Sunday Music

The last week simply was : Sleeping, driving, writing applications, repeat. Sorry for the no-news.
I’m back from Suebia (again), look for a niece piece of music (again), and today opted for the “easy way out”, for an “evergreen” : Monsieur TRENET (Ger., Eng.) with La Mer (Ger., Eng.) – what else ?
For the more adventurous among my venerated readers, here is a jazzy version by Django REINHARDT.
I hope you enjoy the music. May we all have a relaxed week that is good to us.



14 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Thank God – imagine for a moment we would all feel the same every day – what a nightmare ! I am glad to learn that you like one version right now and give the other an option – hey, doesn’t get better ! Thank you Savannah !

  2. For a moment there I thought you were looking for a niece. I felt a prickle of excitement and was going to volunteer Charmaine. You see what fleeting cheer a typo can bring?!

  3. Anna, mon chere bijou !

    Arg, you are good & fast, dearest Scarlet … And thank you for keeping Charmaine, I doubt she’d be glad around here.

    Glad you like the music Dinahmow – I have to look for what Mr Darin did with it. There was also a version with Trenet from the late sixties, but I found his younger voice more attractive.

  4. I think the version I know of this is Edith Piaf, though I could be imagining that. Regardless, this took me back to a happier time, before a western power felt mass child abuse was the way to go, for example; I’m tempted to put it on repeat and let it lull me to sleep tonight.

  5. Oh my disciple IDV !

    LA seems to be the place for ladies in swim suits LẌ. And a bit unreal.

    I am sure Edith did it too, Eryl. The little fuehrer of said western power also lies about the crime rate in Germany. And in doing so he puts pressure on my chancellor, strengthens the nazis, and weakens the last part of Europe that still holds up values like humanity.
    The concept of human rights is not of any value in the US anymore, where the little fuehrer speaks about those who want to “infest” his oh so pure cuntry. As I learned it “to infest” is used in connection with pests or vermin. But the little fuehrer spoke about human beings. This IS nazi speak ; now he speaks like his hero, the real Führer.
    Brings the scum level to hitherto unknown heights.

  6. Intoned by the Knödelbarde Williams. After having sullied the French chanson, he commited crimes against swing music, notably by squawking songs that usually are connected with people like Mr SInatra ten years ago.
    I really wouldn’t mind if his neighbour in London, a certain Mr Page, would beat one of his guitars around Williams’ head.
    I may be a bit biased here, Eroswings.
    If you stuff Williams and the singing social studies teacher Sumner into one sack and beat on it, you won’t miss – you’ll always hit the right one : One with a small voice and a big ego.

  7. it is good to be back here. As for an opinion, why I dont have one, there is enough madness in my country.

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