Sunday Music, Monday Edition

I’m sorry for being late. Yesterday I was travelling again, this time not to & from Suebia, but lovely Middle Franconia needed my attention. In fact I was invited, and the invitation was corroborated with a short email to make sure that I really show up. What I dutifully did. There is a chance that I’ll return into the bookmine for some time, but there is still nothing guaranteed. But after all those years, all involved seem to have reached the understanding that this business needs to be finished, and in a decent way. Let’s hope that this feeling prevails and results in a nice contract with even nicer pay – one may dream after all ! Today was back to the usual grind, five weeks to go until summer holidays start.
Today’s Sunday Music is (a part of) a little cantata by Antonio VIVALDI (1678-1741) (Ger., Eng.) titled “Cessate, omai Cessate” (RV 684), performed by A. SCHOLL and the Ensemble 415 (1981-2012) under Chiara BANCHINI (Ger., Eng.). Don’t let the dark text fool you, it all looks good here. And I hope it does look good for You in Your world too. I hope you enjoy the music, may we all have a peaceful week.



27 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. Best wishes for the book mine project! I will be lighting candles at the Unsere Liebe Frau von die Gestriffen Unterhosen Chappel for good measure!

    PS: Lovely musical selection.

  2. Lovely, I’d forgotten I like Vivaldi (actually, I think I’d forgotten there was a Vivaldi) so thank you for reconnecting us.

    All my fingers and toes crossed for the Book Mine. X

  3. Thank You LẌ , evryone needs an advocate. Glad you like the music.

    Old Antonio did not only invent the quadro statiogni, he also wrote some beautiful church music. Thank You for the crossed fingers, ChezPerrier !

    HA – so it worked on You, Savannah. I intentionally wrote only “A. SCHOLL” and did not link nothing. Thank You for the good wishes !

    That’s the web’s job, connecting – but sadly it is pretty often used for separating. As already mentioned to ChezPerrier, there’s more to Antonio than just four seasons.
    Toe crossing is a fine art that sadly became a bit neglected over the last decennia – I think you single-footedly start a revival here, dear Eryl !

  4. Oh, all the best of luck for the bookmine project!!
    Is it hot where you are? It’s ridiculously hot here…. though I imagine the rains will arrive in 5 weeks time!

  5. Not hot, dearest MsScarlet. SOme days ago the temperature dropped dramatically from the very high 20s Celsius down to 15 degrees, and lower. All of a sudden it looked and felt a bit like autumn !
    Now we are inching back. The weatherpeople say that the weekend will see temperatures over 30° C, some say even 36 ware possible. Then the heat will stay for some weeks.
    We need rain here. Over the last days any afternoon saw big grey clouds, light changed – it always looked as if a fierce thunderstorm would hit us. But nothing happened. I felt headaches over the last days, and I have to confess that I became a bit irritable & shaky.
    At one moment it felt as if the seasons ahd accelerated, and spring, summer and autumn were done within a month … The real “Hochsommer” is still to come, and I fear it will be murderous this year.

  6. Amazing countertenor voice! I love this piece!
    I do so hope you get the contract. May what you wish for come your way.

  7. Foam – darling, you know that i am not allowed to comment on your blogger blog ? It is a blogger-only blog now. I want to mention this, because I would have commented on your nightly adventures with cat & dog !

  8. Wishing you all the luck on getting back to the book mine with a good contract! Fingers crossed that it comes to fruition.

  9. I love Vivaldi!

    What a marvelous melding of a powerful voice and terrific instruments. The music is haunting, stirring, and beautiful. Thank you for the wonderful music choice.

    I am happy to hear your recent travel news. It is proof that your expertise and work is well respected and extremely valuable. You have made an impact. Whatever happens, know that you are highly regarded. Things happen for a reason. And whatever happens, I hope you end up in a good, happy, serene state of mind.

    I hope the weather cooperates and sends y’all the much needed rain. Have a safe and great week! Cheers!

  10. Oh Foam, la donna e mobile – thank you for changing what could be changed !

    Thank you Ponita. The man looked very determined – I really do want to believe that things get sorted now.

    Thank you for the kind & encouraging word Eroswings – glad that you like the music.
    As I write this the sky looks dramatic, as if a major thunderstorm would be ready to amrch in. But I fear it is the usual “as if”, just a vain gesture. The rain now is needed, I can see that one of the wineyards at the opposite hill does not look very good, too thin, too many spots of dry earth between the vines.

  11. Caramba. “Scheiße !” indeed. Here the report on the official homepage. Ship looks a bit melted, but all emergency things did work correctly, people reacted quickly and as they should. An accident, but – in a way – a very lifelike drill too. I had not seen reports on this in the news I regularily see / visit.

    Edit [sorry]
    Looks as if they were lucky and the warhead of the StandardMissile did not explode, it was the fuel burning out. But the sprinklers successfully suppressed the fire. The two sailors were seemingly not corporally injured,but suffered from stress, lost their nerves perhaps, but they are back on duty. Mit einem blauen Auge davongekommen.

  12. Ah, maybe back to the book mine, eh? That sounds promising. Good luck!

    The music was intriguing. I really liked the instrumental part (it reminded me of a more modern composition the name/origin I can’t recall at the mo), but the singing voice didn’t do it for me. I’m still going to give it another listen, though :)

  13. Thank you for listening IDV, sorry to learn that Mr Scholl’s voice is not your cup of tea, so to speak. I must admit that I have never heard about that TV series, sorry.

  14. You are a Rock, dear FOAM !
    [I was not referring to general ficklenss, but more to adaptability, the ability to change things – ich hoffe die Klippe ist umschifft … ;) ]
    The mentioned rock reminds me that the Stones are in Stuttgart this Saturday, I heared that there is a livestream available via the South-West-radio program. I have no idea when Mr Jagger will start his public workout, sometime in the evening I guess.

  15. Austere

    The following is a comment I wanted to leave at your blog. But (as other blogger blogs) it allows only comments from bloggers now. I think this is result of the European data protection law that came into fruition some months ago. The same happened to Foam’s blog. I would very much like to not only read your blog, but I would be very pleased if you would allow me to comment. Thank you in advance.


    I am glad to see that You are not only mentioned as the translator, but that you also have your picture shown and a short biographical entry.

    And I am glad that you are still blogging and now & then do drop by.

    I hope you will find a publisher for your own work soon. I remember that I read some of your poems in front of the screen, and was impressed. I wanted to record it, but sadly I have only a useless microphone, so nothing came from it. But I remember the impression your writing made on me well.

  16. I’d like to be a little pickled too, but I have to work tomorrow. Every few months I have to do some work on a Saturday, it’s just part of the contract. So excuses, dear FOAM, I beg for your pardon, I have to go away from the keyboard now.
    Bis später !

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