Sunday Music

The last week simply was. I drove, it rained, I slept. Some days it rained at bit earlier, on others a bit later. Besides this nothing noteworthy happened in my world.
I do not feel like bringing some music today, so a little film must do. It shows what hand-crafted cameras & tubes are good for, and what “contribution to our way of life” television may have.
And while we are at it and have a look into the stone age of telecommunications – have you ever heard about PLATO (Ger., Eng.) ? Me not, until I read this book review (sorry, German only) of Mr Brian DEARs The Friendly Orange Glow. The Untold Story of the PLATO System and the Dawn of Cyberculture, NewYork 2017. (And because anything these days must be gendered, have a look at this too. It is about the fine art of interpreting source material.)
If you find all this too boring, just skip it please, and start to think where you’ll put your “Utiliscope”. Btw, if these tubes are really nearly indestructable, is it possible that some survived ? Is there a big black, slightly rusted, sixty year old metal case pointed at your house ? Don’t worry – it’s all safe. Chances are good that somewhere a grey haired friendly smiling nurse is watching over all of us.
What reminds me that I miss Nurse Myra, who was not grey haired, and her corsets. Ach, all is intertwined these days …
I hope you’ll have a carefree week.



7 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. How we’ve progressed since then! I’ve become really grateful for days where nothing happens. *sigh* It’s been more than a bit hectic around here. Have a good and pleasant week, sweetpea! xoxox

  2. I did not know about PLATO thing. Thanks.

    I can confirm that the vacuum tube technology is indeed very robust and lasts for years. My shipboard gunnery radar used the same technology; very reliable in a harsh environment. Those particular CRTs were green: The Unfriendly Green Glow?

  3. I didn’t know about PLATO, either, but I’m unsurprised to see that Star Trek has found its way into the system in the form of Rank Trek (and the image of the Phase II USS Enterprise).
    The Utiliscope fabrication is fascinating! I’ve always felt that glass blowing is a form of witchcraft!
    Thanks for these, Mago.

  4. Love it! I want some! Though I would like to know the power requirements and any health hazards those machines pose before I install them around the house and in the car.

    Also, does it come in blue or fire engine red?

    Thanks for the fascinating vid! Have a great week!

  5. This is fascinating! PLATO is new information to me.
    My father once built his own stereo receiver which had a switch so one could either play records or listen to the radio. It’s a heavy thing with a bunch of tubes in it. My mother still has it.

  6. These days I dread to think what is pointed at my house. At this minute, wind and rain, and no discernible glow of any kind.
    Have a lovely rest of the week. Nothing happening is a good thing.

  7. Thank you SavannahPeace and Denim for all of us !

    Glad to have you shown something new, LẌ. I particularily like how she carefully puts all those small pieces together and wrap it in candy paper !

    Rank Trek ? A corean specialty I guess ? Sorry IDV, I saw no “Enterprise”, maybe I have to watch the video again. Glas is a fascinating stuff ! Another intersting part, besides these tubes, is chemical equipment. I should look for a video.

    I doubt that there are health hazards Eroswings, but it is possible that you need to install a little power plant …

    Your dad was a man of many talents Cara !

    Trevor is not in sight ? What a lazy stalker Scarlet, really. If you like I plaster some Utiliscopes around your house, so Trevor will at least be not a surprise when you have to step outside with Sid. BTW I hope all the wounds the vicious beast caused to appear on your graceful legs are healed ?

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