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Sunday already … As Melanie aptly noticed I felt a bit blue over the last days. Not the “sitting in a hole” kind of blue, more the “I need to go out & walk around or the ceiling will crunch me !” sort. A sunny day today with a clear and immaculate sky, the air still cool ; flowers blossoming in every corner, birds singing and chirping away, yes winter finally has lost, spring definitely arrived. I aimlessly walked around and looked into gardens until it was time to go back and have a cup of coffee.
Later I started to play around with the new computer, or to be precise, with the new operating system. I may have mentioned that I went to the dark side and use Linux version now (Chakralinux). To get familiar with the software administration I un-installed a program, and of course made a mistake and killed a necessary software library. I realised this only when I tried to install another program (one that does something with photographs). Thankfully the on-screen messages are clear & reliable. I then decided for the easy option and went for a total update of all outdated software-packages, after ten minutes order was restored. And again five minutes later the already mentioned program was installed too, all without the need of a re-start. Nice to learn that the offered standard software administration works. While at it, I looked into the browser (Qupzilla, if you are interested) and worked through the options. Interestingly I found cookies from unavoidable fazebook, and some other servers, although I had not visited their sites. Now they’ll be deleted automatically.
Time for a little music. It is Who Does She Hope to Be ? from the 1991 album Ask The Ages (Eng.) by Sonny SHARROCK (Ger., Eng.), saxophone plays Pharoah SANDERS (Ger., Eng.).
I hope you enjoy the music, spend an easy Sunday – and may we all have a peaceful week ahead.



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  1. I’ve found myself slipping/becoming easily angered lately and it’s as if I step outside of myself and look at back at myself and question “WTF is wrong, silly woman?”! LOL anyway, I’m glad getting outside wandering and having a coffee helped! I’ve never heard this piece, so it’s a revelation. I adore Pharoah Sanders! xoxo

  2. I am not personally familiar with that Linux distribution. It sounds like a good solid choice to administer and use. I used Red Hat at home for several years until it was discontinued. The RPM package manager made it very easy to configure and update. These days I just have Knoppix on a flash drive for emergency use.

  3. It may be a symptom of the times that we are a lot more easy angered than usual, Savannah. I have the impression that a lot more things are nowadays unpredictable, perhaps I am just hallucinating.
    I am only discovering Mr Sanders, I had not known him simply because of his instrument. Not that I’d dislike the saxophone (I deeply admire what Sanders’ friend, Mr Coltrane, did !), but I simply listened to guitars over the years – silly if you think about it !

    Oh yes, Red Hat ! It was one of the wellknown and respected distributions, like Suse and debian. Chakra works well. I chose this one because it uses (nearly) solely KDE and Qt software (one more gnome screen and I’ll puke, sorry). I think it is better to focus on one software, use and develop it, there is no need for mixing it all together with bits and bobs from other sources.
    It is the first time I really use linux on a daily basis, and it simply works.
    I think this short video shows exactly why we like to watch these events LẌ. Someone always forgets to tighten the nuts …

  4. Interesting cover art on this cd. I’m glad you were able to get out on a nice day and also to get something done on your computer. I hope this week send friendly little birds and sunshine your way.

  5. This was a very enjoyable music selection, so thank you for introducing me to music. I may not know what genre it is, but I do know that I love it and it sounds great! Good music is good music!

    I’m glad you were able to fix your computer issue easily and are enjoying the computer and the spring weather and nature. Have a great week.

    We just had a cold snap this weekend. Temps got wet and chilly. But I’m enjoying it. Hot, humid weather usually lasts most of the year. A little chill is refreshing and invigorating. Cheers!

  6. As far as the week has already proceeded it is alright, Melanie.

    Perhaps it can be called Free Jazz. I have not heared the rest of the album.
    Thank you for the good wishes, Eroswings, may it all return to you.

    Spring in Devon ?! Unbelievable ! It means that you now do not need this hot water you mentioned in a comment sme time ago, no more need to repair the boiler. No need to thank me, it’s free advice in the “Reduce Costs with Mago” series !

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