Sunday Music

Spring arrived last week, even æstival temperatures of 30°C and more were reached. We should enjoy it while it lasts, because for the next weekend and the following days rain is forecast. But who looks so far ahead anyway ?
While life was easily and uneventfully burbling along in my world, our friend LẌ was hit hard this week by the untimely death of his cat Nikko.
LẌ likes bossa nova, so in the hope to distract him from dark thoughts, this Sunday Music is a version of JOBIMs Wave for clarinet and guitar, performed by Danila MUSIKHIN & Max PEGOLI. Sadly I could not find more information about both artists.
I hope you enjoy the music. May the coming week spare us from blows of fate, it’s enough “as is”.



9 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. That was a lovely and serene music choice. Thank you. I like it a lot.

    Rest in peace, Nikko. You’re in Heaven now with your friends and family who arrived there before you.



    Have a peaceful and good week to all.

  2. No need for thanks LẌ, hope you like it.

    What a nice candle Eroswings – yes, a peaceful and good week for all !

    A little thunderstorm just went through IDV, the air is definitely cooler, time to go to bed now …

    Glad you like it Savannah.

    Thirty degrees Celsius would be far too much for the heavy agenda you set yerself with your house and all, dear Ponita. Keep it calm, please m’dear, only reading your “to do”-list makes me shiver !

    Glad know that you like it, DInahmow, sorry that there is no greenery involved.

  3. Thermovests … but the good thing is, when SIdney drags you through the – admittedly cold – mud there will be no resistance … Kopf hoch MsScarlet, summer comes with giant steps !

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