Not Tonight, Darling

It’s a beautiful evening, clear blue sky with high thin clouds, ein Wolkengespinst, not too hot, not too chilly.
And I feel old. Tired to the bone. It was the last drive of the week, even for this month, two weeks off for Pentecost, the wonderful feast of the Holy Ghost. Would be nice if he could drop by … wonder if she/he/it can manage this time, but I doubt. I guess we’ll have to soldier on. Sorry if this sounds a little hopeless, I do not want to drag you down, venerated reader, it’s just me, who feels a little worn.
I just want to sleep, undisturbed, and long enough. I want to wake up and feel relaxed and strengthened, not knackered and as exhausted as six hours before.
It is not the work, what is surely not overwhelming. I felt some anger over the last few days, on several occasions things I can not change happened to me, none of it a major disaster, each and single one something to forget, but it adds up a bit, and makes me feel irritated. And the little wheel in the head keeps on spinning, what leads to a disturbed sleep, and more irritability.
On the other hand the boys had some good time when I drove them, we were happily chatting, joking and even singing, a big difference from older times, when there was mostly silence while we drove with my first co-driver (the matriarch) on this route. Co-drivers came and went for some time, until the actual one came along. She’s accepted now, but overly protective, and comes over as a bit harsh sometimes ; but she relaxes, slowly.
I should take care of my kitchen sink, the water flows down only veryvery slowly, so there is some blockage in the tubes. But I really do not want to spent this evening crawling on all four under the sink handling some greenish fatty glob. As exciting as this may be for a non-handy-man like me with all that instant satisfying success, not tonight, darling. Also I should screw my bicycle back together after I repaired the tube of the front wheel – again, as rewarding this may be, not tonight : I just want to have a glass of wine or two, and relax & unwind.
Finally a project I can manage, after all.

10 thoughts on “Not Tonight, Darling

  1. Oh ja, einen schönen Wein könnte ich auch gebrauchen. Vielleicht später. Enjoy your Ferien! Relax and sleep.

  2. Baking powder, white vinegar and boiling water should clear your sink blockage. Let the vinegar and baking powder fizz for 3 to 5 minutes then wash it all down with boiling water. No need to fiddle with your plumbing.
    Driving is extremely stressful! Even though you might not be conscious of it. Give yourself some rest and relaxation.

  3. These four “r”s shall guide me through the days acoming, Eroswings !

    Wein her ! Petty that there is no German(ic) first name like Weinher or something, dear Foamsysuds.

    YES – I recognise him all again officer geist LẌ !!

    But I fiddled with the pulumbing and liked it, dearest MsScarlet. Am I disqualified now ?

    Silvaner hat geholfen, as we write on those little boards we scrifice in the wineyards, dearest Dinahmow. As I answered to MsScarlet – I pulled tzhe stuff apart and looked at the goob in childish amasement. A kind of regression, hopefully only temporarily.

    Aw Savannah, Schnuggele, laß Dich knuddeln !

    Some projects are like some G&Ts, others like the aftermath of a Night of Plonk. I am all recuperating, like the battery in a slowing electric car, dear IDV.

    I am a domestic GOd : I vacuumed the appartement, cleared the plumbing – even built it back together with all parts and no spillage-, repaired the bike, and cleaned the bathroom (what was damn necessary, because all the plumbing goop had to be washed out (and down) somewhere after all) ! I’m done now.

  4. I hope you got enough sleep to feel recuperated. I know that feeling. Today (Sunday) is my “weekend” (I routinely work every other Saturday ~ it is healthcare), I worked 16 hours yesterday, and I need to do all that domestic stuff too. We’ll see how much I get done.

    For plumbing blockages in Casa Ponita, I turn to sulfuric acid. I buy it at the local hardware store, use it carefully (for obvious reasons!) and with a small amount used once a month or so, it keeps the kitchen drain and the bath tub drain clear and free flowing. Much better than Miss Scarlet’s Plumbing Solution (sorry, Scarlet ~ I have tried both and this stuff wins hands down).

  5. 16 hours work ? Then you could smoke me in the pipe, I wouldn’t be able to walk in a stright line or make useful decisions. I only hope such excercises in agony are not the norm (but I fear they are), and that you do not have to do this for a long time coming. I think you mentioned on your blog that you plan to work a limited time & work on your retirement. I wish you the best with this, Ponita.
    No acid for me, thanks, at least not the strong stuff. I use vinegar, vinegar-based cleaner, and sometimes acetic acid. It dissolves chalk and remnants of soap etc. and desinfects surfaces after a little time of impact. Does not peel the skin off my fingers.

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