Sunday Music

When I looked outside this morning all I saw was white. White ground, white grass, white trees, white roads, white wineyards, white air, white sky. Thick wet snowflakes kept falling down.
Now I see dark patches where the white is disturbed by regular structures, the wineyards, and I see dark rectangle sections between these structures where bushes grow. Also the trees on the horizon and in the foreground are black now, as are the roads. It is a thin snow now, mixed with rain.
I took some photographs this morning with an old analogue camera. It was handed to me by a friend. It is a very simple machine, effectively one can only press one button, it makes “click”, and then the film transport motor rumours. Nothing at all one could fiddle with. Other than the “Lomo” my camera has optics made from real glass. At least the original “Lomos” had “optics” made from plastic, I do not know what the cameras sold under this label nowadays actually are made from.
My camera is filled with a run-of-the-mill Ilford black/white film, I think there are only a few shots left. The development of the film is in the price included, but one can not have a contact sheet : It is simply not done anymore. I will have the film developed and then I’ll scan it. I like the idea to have a real piece of film, an unaltered original, silver salt on pvc. Anything else will be electronic, digital, hence endlessly reproducible and alterable.
Now for something completely different. This Sunday Music is titled Chingisu and comes from the album Shonentachi e no Chikyusanka by Geinoh Yamashirogumi. Geino Yamashirogumi (Eng.) is not a single person but a collective founded by Tsutomu OHASHI (Ger., Eng.), who seems to be a polymath, a Japanese Renaissance man, uomo universale. Open your ears for less than three minutes of difference – I hope you enjoy the music.
May we all have a peaceful week ahead.



18 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. This clip is not available here in the USA, but a quick google search found other works by this collective on youtube! Thank you for sharing.

    Regarding your snowy day, I hope it’s not too messy tomorrow! I haven’t used real film in ages! I do miss the joy of waiting and then opening the envelope of photos. The closest I’ll get to that feeling is buying a decent digital photo printer.

    Here’s to a peaceful week, sweetpea! xoxo

  2. I still enjoy my Nikkormat FTN (from 1971!) film camera and lots of prints. These days the photos I wish to edit and share need to be in digital format, so I mostly use a Nikon AW100 for travel and most other digital photos. I have a new NikonDf digital camera that I am just learning to use.

  3. Thank you for the fascinating and evocative piece of music Mago. What stunning voices and such a stirring composition! I love it.

    If the video is blocked in your country, try this Link to see vid.

    Or, Anytime you get a blocked in your country YouTube message, copy the YouTube vid address/URL. Then go here to Proxfree. Paste in YouTube vid URL. Change Server location to Germany or other country. Click Proxfree to watch vid.

    I also love your description of the white winter snow on the landscape, Mago, and I am looking forward to what you share with us. And yes, there is a magic quality to film, even, Polaroids, that digital cameras do not possess. It’s a quality that can only be captured and expressed by film chemistry.

    Have a great, peaceful, safe, wonderful week. Stay warm.

  4. I agree with all that you and the others have said about the good points of real film photography, but I admit I never bothered to use a camera before digital – the number of developed films that were returned with really disappointing prints and nothing to be done about it – at least now, you can delete something that didn’t work because it was out of focus or someone blinked or it cut off their head or you hadn’t noticed that a tree appeared to be growing out of the dog, and take the picture again.

  5. Not available in the US – ? That is new for me. I always thought it is all available there, just here in Germany “gema” makes a fuzz about it.
    No worries Savannah, all went well this morning – thank you ! BTW I do not plan to buy a new printer, I have an old b/w machine here. If I really come to the point where I can work with the files and the results are what I want, then I’ll take the file and have it printed in a copy shop. For those few pictures …

    You are a real Nikon-man, dear LẌ !

    Thank you for the good wishes >b>Eroswings, may it all come back to you ! Live & learn, I am mildly surprised that the music finds your acclamation. Simply because the pieces you brought in your “The Sound of Music”-Series were classics in the strict sense, music connected or obligated to the classical, Western canon. But on the other hand I should not wonder, because you always look over the plate’s edge – I do not know if this figure of speech exists in English, “über den Tellerrand hinaus schauen”. It means that someone is curious, widens his view and horizon, well what you do.

    No worries, dear Eryl, all well here. Glad that you like the music.

    Ah yes, the camera is really everyman’s guillotine ! And the tree growing dogs who exist only on film – I am sure there is a whole new fauna to be discovered ! There is also the magic thumb and the photographer’s finger.
    Yes, digital photographing has clear advantages over the older, analogue, version. I merely use it as amusement, dear Z, and in b/w only. I already know that it will be boring pictures of more or less abstract patterns, surely no persons (because I am terrible at taking portraits), perhaps buildings or architectural details.

    Goodness Norma ! Did you get lost in Canada ? Oh dear heart, you need warmth, come here and sit by the fire, frozen stiff as you are … BTW is the affray now over ? We can’t they call it a draw and go home ? Ach the humanity …

  6. It’s nice to hear that some people still use actual rolls of film.

    I use digital ONLY now because it’s easier for me. I wish digital cameras had been invented when I was young because I would have taken many more photos and documented more of the past. I couldn’t afford the cost of developing multiple rolls of film. I had access to a darkroom but I wasn’t particularly skilled.

  7. Venerated readers,
    as already mentioned in the reply to The Mistress’ comment, I have technical difficulties here.
    I am not sure when these will be solved. Written from my toaster, litterally.
    So please excuse me, it will take a few days.

  8. That certainly was an unusual piece of music, Mago. Quite evocative, and certainly not unpleasant.

    I now have an idea of getting my old Pentax ME Super out to see if it still works. I hope you find some nice surprises when you get your film developed, and that your technical troubles are resolved soon.

  9. Yes, a little prayer to Our Lady of the Stripey Pants is surely a good thing, dear LẌ !
    This machine here is truely ancient, Pentium 4 with 30 GB harddrive, and fully 300 MB RAM. OS is Ubuntu 9, browser a FireFox also from circa 2007 or 8. Most things on the web are simply not shown – it is a really interesting experience to surf with this machine, you never know what will show up. I think it makes no sense to go for newer software due to the limited hardware capabilities. Downside is that I can not reach any email account. I already have switched off any outgoing services and any automatisms for “renewal”. The thing sits under my desk and warms my feed.
    The old machine developed some issues over the last two weeks, I blamed the graphics unit. But on Monday evening it shut itself down, and on Tuesday morning I watched the progress thingy for BIOS run, crawl and finally stop in the middle of the road – and that was that. No BIOS, no fun – the former monster-wringer turned finally into a Zombie. I’ll take out the harddrive and the graphics card, the rest is good for a museum.
    On Tuesday I thought about what to do, and finally grabbed & resurrected this Methusalem. It already was obsolete when a friend slapped Ubuntu on it ten years ago – we did this simply out of curiosity to learn how this OS looks etc, no one ever thought that this machine should return to “work”.
    It is an improvisation – and the old trueism is correct, improvisations stay ! – but I am very determined to end this as soon as possible. And because I want “to do something with photographs” the next machine will have some oomp, and RAM, much RAM, it will be great ! I already found something, in fact I was looking for a new~used computer for some time – and am very thankful for the intel archive where one can find all data for old xeons.

    Thank you IDV, “not unpleasant” is fine. Actually I can not see and / or listen to videos, all these modern standards …
    Oh yes, an old Pentax. Be careful with the seals, perhaps you have to replace some if they start to crumble. I will have the film developed soon, but before I can show something the computer issue must be solved.

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