It is SPRING ! All of a sudden I could not bear the faded colours of the former layout anymore. I looked for a new one that comes with a bit of contrast, so that reading is not difficult. Links are (if only thinly) underlined. On my screen the font is pretty large and clear. And I wanted a strong background colour, it is not directly “mago mango”, but more orange. Navigation should be easy. So here it is : Sometimes one really needs to re-decorate !

If there is something in the layout / design that prohibits you from reading, please let me know, I do not want to erect unnecessary obstacles here.

20 thoughts on “Redecoration

  1. I love the color, sweetpea! I also checked the links at the top and found them easy to navigate and enjoyed looking at old posts, as well! Think it might be time to consider a “redecoration” over at my place, too! xoxox

  2. Oh dear GOd ! I am torn apart …
    The very first reaction came very fast and straightforward : Crappy colour and much too much of it ! A nice light pink was suggested … Now Scarlet is tango-ed (is this good ?) and Savannah likes it.
    You’ll find me in the colour & layout section – but for now this has to do “as is”. The only thing sure is that there is no way back to the “Edda”-theme. *wrings hands *

  3. Orange ?! I see a very warm yellow here. Oh MsScarlet – the perils of colour management !
    Nothing is calibrated here. I run my screen on the standard or defeault settings, never fiddled with them – oh what I may miss !
    The font (called Merryweather Sans in wordpress) “falls” pretty large with this theme, what is a good thing imho. I like that it is all pretty clear, with good contrast – it is just the colour : It was described as “brüllend”, screaming. I do not want to scream here, I want something that is easy on the eyes and spring-ish.
    If I ever do “something with photographs” it will be black/white, that’s for sure

  4. My problem with the orange/yellow/whateveritis is its ubiquity. I like the colour, but when I’m reading I like black on white.

  5. Farrow and Ball the pretentious paint makers would describe the colour as Babouche: whereas I would describe the colour as Baby’s First Shit. The font is an excellent choice, I can actually read it without squinting.


    No, no, just joking. Nice font, color (orange on this end), and contrast. The links are a bit difficult to see, but not a big deal. A good look.

  7. Two for orange now, and counting – thank you Savannah.

    Hello Tim, nice to see you ! A second for “too much of it” – a column for the text with another background could be a possibility.

    Babouche” – Un jaune joyeux as they describe it on the German site – comes near what I see on my screen here, except that I have a tad more red in it.
    Excellent idea to visit a paintmaker Mitzi, I did not think of it. I should look at the Pantone colour thingy. And thank you for bringing Farrow & Ball to my attention, I’ll be dripping from paint soon …

    Third for orange, and counting, LẌ. The font and its size seem to be acceptable undisputedly, good that you say contrast is nice. I know that the links’ underlining is very thin, but thankfully it has an underlining. I found it increasingly difficult to recognise the coloured links, because most colours were simply not bright enough. A light blue or green is a bit challenging, overseen too fast.

    Forth for orange, Eroswings. And counting, ach … “Vibrant” and “Live” were my intentions.

    Thank you all for the input !

  8. Yes, I see a nice pumpkin color, or maybe all the words fell into a butternut squash soup. It is warm and nice. Keep it for awhile and then go with something crisp when the time feels right. I like the templates with the side borders. They add color and structure.

  9. Fifth for orange – at least I think pumpkin colour is something orangey. I know that pumpkins come in various colours, dear Melanie, but as I remeber them from last harvest they ar more red than yellow.
    I’ll follow your advice – this one will have to do for a while, but change is on the way ! I just need something that combines the large font, the (hopefully stronger) underlined links & general readability with a one column layout. If something like that is available on wordpress, I’ll find it – promised !

    Sorry, dear readers, for the next few days this one is it / has to do, but amelioration is on the way !

  10. HA – thank you Eryl – I very much like the image of a spiced-pumpkin-coloured kitchen. Ususally good things happen in kitchens, and I could write a memory of “Kitchens of My Life”. It must be an inheritance or at least a faded memory of the fire & hearth “where the mothers sit”, something straight from the neolithic cave or the bronze-age farm dwelling.

  11. Well, that woke me up! I like it. To my colour-blind eyes, it appears a warm yellow-ochre/pumpkin/Egyptian sandstone hue. There’s a lot of it (I’m viewing in widescreen), but after a minute or two, I find that I enjoy the enveloping warmth that it bestows. Plus, the colour is completely different to that of any other website I visit!
    I particularly like the serif-ed post title font – a marvellous contrast to the lovely, clear ‘Merryweather Sans’. Excellent choices as far as I’m concerned!

  12. Heck – I have no clue about “Egyptian sandstone ” !
    You, as Tim before you, mention that there is a lot of colour here, so perhaps a little bit less of it would ameliorate the site.
    Thank you for your inut IDV, I am still looking around. Actually I am leaning towards a not radical, gentle change – but I have not yet found a fitting theme.

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