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Mid-February my computer (the former Mighty Monster Masher) died and I re-activated Methusalem. But after a week or so Methusalem finally gave in and went to computer heaven. I helplessly tried to use Methusalem‘s grandfather (yes, I know, I know …), fruitlessly, and after some strong thinking (and a blank stare at my bank account) I finally called a man in the Rhineland who offered the machine I have right now.
It arrived some days ago, and I use it. I never used, or possessed, a computer of this kind. This thing is heavy, strong, and quiet. In fact it is a roughly seven year old workstation with a strong Xeon processor, a lot of RAM, and gives me the feeling of driving a Mercedes. I looked inside (because I had to switch something) – no dangling bids & bobs, no cables hanging around, a solid construction, and if need be (and one finds the software that works it) there is the possibility to build in another processing unit. It uses (of course) a 64-bit-version of Windows 7 – and everything is so damn fast, and seemingly easy, it makes me nervous : Is that it ? Is it real ? All my experiences do point into another direction, but I am ready to accept that sometimes things can go smooth.
Even Windows.
I am not yet familiar with the in-built browser, I think it is Internet Explorer 11, and of course I still have to fetch all my bookmarks from another hard drive, so I am not able to go around and look at all & everything that happened in Blogsville since I had to take a break. Also my email accounts must flow over, I still did not look at them.
I find it interesting what the no-computer time did with me. At first I came home and looked stupidly at my desk : All the routines did not work anymore. I only then realised how much time I usually spend/t online, looking at “news”, reading blogs, now & then searching for information, trallalah … I looked around and realised that there are other chairs in this room, some I had not used for more than eight months.
I did not miss the “news”. I missed blogs – and what they stand for, persons that is – and I missed the ability to search for information, for literature, images. So I am slowly climbing “back into the saddle”, finding my way through the new operating system and its vast possibilities, making the browser comfortable, hacking my way through tons of emails. This machine / system is terribly underwhelmed with just surfing the web, because I looked for a machine that would allow me to do “something with photographs” : This old battle axe should just do it. But right now I am happy that it just works.
I hope this finds you, my venerated and remaining reader, well, alive and kicking – I’ll drop by as soon as possible.

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  1. Tsk. And I was just about to write you a letter. I will write one anyway.
    Welcome back!!
    p.s… I make sure I sit in all three of my chairs… the book is on the fourth.

  2. I think I know how you feel, sweetpea! Remember when I “baptized” my lovely MAC with a (very delicious) Martini and was given my current MACbook by Mr Matrix? A “new” machine that handles differently from what you’re used to takes a while to get used to! I also know that feeling of freedom from a machine and how it, too, takes a moment of adjustment! I’m glad you back and hopefully you’ll make the rounds around Blogville soon! xoxox

  3. Welcome back, Mago! I’m glad you’re back and you’re doing well. The computer acquisition sounds solid and reliable. That’s important. The newer computers are fragile and not as reliable as the older models! I had to return a laptop I bought last year. It failed twice! The first time, it crashed not even a month after I bought it. They fixed it. But then it crashed again after a month, like before! They sent a new replacement. It died after two months! So I got a refund. My really old laptop is still functioning. I’m looking for something just as solid and reliable.

    I hope the weather is nice and that you’ve had time to visit friends and enjoy the sights while you waited for a computer replacement. Have a great weekend!

  4. “Tsk” – ! I crawl through digital nomansland, avoid Jerry, Tommy and whatnot – and are greeted with a simple “TSK” ! What next – kicking my shins for being late ?
    Ah yes, I missed it ! Welcome, lovely MsScarlet !
    I found it difficult to sit in one of the chairs because of lack of place where to put things – the book, the glas, the handkerchiefs … I have a mobile “thingy” for this, but sadly it is overflowing with magazines, and I have a very tasteful red lamp on top of it, and there is simply no more floor space in this cramped appartement – it is difficult.

    Thank you lovely Lady Savannah ! This browser is seemingly highly conventional, but I just other stuff – and I think differences are not too “big”, it is just the adjustement. One Needs some functions – of course they are all there, but one must locate them, get used to all & everything, you know what I mean all too well !
    But isn’t it amazing when all of a sudden the routine is broken, when one has a lot of time “right now” that is not filled with hanging around the web, doing Blogs and reading upsetting News ? I am all too happy that I do not do farcebook & co. – as easily as I am hooked on things …

    Hey IDV, nice to see you again !
    Is that a real trailer ? Are these guys “electrons” ? It reminds me a bit of this marvellous scene in a Woody Allen film when all those sperms are coming together like paratroopers …
    You know, the real “sucking in”, the “real” replacing of the analogue world by the digital knock-off is already taking place – so it was a good experience to have no Internet access at all for some time.

  5. Welcome Eroswings !
    I think this old battle axe will not brake down – it did not so for the last seven years, and as I get it it has no inclination to do so for the next seven years, at least ! Always a Problem are mechanical hard drives, but this is something one can calculate with.
    Sorry to learn that the new machine simply did not work up to task – they seemingly were a bit too happy with the in-built “end of life” – this has a name when machines are constructed to stop working after a certain amount of time / use, but I forgot it. You know what I mean – a simple piece of plastic could be made a little bit more stronger – or it can be made exactly the way it is made and gets planfully briddle after f.e. two years of use. Repairing the whole thing would be more expensive than buying new – so get the new “Thing”, and all will be good. And the landfill is happy too.
    All well here, I will have a quiet and sleepy Weekend – and man I am looking forward to it !

  6. Now that you mention it LẌ – a general backup is a good idea ! Things I have owned were usually not called spiffy – thank you !

    This welcome back cake should be prohibited, looking at it alone makes me gain wight – but have many thanks, dearest Dinahmow, this creation makes me happy, and don’t worry, I can take care of it …

  7. How lovely to be visited by you and find you back in the virtual world – I was beginning to worry that you’d succumbed to some horrid bug and were languishing alone in misery unable to cry for help.

    I hope your new workhorse lives up to your hopes. Can’t wait to see what something you do with photographs too!

  8. And one day my mumified body would be found crumbled under the desk with an electrical connector in hand … much like one of those pair of brothers who lived in NewYork (where else ?), hoarders, one starved with an apple in his hand … NO way Eryl, such a thing would never happen to me !
    The workhorse already worked, I installed Chakralinux on the second harddrive, and it works like a charme. At least for now.
    Do not expect too much from my photo play please, I certainly do not have your eyebeam.
    Now I must seriously start to search for my old bookmarks.

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