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I wanted to post something earlier, but since Friday afternoon I was doing only one of two possible things – sleep or take a nap. It is simply too hot to do something else, the promised thunderstorm never materialised. In Suebia they had some drops of rain, but the water evaporated as soon as it hit the streets.
Of course there was the moon spectaculum Fryday evening, I saw much of it, just in the first twenty minutes clouds prevented the view. Even more impressive than the little copper penny was when towards the end, beginning left, the shadow retreated and a clear, silver, beaming moon resurfaced – I could follow this until a little bit more than half moon, than the trabant vanished behind the corner of the house.
Friday midday was my vehicle’s last journey for this school year. One of the boys finished school, so I saw him for the last time. As usual nothing is sure for the coming new school year, I do not even know if I’ll have this vehicle again, if I drive again. But this is normal, and weeks ahead – now it’s August and vacancy !
“Hot as hell” some exaggerate – what brings us effortlessly to today’s Sunday Music, the aria Che Farò Senza Euridice, from the third act of GLUCKs (Ger., Eng.) Orfeo ed Euridice (first Vienna 1762) (Ger., Eng.), here in the version of Mr Philippe JAROUSSKY (Ger., Eng.). When I read somewhere years ago that Mr JAROUSSKY would be better if he stopped singing only JAROUSSKY, I thought it to be a bit unfair. The quip is of course nothing new, I heard it the first time about RUBINSTEIN ages ago (“Rubinstein spielt immer Rubinstein, egal ob Mozart oder Chopin” – the same in variations for Menuhin and a lot of others). But I think for JAROUSSKY there is a little bit of truth in it. Now that he’s forty it is not “It’s ME ME ME, and I sing something !”, but it is more “Look ! It’s Gluck !”. Aaah yes, the award for the most annoying play on words goes to – Mr Mago, importable when well rested.
I hope you enjoy the music, get baked evenly, may we all find some cooling in the coming week.



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  1. Here in the South since the advent of air conditioning hot weather is something that’s outside, not inside! So, I ain’t complaining! But seriously, the extreme weather/climate change that’s happening all over the globe has gone beyond theoretical and is now a reality that we are all facing! *sigh* xox

  2. No cooling rain? Zut alors! Still, at least you got to see the Moon. I thought I saw a faint glow from behind the clouds here, but it could have been my mind playing tricks on me.
    Anyway: Happy Holidays!

    P.S. I fancied that I heard Philippe Jaroussky singing when Monsieur Hulot entered that café, but I rather think it was a soprano of the female persuasion.

  3. Air conditioning ? I could look for a ventilator stored in my cellar, dear Savannah. If I understood it correctly what a climate researcher said, such hot summers caould happen more frquently in the near future. I think the last ones comparable to what we have now were the summers of 2003 & 2010. Especially in 2003 a lot of people died from complications, old people, sick people, and infants – the usual suspects, the weakest. One may wonder how long this will go on this year.

    No rain – but it was promised *heavy feet stomping* ! Thank you for the good wishes – a la plage !

  4. The rain did arrive here on Friday evening, so no sight of the eclipse for us. It was, before then, as hot as I’ve ever known it in this country. We have no air conditioning but the house faces east and west, so doesn’t get the noonday heat and we were very glad to be in the cool. I hope we haven’t seen the last of summer though.

  5. I do not think that the heat will go away soon, dear Z – of course it may be different in the UK, after all an island in the Northern Sea. But the weathermen said that for the days coming it will become even hotter, Ungewitter only in the uplands possible.
    Wine harvesting will start next week – I wonder how this year’s quality will be. Also your English wineyards could see an exceptional vintage year !

  6. It very often happens here that wet or cold weather lingers and August hasn’t been a good month in the past few years. However, the forecast is mid-20s for the rest of the week, which probably suits most people. Of course, the national pastime is to complain about the weather, so I’m sure that’ll continue. And yes, should be a good year for the grape harvest.

  7. It will not be another 1540er – the mythical Riesling from that exceptional dry year – but it should be a very good harvest.
    Mid twenties sounds nice, here it shall be lower thirties without rain. Complaining is a national sport : My co-driver says she loves summer, and dry heat, but nevertheless it was “all too hot” last week. I am pretty sure, if I see her in September and we’ll drive together through the murk, it will be “all too cold”, or something else. Let’s simply acept, and enjoy it, as it comes !

  8. A nap is always a good choice in the heat. So is a nice cool drink!

    Do enjoy the summer while you can. Winter is just around the corner.

    Great music choice.

    I hope ya’ll get your much needed rain soon.

  9. I enjoy, Eroswings !
    We are promised rain for today, and it even looks as if it was possible – hurrah ! Not that the temperatures would fall, it will be sauna afterwards, but nevertheless – rain !

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