Trullering Along / Vermischtes

You know how this is, all of a sudden a word “pops up” in your head and you wonder what it means. You may sometime earlier have looked it up, but forgot – as it seemingly happens a lot more than usual to me. This disturbing forgetting is not yet in a state where I am seriously fearing for my brain – this was the case years earlier, when I went to my family doctor, who sent me to a specialist. I remember that they put my head into a swirling thing, and looked for things blocking veins and whatnot. In the end they found nothing and I was declared legally sane. I think I still am.
The word was “gnomon” (Ger., Eng.).
I know that it has something to do with “to know”. We all heard the Greek motto “gnoti se auton” – “know yerself” ; there is the Latin word “ignoramus”, literally “we do not know”, today often used in the sense “we do not want to know”. Gnomon means a Schattenzeiger, the vertical thing / pole in a sundial. I vaguely remember that there was a motorcycle, or a motorcycle engine (?), called “Gnomon”, but I can not verify it.
While I looked at the gnomon-article I saw this image of Santa Maria del Fiore – and wondered what church this is ? It turns out that Saint Mary of the Flower (Ger., Eng.) is the Cathedral of Florence. Obviously there is some kind of sundial built into the church, and beams of light are directed onto the floor. I remember that I had visited Florence (Ger., Eng. website), I think I even was inside this particular church, but I can not recall any image of it. I only remember the doors of the baptisterium (Ger., Eng.).
And while I looked through the article about St.Maria I saw the list of “other burials” and between all those Popes and Italian names one stood out, a certain Hawkwood – a Brit  (Ger., Eng.) ? Turns out he was a notable Florentine condottiere, a soldier of fortune of the 14th century. This sent me down the road of Routiers (Ger., Eng.), Free Companies (Eng.), and some colourful biographies of condottieri (Ger., Eng.), like the one of Werner von Urslingen (Ger., Eng.), a Suebian.
All roads lead to Suebia.
All this leads nowhere, of course. It is not intended to lead to somewhere, it’s just trullering through Wikipedia.
And now you know what a gnomon is, thank GOd.
Thank you for your patience.

14 thoughts on “Trullering Along / Vermischtes

  1. Thank you for the info. I would’ve guessed Gnomon was a Gnome from Jamaica. Ya mon!

    What a stunning church the Florence Cathedral is! I would love to see Florence for the art and architecture and history. You are fortunate to have seen and visited such a magnificent sight and spectacular city.

  2. I am also thinking about Gnomes…. and you mention motor vehicles… so now I am thinking Hillman Imp. i used to be taken to school in a Hillman Imp.
    Sun dials are a bit hit and miss in the UK, and somewhat unreliable.

  3. Jamon – as I remember it’s Spanish for Schinken, ham or gammon. I do not know about Tuscan ham specialties, sorry Eroswings.
    The church is stunning, and all around too, Firenze is definitely worth a visit. And while you are in the region, go to Siena too : Horse races and marcipan, what else do you need ?

    Oh I commited crimes against the Italian language Dinahmow, but at least they were always friendly and acknowledged that I tried.

    What a nice little car, MsScarlet ! I did not know of it. I find it strange that a car manufacturer would call a model after a small, and comparably harmless, demon. This word “imp” is not found in German, and interestingly there is no German wiki article about “imp”.

    Man’s imagination is endless LẌ ! One should have thought that it is not possible to develop the gnomon any further : It is nothing but a rod or baton stuck into the soil – yet still it is possible to take a totally different approach.
    Interesting to learn that it only works on the Northern hemisphere. On the Southern it would count backwards, no doubt.

  4. Gnomon? I don’t think I ever knew that’s the name for the sundial stick. Fancy.

    I’d just got in to work the other day in time to see one of the cleaners finishing off the vacuuming, and the word “insouciant” popped into my mind. I couldn’t really remember what it meant, but once I looked it up, it was the very apt for the cleaning youth. I think I may have to come up with a blog post about it.

  5. I hope to serve you with another one soon, dearest Savannah.

    Insouciance – Sorglosigkeit – what an enviable state of mind, dearest IDV !

    I’ll unleash my lawers ! Haven’t you learned anything from that “Arsenic Butter-Stick Affaire” ?! I should have known, when I sensed that whiff of Chanel, dearest MsScarlet !

    Oh Cara – this is something that happens all too often to me – and it scares me beyond recognition, because I always think it is an early sign of deteriorating mind-capabilities, and I see meself vegetabling in that house Abendfrieden (Shady Pine or the like) on the couch in front of the tv …

  6. Why do you sit at yer desk at this beautiful afternoon, dearest MsScarlet ? Shouldn’t you run through the fields with Sid, singing ?
    I just came home and feel knackered, not even a horse will drag me out of my cave this afternoon / evening. and I have to catch up, and write at least something … oh the demands …

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