Sunday Music

You turn your head, and time is gone.
It is Sunday evening already. Finally a friendly thunderstorm with a lot of gentle rain arrived, cleaning the air from pollen dust, sweeping it all away.
But it just was Thursday …
Back to work tomorrow morning, the usual the usual. Nothing happened over the last days, I mostly slept & read. I should take the book-heap down before it falls to the ground, so this will lead to another “Look here, I read a book !”-post in the coming days.
This Sunday Music is a Gassenhauer, the ever popular La Campanella (Ger., Eng.) by LISZT Ferenc. Alexey SYCHEV rings the little bell, mastering the technical challenges masterly, adding at the same time something I can not express, something other interpretations lack. I found SYCHEV by pure accident while looking for an interpretation of a little piece by SIBELIUS by Leif Ove ANDSNES (Ger., Eng.) that I had heard in the radio. ANDSNES receives some air-play at the local classical radio station promoting his new cd – and this is well deserved, he is an outstanding pianist. I looked around and found Mr SYCHEV playing the same little piece, and for whatever reasons, I liked his version better. And SYCHEV shows that even in a tune like The Little Bell – that may be considered as “all too often heard” – tension, joy, life after all, can be found.
I hope you enjoy the music. May we head into a peaceful week !



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Oh, I love this piano piece. I haven’t listened to it in a looong time. Sometimes not much happening is a. good thing. Have a nice stress free, uneventful of negative shtuff week, Mago!

  2. I was not familiar with that piece. Definitely a ‘tink tink tink’ of the little bell, especially at the beginning. A quiet uneventful weekend is nice, and reading and sleeping are excellent ways to spend one. Here’s hoping the week ahead is also peaceful and uneventful… on all fronts.

  3. Good morning LẌ. Yes, it starts with a small dingaling, and ends with the bells of Sainnt Peter’s, so to speak.
    And imagine old Ferencz throwing back his long white hair !

    Thank you very much Foams. I hope time & circumstances will allow you to post some day again.

    The book pile will be tackled next, dearest MsScarlet !

    Glad it rung your bell, dear Ponita !

    Thank you all for the good wishes – happy uneventfulness to all !

  4. I love this piece! I’ve enjoyed listening to it over the years but I never found its proper name. So thank you for identifying it for me!

    Have a great week! I hope you enjoy some lovely weather. Cheers!

  5. Glad you like it Eroswings. The weather is lovely with rainy stretches !

    Pleased that you are pleased Eryl – say, your exhibition must take place now, if I am not totally confused ?

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