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Hello and welcome to a new edition of Sunday Music, right from sunny Franconia : A sunny & slightly windy day greets us, with the first faint hint of autumn. The colour changed a bit, the fields are (partly) already harvested, the very first leaves are falling, while the authorities have small airplanes circling over the silvan regions of Franconia to watch out for early signs of fire : It is all dry, much too dry.
Without further ado, today’s Sunday Music is a little song written by Ken HENSLEY (Ger., Eng.), titled What Should Be Done, published first on the 1971 Uriah Heep lp Look At Yourself  (Ger., Eng.). I hope you like it. May we all face an easy, peaceful week.



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  1. Autumn is showing up already there?!? Here, we plant later (I am guessing) due to the severity and length of our winters) so most crops are still in the fields, although there has already been a cut of hay taken down. With luck, there will be two more, not just one. It felt like 44C here yesterday, with a temp of 35C and high humidity (high = 54% ~ it doesn’t take much to jack up how hot it feels).

    I also didn’t know that song but I don’t see how LX thought is sounded like Nancy Wilson! Wishing you a peaceful week to come.

  2. Glad you like it LẌ. I have to confess that all I know about the band Heart is a song called Barracuda, really that’s about it.

    Nobody knows all songs, perhaps there are only a number of different basic songs, the rest may be just variations ? I think I remember that someone said this about stories. Thank you for the good wishes Savannah, may it all come back to You, the MITM, and all Yours.

    It was an exceptionally “fast” year so far, Ponita. I saw the first harvesters in mid-June – it is “normal” to have them on the fields in August. This year’s harvest is bad, the wheat etc. did grow much too fast, the grains or kernels (I do not know the correct word) are not fully developed. Farmers in Middlefranconia lose up to 50% of their yield.
    There are two ideas about how the weather will continue this year. One says that the real high summer is still to come, and it will be murderous. Others say the murk will come very early and will stay on months longer than usual. Both prospects are not very promising.
    The tiny smiley has not always been there, because not all layouts I used had automatically the underlying software : The smiley is related to a wordpress software called “Jetpack” that does analytical things & statistics. (At least according to thisarticle.) I could switch it off.
    Thank You for the good wishes, stay cool !

  3. I’m another who hadn’t heard of “What Should Be Done” before. In fact, although I’d heard of Uriah Heep, I don’t think I’ve consciously listened to any of their music. I like this, though. I might have to flick through YouTube for some more. THanks Mago, and have a good week yourself!

    P.S. That smiley face that Ponita pointed out really is tiny, isn’t it?!

  4. Now and then, preferably when nobody was listening, those guys of Heep actually made music. Nowadays the group is reduced to the “Lady in Black”-humta-humta – especially by radio djs. This is sometimes really depressing, IDV : Some stations boast about that they would play not only the actual nonsense but “classic” “rock” ‘n stuff too. And when you have to listen to it, all they can come up with is Bohemian Rhapsody – ashaming !

  5. Thank you for introducing me to this new music. It was very pleasant to listen to. It does sound like 1980s rock ballad.

    Sorry about the weather wrecking havoc with the farms. That’s nature. We can’t change it; we can only try to adapt and prepare and act as best as we can to whatever the weather throws at us.

    I do hope you enjoy some of the sun. I don’t like it when it’s hot and humid, but I much prefer the summer heat to the freezing cold of winter. I can always take a cold shower or a dip in the waters to cool off in the heat wave. I suppose if I had a sauna, I would not mind the winter so much.

    Have a great week! Be safe and enjoy the sunshine!

  6. I just saw a global heat map … bruah … the winemakers say they need some rain, preferably some that really drenches earth and strengthens the plants, then it could be a really really great year. They also said that they’ll start to harvest earlier this year, in August for sure, perhaps early August – what is a stark month ahead of the usual.
    A good sauna is really someting for the winter Eroswings ! I have to be careful with such a thing because of the heart, but I remember it well when we visited years ago. And it helped with the more or less chronical cold !
    Have a great week too, and be careful with the heat, I think where you are it is much tougher than here in Franconia !

    Lots of small fires in fields, dearest MsScarlet, like when a harvester hits a stone and sparks fly, or shards from thrown away bottles and other glass things bundle sun rays, but all still managable. Heat wave in England, heat wave in Canada … I really wonder what August will bring !

  7. Heavy cloud here today, I’m not complaining, it brought some much needed respite from the hot weather.

    Sounds like Dusty Springfield.

  8. Just stopping by to say, “Hello”. Feeling especially frustrated today, tired of being stuck in the inertia of a million little chores and not getting anything meaningful done. :( I hope your week is going better.

  9. Yes, heavy clouds, Mitzi, but NO rain. Thankfully the humidity went away, it’s even a bit chilly, but no rain. The forecast says that the weekend will see us in the thirties Celsius again, without rain. The wine really needs it now.

    Ah yes, it’s like Sysiphos, you do and do, thing after thing, chore after chore ; at one point you look around and ask yerself “What have I done this day ?” And in the best case one has kept the status quo, nothing went awry or derailed, but nothing went further – and the things one really wanted to tackle are still undone.
    Don’t worry Melanie, don’t despair, it’s the grind we all have to face. All & everything about “time management” is nonsense imho, in the end it comes down to what Eros once mentioned, the ability to discern, to seperate that what makes sense and is important from the unimportant and non sensical.
    The decision making is still a mystery.

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