Sunday Music

Unbelievably my desk becomes clear, the actual surface is visible, heaps of papers are gone – no, not just into the bin, but sorted, edited or ripped apart, always the result of well-found decision.
The last week simply happened, nothing earth-shattering around here. Tomorrow I’ll go and visit Suebia in all its beauty ; no worries, I hear they do have computers there too. And horses, countryside (a lot of countryside), and things to be discovered – “Binnenexotismus” is the terminus technicus, when the seemingly familiar & conversant surrounding all of a sudden is different & unfamiliar, exotic : I’ll replace the white dots on my personal mind map with first-hand experience !
One hundred years ago on this day Monsieur DEBUSSY (Ger., Eng.) died. So this Sunday Music is a short piece called The Little Shepherd / Le Petit Berger from his suite for solo piano Children’s Corner (1906-1908) (Ger., Eng.). It is a little up-tempo version, feel free to compare it with slower ones, but I think it does not harm the piece. I hope you like it.
May the coming week by friendly to all of us.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. That was a lovely, relaxing piece, almost like a stroll in the calm, beautiful outdoors. Enjoy Suebia! Have a safe and wonderful trip! And have a good, peaceful week! Cheers!

  2. Congratulations on your clear desk! I love having a clear desk (it doesn’t happen very often due to the effort involved), so I hope you’re equally as happy.

    The music was distinctively Debussy. Lovely, thank you.

    I hope Suebia is as sunny as it is here. Have a lovely time, Mago.

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