Was lange währt …

Some moons ago (nearly seven years) I mentioned European castrated slaves (Carzimasier), and we had a little conversation about the topic of European slavery.
So for the one (or two) readers, who still remember this, it may be interesting to learn that a conference is announced that will address exactly this subject :
“Spuren des Sklavenhandels im Heiligen Römischen Reich und seinen Nachfolgestaaten: Diskurse, Praktiken und Objekte, 1500-1850” will take place in Bremen at the end of November / start of December (link), s’il vous plait. There should be answers to the questions from some years ago. A publication is planned for 2019. À votre service

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  1. I am not a fan of slavery. So it fascinates me why it exists. And what can we do to stop it and eliminate it from society now and prevent it from happening in the future?

    It amazes me sometimes about the level of cruelty man inflicts on himself. It’s a wonder we are still alive as a species!

  2. Sometimes I am well ahead, dear MsScarlet, but very often I am just a battered relic.
    I honestly can not explain how I choose “63mago”, but when you look at it (and you know my name) it is really simple and uninspired, I’m afraid to confess.
    “I’m a man, not a number” – so I am glad to be called “mago”.

    The sex trade is still a big business, but nowadays it is also young women from Africa who are sold into prostitution, while the Eastern crime organisations also are still in business. These swine should all be shot.
    Slave trade in Europe dates back to the middle ages, dear Dinahmow, perhaps even the Early Middle Ages. The conference deals with the “Traces of slave-trade in the Holy Romen Empire” from Early Modern Time to the 19th century. Places of trade – esp. in the case of cut men / castrati – were notably Verdun and Paris – I think Prague also played a role. I always thought slavery was outlawed since the laws of Charles The Great (who became Emperor of the HRE in 800 p.C.n.), hence was surprised to learn that the business was undisturbed and seemingly flourshing. I always thought the slave trade of the 18th century was a British specialty alone, but it seems I was wrong about this too. I can not explain the dates (1500-1850) – at least I have no idea why the last one is chosen. In 1500 the later Emperor Charles the Fifth was born, in the traditional historical classification of “ages” “1500” was / is seen as the start of the “Neuzeit”, “Early Modern Period” – it is at least not the Middle Ages anymore. The HRE ended 1806, and in the following re-structuration of Europe new states were formed (the “Nachfolgestaaten” , successor-states, the conference title addresses), but why “1850” is selected I do not know.

    Modern slave trade seems to happen in Northern Africa, some parts of Arabia. Some say the situation of refuguees working in Southern Europe on large plantations (notably Spain, Italy, Portugal too) is comparable to the situation on the plantations in Southern US in the 19th century, before the civil war. I can not say something about this, I simply have no valid informations about this, Eroswings.
    Sometimes I think this will never be eliminated – if there is a chance man will rule over man, look at the fellow being not as equal, but as “tool” or “thing”. Humanism is only the result of an historical, philosophical, all in all cultural development – it is not the norm, but the exception.

  3. Human trafficking is a huge problem world wide. The United States loves to pretend that we don’t have this issue, but we do, massively.
    I don’t think I was in on the conversation about the eunuchs. I’m intrigued to learn more.

  4. I can’t bear to think about slavery. There are often reports of it in our papers…. refugees being exploited and made to live in sheds in remote places… or held against their will in cities. We like the veneer of being civilised in this country, but scratch that surface and there is all sorts going on.

  5. There will be a report on the course of events, with small summaries of the single lectures helt, soon after the conference will have taken place. If it is in English too I’ll link it, if there will be a German only version I’ll link & translate, dear Eryl. The publication with the full texts and notes about discussions should come out sometime in 2019.

    There you are Cara, great that you showed up, I did not remember where to find you, which blog is the actual & relevant one, since I lost my actual bookmarks in the latest crash – just follow the link in the actual post to the one titled “Carzimasier”.

    HA, LẌ ! It could easily have been Dreiundsechzigmagosdolleswahnsinnsblog !

    Feel free to tackle me, MsScarlet !
    Yes, there are evil things going on. But thankfully these things are not the norm, they are exceptions.

    Oh dear – this escaped me Eroswings ! I think I wore nothing green yesterday – does this mean bad luck for the next seven years ? But I did not boot the Leprechaun – this should be held to my credit !

    I am sorry, dearest Z, when I’ll report about the conference I’ll stick a warning at the post. I have no real clue what the “aim” of this blog is, if there is any, but distressing & shocking my venerated readers is it surely not.

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