Sunday Music, Monday Edition

A bit late, sorry. Of course I was travelling in Suebia over the weekend.
When I arrived Friday evening I was given a liqueur to taste. It came from one of the Balearic islands (Ger., Eng.), but I forgot which one. It was produced by a guy called Bernardo from cactus parts – are there cactus figs ? Deep red colour, it smelled a bit like bubble-gum. The taste is indescribable – in my head an image of a Schlumpf popped up, they are called smurfs in English. But it was not a nice & shiny Schlumpf, new and sanitised, but more of an old battle axe of a figurine that had went through dozens of grubby children hands, got lost and stumped upon in the playground (and perhaps a bit roasted, just for good measure). But after the third or so I learned to live with it, interesting brew after all.
The next day I spent on Burg Neuffen (Ger., Eng.) sitting in the sun.
The new week started uneventful, business as usual. It is hot, the fields are empty, crop is harvested. We really could use a little rain now.
This week’s Sunday Music is a little piece called Snowfall by Juan Garcia ESQUIVEL (Ger., Eng.) from his 1962 album More of Other Worlds, Other Sounds – I hope you like it.
May we all have a peaceful week.



16 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. After the third or so… yes indeed, sometimes one cannot decide whether it’s palatable or not until quite a lot has been drunk. By which time, it probably is.

    In theory, we need rain, the garden and countryside are terribly dry. But I don’t want a break in the summer weather, because usually it doesn’t come back again.

  2. A beautiful castle! I can imagine you up there, reclined on the grass with a refreshing drink to hand, watching the clouds go by. Lovely.
    And Snowfall cooled me down a treat. I liked it very much indeed! (going back for a third listen, now).

  3. A good example for this kind of drink is the beer of Bambaerg called “Rauchbier”, smoked beer. After the first most people are not sure whether to give it another try is worth the effort, but after the second it really starts to show its hidden tastes. And it is all about the taste, it is not very strong.
    I can say nothing about the weather on the British islands, dear Z, but here the summer will last, it all points into this direction. A small thunderstorm, some cold rain, is very necessary now. With the grain all collected it is now all about the wine – it can become a very good vintage, it even has the potential to become a great one. The wine gardens I can see around here are still in good shape, the green of their leaves is not yet becoming weak. A bit of a gamble.

  4. IDV – you snug in while I was writing.
    I watched paragliders – some of them managed to stay at one point in the air, kept there by the updraught that swept over the edge of the Alb. Others caught the upstream and circled higher & higher, it looked as if they went into the clouds. But I think they did not do this, I guess this would be really dangerous. As I was told humans may loose their sense of direction in a cloud. And above the para-gliders at least one real glider was circling, a collision would be terrible.
    I was sitting in the sun ona bench, friendly wind played collingly around, so I noticed the (slight) sunburn only in the evening.
    The Burg Neuffen is a magnificent white Klotz that can be seen from nearly any other place at the Alb’s edge, looks really like a castle should. They renovated a lot over the last years. I am looking for visitng the place in autumn, the look out over the land is impressive.

  5. No salt involved, no citrus fruit to be sucked upon – I just poured the stuff into a glass and drank. It was called a “Likör” on the etiquette, so there was a bit of sweetness, LẌ but not too much. I only know Tequilla as a pretty “sharp” drink, nothing of this with this brew. The fluid was not sticky or goopy ; impressive colour, I think crimson / rubine (I saw it only at night, in the kitchen, with artificial & unsufficient light).
    I searched for Mr Bernardo, but found no valid link. There may have been a marmalade and liquor shop run by a Mr Bernardo, but the links are dead – his business may have faltered. The bottle should be around for some years now … now that I think of it – at least three or so.

    Yeah, those Suebians : They built houses on the most interesting places, and then they let them crumble !
    You really see this chunk from a distance, all along the edge of the Alb, East to West & back. It’s massive & gives the impression of “aus dem Vollen gefräst”, like milled from one solid block. And the walls are white – others, like those of the Burg Teck or the Hohenzollern, are grey. The Neuffen really looks a bit as if it escaped one of these illustrations of the 19th century. But unlike what Ludwig built in Bavaria, and others (partly, not all & everywhere) in the Rhine valley, this thing is really old and dating back to the Middle Ages.

  6. I believe the cactus part is called a pear. The cactus is Prickly Pear, they’re very common in the part of Texas I grew up in. They’re grown mostly for their flowers, which are very pretty and look sort of like water lillies.

  7. The cactus part was probably prickly pear. I think I can pass on the taste of a battle hardened Schlumpf. What a way to describe a taste sensation. You missed your calling as a good critic perhaps. Die Burg is beautiful! Have a good rest of the week. I’m going back to listen to snowfall now.

  8. I love the super sweet watermelon and pear flavor of the prickly pear, the cactus fruit!

    I hope y’all get some good rain soon. I have learned that grapes taste better or make better tasting wine if they survive stressful, almost drought like conditions. Something about the hardship makes the grapes more concentrated and flavorful, even sweeter.

    Have a safe and wonderful week. The music is a nice selection.

  9. Water lillies on a cactus – who had thought, Mr Peenee !
    BTW, as TExian, this article may interest you.

    Can’t help, Foam, this was the image I had when I tried the brew for the first time. Maybe the Schlumpf-connection was there because I had tried a blue Schlumpf-flavoured ice some time before. It was not to my likes and a bit of a letdown, because it was basically a vanilla died blue with a strange taste. It came from a small ice manufacture, and they have really great sorts. especially their fruit ices are exceptional. They have a bitter chocolate that makes me want to bite into the ice – des könnt’ mer au’ über en Ratz schmierah, oiner deht’s scho’ wegschlotze ! Customers rib de Bollah from their hands ! So yes, I sucked a Schlumpf, so to speak …

    “super sweet watermelon and pear flavor” was not particularily my idea of this taste, dear Eroswings
    Yes, the hardship, the sun, even the lack of water – to some extend – helps the grapes to develop more intensity. But it’s a little bit of a gamble.

    I am glad that this Sunday Music is to your tastes, venerated readers. Thank you all for the good wishes.

  10. Difficult, dear Foam, I would commit a crime against the Palz.
    It means that the ice is that good, even if one would anoint a rat with it – someone would lick it off. While schlotze is tricky – a glass of wine (“ah’ Viertele”) will be g’schlotzt (by an aptly named Viertelesschlozer) but a scoop of ice too : The first means clearly “to drink”, while the second means something of a licking / sucking activity. As far as I know the ethymology of “schlotzen” is unknown. I never heard it outside Suebia.

  11. A castle, sunshine, and a boozy brew that tastes of dirty Smurf – sounds wonderful!
    I thought I missed the cool, until it returned at the end of last week, now I miss the heat: Scottish summers are far too short.
    Nice tune!

  12. I wonder if there was ever a “dirty smurf” in their official lineup ? The Peanuts had one dirty boy, I forgot his name, but he always walked in a cloud of dust. And in Cul de Sac the friend (Dill) of the main character (Alice Otterloop) has sticky gum problem.Thank you for confronting me with these problems, Eryl !

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