Sunday Music

Monday, but it sure feels like Sunday, even when the Pfingstmontag is only a relic of the older pentecost week. Nothing spectacular happened, no storm wind went through my flat, no fiery tongues. I received a visitor yesterday, but sadly my guest had to leave again today. So it’s a tad silent around here.
Quiet enough to listen to the wonderful guitar work of Mr Russell MALONE (Ger., Eng.) in his version of the Bee Gees’ How Deep Is Your Love ? 
I hope you enjoy the music, may the time coming be easy, friendly, happy even …



12 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Lovely! I love this song sung by the Bee Gees, and this instrumental is so sweet. Thank you for sharing. May you have a peaceful week.

  2. I’m a guitarist, or was until I saw that! My brain says physically impossible, but my eyes and ears contradict it.

  3. Awesome guitar playing!
    I did wear red on Pfingstsonntag and played the handbells. May you have a beautiful restful week, Mago.

  4. Of course you are a guitarist – and I finally must read the story of this strange band or small orchestra you played in. I have not forgotten about your book, Tim, I simply did not come to it.
    I happily acknowledge that I have no clue about guitar techniques, I am pretty sure that what Mr Malone does here is challenging. But what impresses me is the seemingly easiness, not only the absence of difficulty, but the lightness of the single tone, he daps, makes a little squiggle here, never looses it … it is beauty.
    In the intro with Krall he cites some styles, I heard an echo of Hendrix at one point.

    Yes, the correct liturgical colour, dearest Foamsysuds – did you do a solo ?

    Thank you MsScarlet. I think the week will mostly be laundry & different household challenges.

  5. That was a lovely and splendid version of The Bee Gees How Deep Is Your Love. Thanks for sharing a great find. I hope you have a great, relaxing week, too.

    P.S. I take it as a very good sign when no ghosts (Holy or otherwise) are present. I don’t want to be haunted or freaked out when I wake up and find a tongue of fire floating on top of my head!

  6. Thank you very much LẌ, I bookmarked it and will lsiten to the whole suite this afternoon. The LA Guitar Quartet is unknown to me – another “thing” to discover ! Glad you liked the music.

    Curious as I am – is there a video available, or a recording ? Sorry, Foamsysuds

    I recover Eroswings. And as usual, the “free” days start with a cough & a snirfl.
    And no worries about this tongue of fire, the fire does not hurt, and you’ll be able to speak a lot of languages !

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