Sunday Music

It feels a bit odd, familiar and un-familiar at the same time, to sit at this desk again and put together another “Sunday Music” (number 360 by title, but there are some precursors that went by another name ; one day I’ll add them up, perhaps when the number inches towards five hundred, still some way to go).
I spent the afternoon trying to recollect my bookmarks, but the latest list is definitely gone ; so I had to search for older backups, and gladly I found one that is pretty close to what I had used until the machine crashed. Of course a lot is missing, and will be found (or not) while I use the new apparatus. But I think I have the blogs, news and other sites for daily use back again.
Only when I was without internet I realised how much time it consumes – I think I’ll try to watch this and to cut back a little. Especially the consumption of “news” is useless and annoying, at least on a daily basis. I think it is enough to have a look every two or three days.
A disturbing observation is (on German sites) the sinking level of language proficiency on the “free” parts of news sites that comes hand in hand with lousy orthography – sometimes one is let to believe that a drunk intern wrote captions under photographs, or that people in training cobbled together an “article”. So it is advisable to have a look at Reuters or another news agency before visiting these annoying outlets. Of course there are exemptions, the NYT for example. Perhaps it is better to buy a printed weekly (like Die ZEIT) together with the weekend-edition of a trusted daily (Süddeutsche), and skip the unhealthy daily habit of staring at badly written text garnished with ugly pictures of ugly people glowing orange.
This is a real surprise that “The American Leader” seemingly wants to meet “The North Korean Leader”. I am not sure how this idea came into the world, and how it was expressed when, where, by whom. As it seems “The American Leader” all of a sudden said to an NorthKorean official something like “”Heck yeah, let’s meet in my club and get this right !” I still doubt that it will happen.
BTW these two “Leaders” have a lot in common I think. They seriously despise something called truth, and have absolutely no qualms of telling their own versions of it – id est they lie ruthlessly. They despise healthily those idiots they should serve (da peop’l, der Pöbel) – of course both “Leaders” have absolutely no idea how the majority of “their” “people” really live ; both had pampered lives from the start, and stink from arrogance.
Both are not responsible towards “da peop’l” for what they do as “Leaders”, but to groups who finally “made” them & enable their regimen – the guys with the big wallets in the US, the family and very opaque elite around the North Korean “Leader”. He is better off than his American colleague, because he can (and does !) use AA-guns to rule out any opposition, not yet practical in the US. And both need something to show, to present, the American more than the Northern Korean.
I think deep in his rotten core “The American Leader” knows that he is a fake and that his days are numbered. It is the Russian money that will break his neck. But Donnieboy wants his place in history not as the worst & most inept “President” ever, so he desperately grasps at something that would allow him to be seen as “great”. And ending the conflict with Northern Korea and stuff – hell yeah, why not. Definitely more easy than that situation in the Middle East or somethin’
And Mr Kim ? By hook or crook (mostly by crook, methinks) he made his country a nuclear power. He showed to any only slightly thinkable opposition that he can kick arse (sorry, but topic & actors rub off on the language) even without AA-guns, he demonstrated to the world that he is to be taken serious. And other than his American counterpart he can read & write, an unfair advantage, and process what he read. I am not sure if it was his father or someone else who wrote the blueprint for all this years ago – it has a name I forgot (not “Juhe”), I found it mentioned & explained in an article some weeks back in a more “outlying” magazine, I’ll try to locate it again.
It all looks more and more like an old Marx-Brothers-film, Duck Soup (Ger., Eng.) perhaps (“‘Cause all God’s chillun got guns !”), but without the liberating force of laughter. I fear that just the chilling & hurtful ridiculousness of tiny men, who take themselves all too serious, will remain.
On the other hand – why not have a truly bizarre orgy that helps to establish world peace ? Sadly Hunter S. THMOPSON can’t write the review any more, so Raoul DUKE needs to be resurrected – it’s only Rock’n Roll.

I want to be surrounded by beauty, I want to see beautiful things, I want to hear beauty in music. Last week I listened to a version of Mr SKRIABINs (Ger., Eng.) Etude in As Dur, opus 8, num.8 performed by the young pianist Andrei KOROBEINIKOV in the radio. (Bayern4 (livestream, programm) that is, they have interesting niece departments for jazz, worldmusic, and strange stuff.) This version was not to be found on yt, but two very different versions of said piece, one by HOROWITZ (Ger., Eng.), the other by ESTRIN (Eng.). ESTRIN was the first to record all etudes of opus 8, so he should know a bit about this music. The more notable is what Mr HOROWITZ does with this piece, especially at the end. (ESTRINs version here.)
I hope you like the music. Let’s have a peaceful & relaxed week.




7 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Our clocks changed today. Uggh. I remember when we didn’t do this unnecessary and foolish thing twice a year. I hope to see it abolished some day. I also know that it will persist as it is something politicians can claim that it helps the little people. But if someone did do away with it, they will be The Great Leader!

    PS: It is wonderful to see “Sunday Music” in the feed today. Order is restored to the Universe!

  2. The idea of these two absolute maniacs meeting to determine the fate of the world terrifies me. I seriously am concerned since they both have the prickly sensitivities of the inept that one will infuriate the other into an actual showdown.

    Thank you for the lovely piano piece.

  3. The PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics was the olive branch that allowed the two Koreas to march together as one people on the world stage. That made it easier for the Koreans to put their wariness aside and be willing to give peace a chance. The US hostilities towards the Koreans willingness to talk were ignored by the two Koreas. To save face, the US leadership had to agree to a meeting, to try to salvage some sort of reputation as being a world leader in international affairs.

    The music selection is very serene and calming. I welcome it! It’s good to have you back, and hearing the music you pick is a delight and in some cases, a fantastic discovery for me! Thank you.

  4. One can only hope those two school yard bullies take each other out.

    I concur with the others about the music. It was lovely and soothing. ^_^

  5. Oh is it that time again zeit LẌ – I wonder when it will happen here, must be in the next few weeks, around easter I guess.
    The Grest Leader, The Eternal Leader, El Generalissimo … it would be a nice list of names the head honchos got themselves over the years.
    At the moment I feel at peace with the Universe, maybe because I am dead tired. Last night was terrible, the weather did change – I really must have a look at the barometer to find out ar what pressure I am fine, and at what values I am crabby.

    Each one in his corner armed with a socket filled with horse droppings, Buffer as announcer, and Vlad-the-innocent as referee – that should solve the problem once & for all, dearest Penee !

    In international affairs the “leadership” seems to suffer from shrinkage Eroswings. Angela’s assessment from last year seems to be all too correct, sadly.

    You are very welcome, dearest Savannah !

    Very nice to see you around Ponita ! Yes, they should solve the problem like “real men”, as imagined in may answer to Peenee.

    Glad that you like(d) the music.

  6. I have a phone, two iPads, a computer – there’s no hope for me. But I no longer listen to the news on tv or radio, I have limited endurance and I don’t want to push it to those limits.

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