Sunday Music

I’m still a bit knackered. Yesterday I chauffeured a friend to the South near the Swiss border, so that the last leg of this journey would be short and manageable for her.
I found it a bit challenging to drive over the packed Autobahn, especially through the Rhine valley we moved from jam to jam. When I finally had returned home (late at night & by train) I learned that in the afternoon a major accident happened in a section we passed only shortly before, people died when many cars ran into each other. It is a fast stretch of the road, I am sure they raced like mad. Take care, venerated reader, keep a healthy distance, the highway is not the Hockenheimring (Ger., Eng.) – where the last race for some years to come starts today.
Some very strange things happened this week, not only the ongoing American reality show called politics – no worries, I do not talk about this here in this post, this needs one for itself, especially because some pretty alarming things in Europe happened too. But politics are not allowed to sully the Sunday of my venerated readers.
Last week we listened to falling snow, so why not superimpose a small meditation about life in general on this ? Mr Orlando GIBBONS (1583-1625) (Ger., Eng.) asks What is Our Life ? in his First Set of Madrigals and Motets (1612), here performed by the Cambridge Taverner Choir (about).
I hope you like the music, drive and act carefully : May the coming week be peaceful, uneventful, and accident-free for all of us !



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  1. You’re so right! Today, for all sakes, has to be politics free! I woke up about 20 minutes ago and now I’m listening to this beautiful music and drinking my first cup of coffee. The MITM is watching The British Open at Carnoustie (golf) and taking today as you suggest for the forthcoming week: peacefully, uneventfully, and accident free! Be well, dear friend, and thank you for the music! xoxo

  2. What a delightful musical selection. Thank you for presenting it.

    PS: I would love to hear this piece performed live in the superior acoustics of the Unsere Liebe Frau von die Gestriffen Unterhosen Chapel.

  3. What a way to start a Sunday : First coffee and Sunday Music ! I am flattered, Savannah, thank you for allowing me near to your breakfast table.

    Yes, exactly the place to perform it LẌ ; right after “Let’s Misbehave” and “Making Whopee”.

  4. What a nice thing to do for your friend. I guess you drove down in her car as you got the train back?
    Is it the summer holidays in Franconia, yet? Will you get to have a nice break from your driving of school children?

    The music was calming, but I’m going back to the delightful Snowfall to cool off after my swim.

  5. How nice of you to help a friend on a long trip. The music is very nice with the pleasant and wonderful harmonizing voices. Thanks for the important reminder to be safe on the road. Take every precaution; wear that seatbelt, because sometimes, it’s the other driver that’s going to hit you, no matter how careful you are. Be safe.

    I hope you have a pleasant week.

  6. Yes, IDV, exactly so, driving her in Southern direction near towards the border to Switzerland, than going back by train, an adventure in itself. Interestingly (nearly) all went well with Deutsche Bahn for me on those Bimmelbähnlein – while a friend who used the flagship-IC-trains faced a lot of difficulties on her trip to Hamburg one day before.
    The summer holidays have already started in other federal states (like Baden-Württemberg f.e., last week), Bavaria is usually the last, here the summer vacation starts with August, the new school year begins mid-September. Technically I am on stand-by, practically I am free.
    What an image, an igneous IDV emerging from the glowing sea, Poseidon himself must have been delighted to have a chance to warm himself from your hotness !

    A true word you speak, Eroswings : One can be as careful as possible, but avoiding own mistakes does not protect against other people’s mistakes. But it helps with the insurances, enormously.
    I can honestly state that really tense situations on the road were caused by other drivers ignoring basic rules or speeding. I have good brakes, and thankfully my reactions are still up to task.
    Two dents in the vehicle were made by other people (one by a colleague) while the car was stationary and those guys manoevered right into my (correctly parked) bus, while one left mirror was sent flying by a bloke who needed to squeeze into a narrowing of the road I was already passing through. I hit on wood (eins-zwei-drei), and hope that this week will pass really un-eventful, no need for anything at the eleventh hour ! The week will be pleasant – and hot : We’ll reach the upper 30°C.

  7. My great-aunt Alice 96 likes to ramble on about ending all in Switzerland if she was forced to go into a care home. I was wondering erm do you do guvvys?

  8. Good for you for being the driver! Crazy people on the road sometimes, eh? Thanks for that music; I quite enjoyed it. Take it easy!

  9. “Guvvy” as in “guv’ner” ? It may all come down to what you want to be understood under “doing”, dearest Mitzi

    Crazy people all the time, Ponita ! I’ll do my best in taking easy. I will tart with taking a nap.

    The sun, the heat, the hormons – especially males suffer from shrivelbrain, a sometimes irreversible condition, MsScarlet.

  10. I do apologise, it’s a local word for local people and a slang one to boot. It means a job on the side, out of normal working hours, cash in hand or under the table.

  11. Oh, you mean Schwarzarbeit, Mitzi – how unethical. Thank you for broadening my vocabulary, I think I learned one of the most important words now …

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