remember history and will continue to point out the truth. So long as even one of us still stands up and speaks up, we are never lost, nor are we defeated. It only takes one light, no matter how small, to illuminate the darkness.

  6. But any man can feel the impression of a deep sea diver’s ironclad boot, dear Dinahmow. When I look at the Polish propaganda (that seriously warns of “German tank divisions” ready to invade !) feelings of friendship and European solidarity simply do not arise. This encourages the view that the expansion of the EU towards the East was simply a damn mistake.
    When I listen to the unreflected populistic garble of people like this alternative German I mentioned, or worse of his intellectual stooges, it is not a “hand of friendship” that forms itself.
    As for America – I never thought that I’d see an American president fight against his own state, supported in doing this by the so-called “conservative” party. These people are anarchists.
    “Dumb” and the German “dumm” are the same, they both come from the Old- and Middel-High-German word “dumb” or “tumb”. It describes a person with a deficit in either intellectual relation or related to senses – so it can also mean “deaf” / “taub” or “blind”. Also the word “Duft” is related, what means “scent” or “fragrance”. In the neck of the woods where I grew up, “tummern” meant “riechen” or “to smell”.

    To choose leaders – and to get rid of them without having to shoot them, Eroswings.
    I think it was Herr Popper who said this. And of course you are right – it is devastating to see how the numbers of voters went down over the years ! This enables for example a well organised right-wing movement that mobilises its basis to reach very good results from scratch. Ach, ach – und nochmal ach …

  7. So many countries, the UK included, seem to be gravitating towards fascism at the moment it’s becoming almost too painful to watch. So I now dip in only when I feel strong enough to take it, which is becoming rarer. Though using the platitudes of Trump supporters to make poems has become my favourite activity.

  8. I believed it would be an Eastern problem alone – as a reaction to the societal turmoil : From the relative security of the communist dictatur into the capitalist new world that brings a lot of uncertainties, so as a reaction the call for the strong man, the leader, of course with more or less loud national tones. The role model would be Russia under Putin. But this does not work for East Germany or France, and surely not for the US. It even does not really work for Poland, because it had a very special role in the Eastern block since “solidarnosc”.
    I simply do not understand what is in their heads, be it the new Eastern nationalists, be it the new German nationalists and barely camouflaged nazis, be it the followers of “Leader Donny”.
    I also do not understand the American republicans who are happily destroying their state and their society – what for ? There is no positive idea or “vision” (a word I whole-heartedly despise in this connection) on any side, except maybe some cloudy “All will be good” trallala that is as mindless as the nihilistic approach of the so-called conservatives.
    I’ll scrap some dosh together and buy me a used workstation so that I can make my pictures the way I want them to be ; anything “news” will be avoided like the plague, the scum is simply not worth any attention of a thinking human.

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