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There is music. And there is rap. And in one of the circles of hell, there is German rap in an endless loop.
I am prejudiced, of course. Rap, in German Sprechgesang, surely has a tradition etc., it has a political message, perhaps, it is an expression of something – yo, all granted. All this does not change that I “do not get it” & that the texts I heard were outrageous and – what is more important –  dumb. At some point some moons ago, I simply gave up on this “form of art”, and chose to ignore it. All this personal nonsense does of course not mean that there is no intelligent, witty, even likable, rap somewhere out there ; I simply did not find it, and I did not search for it.
This is connected with my advancing age. From one point onwards one has to make decisions about what to explore and what to follow, (what to read !), forms and artists, like e.g. opera and single artists, music of a certain epoch, guitarreros … There is so much to discover, but time runs out, and if I do not like what I hear, I skip it – there is simply no need to take the effort to work one into something one does not like at all.
Then there is German rap.
Over the last years, while driving my kids around, I was exposed to regular radio programs of different stations around here. I noticed that more German-speaking music is broadcasted than I was expecting. Of course, it is ages ago that I was a regular listener to radio programs, and the only one I still listen regularly to today is the classic station of the Bavarian Rundfunk, channel 4.
What I heard can be divided into two sections. On one side are juvenile singers who wail about something they do not understand or lost, or whatever. It is disgusting larmoyant crap. One of the worst troubadours sung about how it was to be with “you” here on “cloud four” – it was enough for him, good enough, he had no implications to go to the proverbial “cloud seven” citing the fear of emotional hurt. When I heard this for the first time I thought it was satire. But no, it counts as actual “love song”.
Another disgusting example is the whiney litany of a young lady who says that “all my friends” think that she’d be “leiser”, more quiet, than usual since she is in a relation with “you”. Because of the inarticulate way she “sings” it always comes out as “Alle meine Freunde finden, daß ich Scheiße bin” (“All my friends think I’m shit”) – and this is exactly how my boys in the vehicle sing along this song happily.
And then there is the second section, the oh so real-tough rappers. These “lyrics” are usually subterranean, belted out in a (fake ?) accent that shall imply that the “artist” is of a some kind migrant origin. In fact it is Kauderwelsch (Ger., Eng.) of the worst kind.
And of course they all are tough macho men : Xenophobic, homophobic and mysogyn, lousy petty bourgeois gone wild.
This may all be as it is, or as I do picture it here, or not.
But there is a border, and this border was crossed when the German Echo-award was given to two of these “artists”. Who sung about their bodies being “more defined than those of Auschwitz inmates”. It escaped my attention that Auschwitz was a fitness camp.
Let me be clear here. German rappers of a certain ilk (in my humble opinion, all of these arseholes) are retarded idiots who happily celebrate the fact that they carry a prick in their trousers & celebrate a worldview that is basically rooted in stone age. Sadly enough there is a market for their products, and enough adolescents of a certain background choose these troglodytes as role models. This is bad. It is a development in this society that not only needs to be observed & watched, but in a way tackled. In the end it is a subject of family, school and society as a whole.
BUT : It is not in order to give these antisemites a prize for their harassment. It is not okay to decorate arseholes, who’s merit is that on German school yards “Jude” is a swear word again.
Interestingly the only one who took the mic and thundered against these pricks was Campino, an old punk rocker. The rest of the assembled media personalities sat in silence. (More or less ; some booed a little, some clapped their hands.)
As rappers would put it : One man, athousand pussies. And to put the crown on this disgusting crap, these antisemites were decorated on jom ha shoa (Ger., Eng.).
It can’t be more disgraceful.

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  1. I have seen a few German Rapper wannabees on the U-Bahn in Berlin. Obligatory baseball cap with the stickers still on and hoodies. Thankfully, I did not have to listen to it very much. Everything I could do to keep from laughing.

  2. I have to admit the last rapper I really listened to LLCool J and his “Goin’ back to Cali” and that’s OK with me! I can’t even imagine German rappers! xoxo

  3. American rap is just as bad. Music as a cultural tool can bring people together or divide them. In my 20’s, my hometown was somewhat close to the most notorious Neo-Nazi camp, located in Hayden, Idaho. The people in the nearby towns would bend over backwards for the opportunity to prove that they were not racist. Every year in Coeur d’alene the neo-nazis would hold a parade as a constitutional right of “Free Speech”, much to the disgust of most residents. Somewhere around 1992, the neo-nazis tried to infiltrate our music, our subculture (Punk/Goth/Industrial Raver scene) in search for new recruits. It didn’t work. We fought back, often times physically. Then one day, a truck on a nearby road backfired and the guys on the compound shot at it. The Native American mother and son were ok. They (with overwhelming support many people) sued the Neo-Nazi compound and won. The compound was sold to pay for all the legal fees and the Family/tribe held a cleansing ceremony to purify the land of the neo-Nazis hatred. It really was the perfect ending to a ten year battle.

  4. I applaud you and that awesome old punk rocker for speaking up against stupidity, ignorance, and hatred. Some idiots need a good hard smack on the side of the head to teach them manners and right from wrong.

    The only German bands that I listen to are dance music ones:

    The original fave German Band I grew up listening to: Boney M. Mary’s Boy Child is my fave Xmas song! I also love Rivers of Babylon and Brown Girl in the Ring.

    Real McCoy: I love Another Night, Come and Get Your Love, and Ooh Boy (I love you so).

    And La Bouche: Sweet Dreams, Be My Lover, and Tonight is the Night. I was very fortunate to see La Bouche in concert touring in Asia. They were awesome! It was a great party night.

    Surprisingly enough, I just realized that Frank Farian was involved in Boney M, La Bouche, and later Milli Vanilli, and No Mercy, some of my fave dance bands!

    I also love 99 Luftballoons by Nena. And Du Hast by Rammstein. I only know Nena is singing about red balloons from the English version. And I have no clue what Rammstein singing but I love the beat and energy of the song.

    Mago, I am very thankful and appreciative of the music you introduce me to with every Music Sunday, and I welcome your suggestions on good music of any genre. Thank you, and Have a great weekend!

  5. Rap is one form of “music” that I always turn off or turn over from. It’s just too harsh, adversarial and aggressive for me. Plus, I think idiots like those Echo Award winners have tarnished the whole thing – even those rappers who are not hate-spreading, morons relying on swearing and shock tactics to further their “fame”.
    I do wonder if they actually believe in all the codswallop they spout?

  6. I don’t consider rap to be music. As far as I am concerned, it is just blatting noise. And the attitudes of those idiots are disgusting and criminal. I just don’t get it. At all.

  7. Yoh LẌ, better not laugh, because of “Respekt” and stuff.

    Yoh Savannah, they are unbelievable and un-imaginative, so nothing lost.

    Yoh Melanie, thankfully the idiots don’t have too much guns. Even the dumbest rapper understands that a judge does not like a gun. And something stupid you’d get away with two years and probation turns into four years in the can in the presence of a gun.

    Yoh Eroswings, what a collection of pink softie music, man möcht’ DIch knuddeln !

    Yoh IDV, it is hard to deceide if they actually believe in their so-called lyrics. I personaly doubt.

    Yoh Ponita, this is how I see it too, sistah. *mwah*

  8. I’m with Ponita, I’ve never considered rap to be music…. it’s just bad words being spoken over a loud beat. There is no music.
    For rebellion, Punk was more meaningful.

  9. Yoh Scarlet – interestingly it was Campino, as already mentioned, who spoke out at the event – an “old” (Goodness, the old sack is my age !) punk rocker from Die toten Hosen. Now, as I read in the news, another old rocker, Mr Westernhagen, will give all his awards back (seven he earned in the course of his long career), because he thinks it is crap to award texts with a fascist tendency.
    It is important to know that this Echo-award is based on selling numbers only. What translates to : There are hundreds of thousands of morons who actually buy this crap. As one of the defenders of one of those “rappers” in question put it : What one of these blokes yells out is heard on schoolyards and on other places where a part of the German youth amasses, in the whole republic : There is a certain reach or purview.
    Again, I may just repeat meself and ask for pardon, this is about education, what includes dos & don’ts, style & values.
    It is not okay to acknowledge this kind of taboo violations, especially in hindsight of the rising fascism in Germany, by handing them an award and allowing them to do their business right on stage. There is a line, and it was crossed.
    WHat angers me, or better upsets me, is the fact that these oh-so-ghetto-rappers always cry about “respect”, they always demand “respect, yadayada …
    Respect is something one earns. It is, similar to authority, something that is gived to one, accepted by others, acclaimed, nothing one can claim or demand. And as simple as it is – even the dumbest RapDepp can understand it – it is only given when you show it.
    And when the whole gig is based on screaming obsecenties, against women, gays, name the group of yer choice, there is nothing left that earns “respect” at all. All what remains is mysanthropic noise, menschenverachtender Lärm, also called “rap”.

    Having said this about “German rap”, I have to confess that I have absolutely no clue about the work of this “rap artist” in the US who was given a Pulitzer. I really wonder if I should use time and read about it, and of course, listen to it. I only hope he is not just a “fig leaf”.

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