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The last week simply was. Nothing earth-shattering happened, at least in my world. The only exciting thing was / is the weather, with temperatures rising up & crashing down very fast. Only a few days ago we had more than 10°C plus ; right now I see snow outside, and this snow is absolutely not ready to melt away, because we have freezing temperatures through the day and look forward to 10°C minus in the nights. This fast up-and-down is no good for the circulatory system. In the vehicle I need to switch on air conditioning and additional heating, I can tell you, for the first fifteen minutes it’s like facing an evil minded refrigerator. But it is only still next week, then I’ll have some days off. And when the engine will be started again, it’ll be April, a warm and sunny promise.
As you already know, dearest reader, I like short pieces, perhaps for piano, and a little melancholic. So composers like SATIE, MOMPOU occasionally show up here. And there are also the interesting (at least in my humble opinion) études written by György LIGETI (Ger., Eng., obit.).
In the German Wikipedia entry I find a very nice word cited (from this newspaper text) :

“Verstehen Sie, was Sloterdijk sagt? Schaum! Nichts! Ich halte nichts von diesen Schwätzern und Pseudowissenschaftlern. Die ganze französische Philosophie von Derrida und Lyotard bis Lacan mischt die Psychoanalyse und Mystizismus. Julia Kristeva, Paul Virilio, Gilles Deleuze: alles leeres Geschwätz.”

“Do you understand what Sloterdijk says ? Foam ! Nothing ! I disapprove these blatherers and  pseudoscientists. The whole French philosophy from Derrida and Lyotard to Lacan mixes psychoanalysis and mysthizism. Julia Kristeva, Paul Virilio, Gilles Deleuze : All hot air.”

I think he’s totally correct with this assessment.
I link to étude number 7 from his second book, also titled Galamb Borong. If this leads you towards the far East, because it may sound like Asian words, and the piece itself may remember you of gamelan music (Ger., Eng.), this is perhaps the author’s intention. But galamb is Hungarian for pigeon, and borongós means as much as dim or dull, so we face a Dull Pidgeon. Sadly the uploader does not mention who performs, it may not be Taka KIGAWA.
I hope you give birdy a chance, maybe you can enjoy the Dull Pidgeon. May the next week be peaceful for all of us.



9 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Perhaps a discordant pigeon… or a pigeon in a bad mood?
    Yes, we have the snow too! I will be uploading another snowy scene to my blog in the coming days. Have a good week, Mr Mags!

  2. Schaum! Ja!

    Far from snowy here. It was so warm yesterday I didn’t go to the Ren Faire. I would have wilted in any of my costumes. Maybe next Saturday…

  3. I like the use of dissonance and consonance in this piece. The music flows, it seem serene yet there are some unexpected rises and falls and sometimes rushing, like a river making its way down a mountain, smooth in some parts and turbulent in a few spots. It’s like a nice sunny day suddenly taken over by a storm. I like it. It’s a pleasant and surprising piece.

    I hope you have better weather soon and that the rest of the week is peaceful and comfortable.

  4. Last time I looked outside in the blue evening light it was sleet – oh dear this will not be nice tomorrow morning.
    A cacophonous bird ? An un-harmonious perhaps ? A bird out of its depth ? Who knows.
    Thank you MsScarlet, and will you have a good week too !

    Perhaps it brings FOAM out of the woods LẌ ? I really hope all these “life things” she once had mentioned now recede a bit and allow her some time for blogging, art, photography … or the Ren Faire ! You need to be watered regularily !

    What a nice description Eroswings. And I am glad to learn that you like it. I only found this piece when I looked through old bookmarks, I seemingly had stored it for later use some time ago.
    Yes – peaceful and comfortable, that’s how it should be for all humans.

  5. My Hungarian is a bit rusty but after listening to that piece of music it came flooding back to me the actual translation is ‘Chronically depressed schizophrenic feeding pigeons… to a cat’ a regular toe tapper over there, after Gloomy Sunday.

    We tend to miss the brunt of the weather here in East Yorkshire. It’s been cold and snowy (I blame Russia) but it hasn’t settled like it has down in the south. Today it’s a balmy 7° patchy cloud and some sun, a proper spring day at last!

  6. Glad to learn that your Hungarian flooded back Mitzi. Another evergreen is “Pidgeon Poisoning in the Park”, an Austrian traditional and weekend pleasure.

  7. This piece reminds me of a pigeon that hit our window (leaving a dirty great greasy print) then proceeded to blunder around the garden for an hour or so. It got better and flew off eventually, thank gods.

    “Evil minded refrigerator” – Wonderful description, Mago. Wonderful! I hope your week warms up!

  8. Just the other day a friend told me about a blackbird who all of a sudden lay on the balcony on its back. The bird then stumbled around dazed & confused. My friend look after it now and then, first unnoticed. When the bird finally saw my friend it dragged itself under the table. Some time later the bird was gone, it must have flown away, there is no other exit.
    Sorry to report that the week does not warm up, IDV, it’s freezing.

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