Dumbness at Work

Political blah ahead, just skip it if you like.

In his predictable ignorance the little fuehrer announced to “pull out of the deal”.
At first I was angry, but only for a short time ; in the end it was all too expectable. This idiot is seriously working on making the world a dangerous place.
I said it before, I just mention it again : This is no effing “deal” ! A “deal” is what you do down at the corner with Nick the Greek. We are talking about a multi-national treaty. Signed by “Europe” (France, UK, Germany), Russia and China.
What this move of the little fuehrer shows & illustrates is exactly what the German Chancellor remarked some months ago : The US are no reliable partner anymore. It makes no difference, if an American president signs or spits on a contract, it is always just “as is” and “for the time being”. A basic line, an axiom of law, is “pacta sunt servanda”, what means nothing else but you fulfill a treaty. Of course, if the basics of the treaty change, the presuppositions, things can (and should) be changed – but this is not the case here : For absolutely frivolous & indecent reasons this lousy prick kills anything that is still left of international American reliability & credibility : “Die USA sind kein verläßlicher Partner mehr.”
This puts the Iranian leadership under much more internal strain as already available, it is a gift to the falcons. It helps the warmongering of Israel’s PM, who is all too ready to send out some bombers. The risk of another war in the region called the “Middle East” is significantly increased. Only that this time it may be a big one to come that possibly may not be contained. And it is en passant an absolutely avoidable affront against all those involved, the EU, Russia, and China. Makes Amerga great again, really.
I can not get this picture out of my head from some months ago, I think it was taken in Istanbul. It showed the Iranian, of course the Turkish leader, and Mr Putin, shaking hands and enjoying each other’s company. I think they announced some economical treaty or something. There you have the regional powers, under the smiling benevolent guidance of Moscow. The US are out, and rightly so. The next we’ll see is the announcement of a Saudi-Arabian “good bomb”.
De-escalation, a policy of peace, or something similar silly humanist, looks different to me. And what caps it all : Of course the little fuehrer has nothing to offer, what would “make” a “better” “deal” : Does this brain dead worm really think someone will sit down now and negotiate a new treaty ?
Is btw anyone with two brain cells to rub against each other left in charge of USAmerican foreign politics right now ?
I doubt.
Anyway, I find consolation in the fact that finally people are investigating the little fuehrer‘s business actions from ten years ago, when he bought stuff by cash, tons of cash. It all comes down to what Bannon (does anyone remember Bannon ?!) said : “It is all about money laundering.” The little fuehrer took all that cash from the big laundering machine called Bank of Cyprus (run then and today by Deutsche Bank, headed now by this cool guy Ackermann), a relais station between those criminal (and Putin connected) families in the East where Manafort was involved and different addresses in the West : On one side you pour in worthless rubles, on the other side you have squeaky clean dollares, and the engineer makes his cut, preferably in cash, siphoning – Meyer Lansky would be proud.
Btw, it just pops up in my head : Who actually pays the little fuehrer’s lawyers ? I mean, oh so brilliant heads like the former major of NewYork do cost a little bit. Are Rudy and friends’ pockets stuffed with tax dollares ? It surely is insignificant & unimportant, it makes absolutely no difference who pays these guys. Because under the little fuehrer the state is nothing else but a self-service-outlet, and who does not cash in, is understood to be dumb : Sod on values, valuables is right ; morals is for the weak.
It is nothing else but apres nous le déluge, just without style.

Okay, this was it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

13 thoughts on “Dumbness at Work

  1. It makes all treaties look like they’re not worth the paper they’re written on if anyone can pull out just because of a leadership change.
    The world is all over the place right now and it’s frightening.

  2. Well said, sweetpea! Marmalade Mugabe has no idea what the treaty was about, what his actions today mean, and how the rest of the world regards this country! I keep asking myself how much longer? xoxo

  3. It is “EGO” versus something old-fashioned called “duty” or “appointment”.
    EGO won. Of course, dearest MsScarlet – what else to expect ?
    This is why I only for a short time was angry – in the end it it is simply what he always announced. But as Savannah already said, I do not believe that the little fuehrer knows what he did today. He just read a speech (who wrote it ?!), and felt good. Important. In the end this guy is too dump to understand what he does, he is a sockpuppet – at least what regards foreign politics.
    And I think there lies the knack : The little fuehrer will go, he will vanish sooner or later (because of the money), but what we see is a policy that is absolutely unhinged. In a way, in some perspective, it could be called anarchy. If Bannon and Co. would be still at the helm, it could be explainable, but this is – at least in my opinion – something different. If this goes on, we’ll see an American isolation, self-choosen, but not necessarily splendid.

  4. Idiots like him will keep getting positions of power until the rest of the country wakes up and realizes we need to update and amend our Constitution to get rid of the Electoral College and practice true democracy: One person, one vote, equality for all.

    I fear it will take something devastating and horrific to wake up the country to give a damn and make the hard and necessary changes.

  5. Pedantic Corner: Under US law, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is not a treaty as it was never presented as such, nor ratified by, the US Senate. Therefore, the Framework/Deal/Agreement/What-have-you is legally something more akin to an Executive Order, which is subject to revocation by a subsequent President.

  6. Thank you for the clarification LẌ. It means that this political genius does piss off the Western allies and the rest of the world by not braking a treaty : At least something positive about this move !

    Schlaf’ wohl … Annakamaga

    He’s absolutely reliable ! Fall behind schedule and you’ll have reliably a broken bone … Hey Nikos – great to see that you could finally get out of that airplane ! It’s ages since you showed up the last time. I hope all is well in your world, and you did not fall off your bike ?!

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