Sunday Music

I am back at my appartement. On Frayday I headed out down South to Suebia, this early evening I returned. There could be something said about the state of the German railroad, but I refrain from singing such an old song.
I have not yet read the news, and I wonder if I should at all. As I understand there is a certain idiot at work deleting singlehandedly the former order of the world. What is clear so far is only that there is a time “before the little fuehrer”, and a time “after the little fuehrer”, and in between it’s just turmoil.
So why bother with this ? It is a silly operetta, nothing else. In the best case it is ham acting through a farce, in the worst case it is nihilism at work. But I fear the results of this unworthy nonsense will stay, even when the ham actor himself is jailed for treason. Do not laugh, it is a not too outwordly possibility after all.
I would like escape it all & spend a summer night – or some nights – on Gotland * (Ger., Eng.): This Sunday Music is a 1960 title by the American trumpeter Ernie ENGLUND (Sv.) (1928-2001), titled Gotländsk Sommarnatt, Summernight in Gotland. It seems to have been his only “hit”.
I hope you like the music, may the coming week be relaxed for all of us.



* Gotland is btw one of the northernmost wine making areas, since 2000 (article).

13 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. That was an excellent, melodious melding of harmonizing voices and a lilting horn. Very nice and intriguing. I hope you have a great, relaxing week, and I hope you find the time to do more things that you enjoy.

  2. “Summernight in Gothland”, while a rather delightful piece of music, seems to be somewhat of a misnomer. I looked at the climate chart on the wiki page, and Gotland doesn’t appear to have a summer (except for those record highs) – it barely has a spring. Looking at that climate makes me glad to experience England’s “summer”!

  3. It’s almost next Sunday, but you are absolutely correct, sugar! He will be gone one way or another and the rest of us will have to figure out a way to clean up the mess and mend fences. The world is too small for grudges. We’ll be OK eventually! xoxo (Lovely music for my Saturday!)

  4. I think I remember that piece from my childhood, I can see grown-ups dancing rather primly in evening wear.

    I ignore the news as much as possible, though sometimes it seems to seek me out just for a laugh – yesterday’s news about the Glasgow School of Art, for example, jumped up and whacked me in the face.

  5. Of course you are right Dinahmow, idiots do what idiots do, regardless whether they are watched or not. And in this special case the whole world watches.
    And carries on anyway.

    The good news is that we have The Mistress !

    Thank you Eros, I did things I enjoy, and some I did not, but it was business as usual. I plan to carry on.

    Godness – IDV : Who else would look at a climate chart of Gotland ?!
    I barely found that piece of rock on a map !

    Glad you liked the music Savannah. I wish I could share your optimism about the little fuehrer, but I have the inclination to assume that it will not be that easy after all. He’s a symptom, one needs to deal with the roots.

    I think that only a year ago (maybe two years ?) another art school burned down in the UK – or was it even the Glaswegian one ? I forgot, dearest Eryl, sorry. But it is a shame that the house now burned down after the renovation and all.

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