Sunday Music

Nothing happened. I slept, sneezed, and slept again, and the week is over. Mago van Winkle ? Shouldn’t have went into the Ephesus Grill, a real speluncula
I did nothing spectacular, I just read. And since I have finished the biography of LESSING (the one I have mentioned here), the phrase “marching to a different drum” or “marching to his own drum” does reverberate in my head.
So let’s listen to drums this Sunday.
It is a performance of members of the group KODŌ (Ger., Eng.), they play taiko drums (Ger., Eng.). I hope you enjoy the music.
About LESSING I’ll write sometime this week. Now let’s bang on :



12 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Drums, you say? I am feeling a little too fragile for drums at the minute…. perhaps later. I think I will curl up on the sofa and read a book, too.

  2. Sorry to hear about your fragility, dearest MsScarlet. I think you are right, sofa, tea & curliness are better in this situation than sweaty half-naked men with big sticks.

  3. Taiko drums are popular on Maui, which has a large population of those of Japanese descent.

    “If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.” — Henry David Thoreau

  4. Awesome performance! So energetic and lively! Are they available for booking? We have an audit this week, and I want them playing in the background to motivate my coworkers and announce my arrival into the building.

    I’m glad you spent the days off doing something you enjoy. A good book is always a great way to spend some free time! Cheers!

  5. Pretty exciting stuff, sugar! Living in Los Angeles and San Francisco there were always festivals and opportunities to see and hear drummers! Savannah used to have an annual Asian Festival that always featured them. xoxox

  6. MAybe it is the Infomaniac influence, dear MsScarlet. That’s where I learned English …

    Oh thank you LẌ, I did not know where the phrase came from. Thoreau after all, a good address I think.
    I had no clue that something like this could be found on Maui !
    BTW regarding Hawaii – is the area where you once lived affected by the vulcano ?

    YOu could use some Orf for your entrance, or that Zarathustra motif, that would set the scene Eroswings !
    And it was not only a good book, it realy made me think, and some lines Lessing wrote touched me. I’ll write about this later.
    Thank you Eroswings, I cheer you back with a little glass of white burgundy.

    These guys are “defined”, arn’t they IDV ?! I wouldn’t stand two minutes of this in front of the big drum. And of course there is a smallish erotic subnote, especially when the camera keeps on zooming in on their muscles.

    Glad that you find it exciting Savannah ! Best wishes for you and the MITM for the coming week, may it all run smooth.

    CARAMBA ! I hope they did not give the driver a penalty for speeding in the pit lane ! The guy with the filler neck seems to be a little disoriented. Not his fault after all, I think a technical mishap. But he keeps looking at the flames, a bit like “oh, look, yellow stuff …” until he realises that it would be a good idea to move a little over …
    BTW it’s ages since I saw an Indy race, LẌ, I think the cars are a bit different from, say ten years ago ? Looks more like a f1 car, but far less aerodynamic stuff front & back. In the back is a remarkably small spoiler, I think they had bigger ones today in Monaco. But – as you know – I am a technical ignoramus.

  7. Depending on the weather conditions, the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii could possibly send vog to Maui. Some times, vibrations from Kilauea earthquakes could be felt on the other islands. I experienced both when I lived on Maui.

    Yes, this year’s Indy car design rules intentionally have less aerodynamic down force features. It was hot at the race today, so several very good drivers had single-car crashes as a result. Making the cars less stable is insane. Indy used to be a place for innovation with different chassis and engine combinations. Now, it is a single chassis design with either a Chevrolet or Toyota engine.

  8. Holy cow – I never have heared about “VOG”, LẌ. Btw I should get a little more familiar with the geographical situation of Hawai I think …

    Less stable – !? That’s not very nice. I think the single chassis set-up can have something to it, in the way “give them all the same chance” etcetcpp., but on the other hand it is opposite to all what racing always was good for – innovation : Try something different. Get that blower goin’ and let’s race it ! The limiting thing was the challenge – do the Indy fivehundred – not running in circles with all the same material, what comes down to personal endurance. One always needs good drivers, that’s not the question, but one needs different cars too ! People qualifyied for this (or a f1 racing team), already have shown their quality ! You do not put a busdriver like me in such a cockpit. Anyway, it was a very nice video, like in the olden days, ha !

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