Sunday Music, Monday Edition

Chances are small that it is still Sunday anywhere. Excuses for being late. I did not feel very communicative over the weekend.
So without further ado, here is a small piece by Alfred SCHNITTKE (Ger., Eng.) (1934-1998), the menuet from his Suite in Old Style, performed by E. SHULKOV and T. FEDOSEEVA from the Moscow Virtuosi (about). I hope you like this little tune. May this week be good to all of us.



11 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. The harpsichord…. banquet music… makes me think of great long tables overladen with pork produce… and glazed apples. And some fat bloke sitting at the top of the table ripping meat of a bone with his teeth before ordering someone to chop his wife’s head off.
    Happy days!

  2. It’s Monday and 07:37 here. I’m having my first cup of coffee and listening to this delightful music. I feel severely underdressed and not at all worthy to be sitting at table with as entertainment! *cue the quick change into far more superior vestments and elegant coiffure* ;~) oxoxo

  3. Monday at 07:30 I am busily driving through Franconian forests in my endless quest for the Knights, the enever ending search for the falcon, the grail …
    Darling Savannah, I am sure you look stunning at the morning coffee table !

    Alfred seemingly had a sense of humour LẌ. I saw somewhere that a BBC documentation about him exists, I’d like to see it. He also did a lot of film music. I am not familiar with his work, I think there is so much to discover. Same is right with Hans-Werner Henze.

    Ich hoffe, es hat gemundet, Sudsrus. The week is short …

  4. Sorry that it made you feel sad, dear Eryl. My basic mood is at the moment a bit melancholic. Perhaps the whole suite will lift yours a little up ?

    Thank you Eroswings, glad you like it. My working week is short, only tomorrow and then I’m off for some days, yippieh !

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