Something Technical

Venerated readers, most of You fellow bloggers use gargl’s Blogger.
It may have escaped Your attention that some weeks ago Blogger changed something in respect of the comments on Your blogs*. When I remember it correctly, from the time when I started with a Blogger blog, one could choose from a little menue if one allows comments from other blogging networks, like, for example, wordpress.
This made it easier for non-Blogger bloggers to comment : When I was logged into wordpress my avatar and identification would be automatically displayed on your blog’s comment formular – if you allowed it. If not, there was always the possibility to comment with the options “name / website”, or “anonymous” – if You had specified it.
Now it seems that the standard option activated is : “Allow only comments from other Blogger blogs”. After having commented I am asked to set up an account with gargle, what I – please accept my apologies – will not do.
But You still have the option to allow comments with identification in the fields “name / website”, and “anonymous”. You just need to activate, to allow this.
I already asked some of You, my venerated readers, to allow this, so that me – and of course other readers of your blogs – can still comment on Your blogs. And I am glad to say that You did allow me in.
But some of You do not display Your email address publicly, so I can not reach You, and ask for permission.
To make a long story short : I just want to gently ask, whether those of my venerated readers, who run a Blogger blog, and may have noticed that I did not comment on Your blog for some time – whether You could have a look on Your options for commenting, and maybe allow commenting with the option “name / website” ?
I do not know whether the downside is a lot of spam, but the upside of allowing a little leak to the outside of the gargle universe, may be more comments.

This is the official help by gargle that says under number 5, bullet two :

“In “Who Can Comment,” select User with Google Accounts to restrict anonymous commenting.”

Come on, live dangerously : Allow the dirty rest in !

* I am sorry, I do not know whether You already spoke about this Eroswings. If so, excuse me please. The reason for this Public Service Announcement is that I can not reach several Blogger bloggers via mail, and hence the contact is totally broken, or at least, one way only.

13 thoughts on “Something Technical

  1. Thanks for sharing this important information. It’s always good to share knowledge on the ways to improve and keep communication open in our internet communities.

    It is frustrating how it seems many large entities try to limit access to or segregate our communities, but I am so glad there are people who speak up and work to keep our bloggerhoods alive and well.


  2. Nobody ties Mr Peenee down !

    I always wonder what’s the difference between a “gated community” and a jail ? For a lot of people, fatzebuk is the internet ; gargle built a real little cosmos, Eros, running own applications under a own operating system with own services – gargle explains the world to you, if you want.

  3. I’ve just had a peruse of my settings, and I’m happy to see that my door is still wide open, and the heavyset doorman who wandered off some years ago hasn’t returned. It’s all inclusive at Chateau DeVice!

    P.S. “Gargle” – brilliant!

  4. The Blogger commenting choices are:

    Anyone – includes Anonymous Users
    User with Google Accounts
    Only members of this blog

    Mine is set to the “Anyone” promiscuous setting! No walls here!

  5. I did, I do – all Hail The Mistress !

    Peace brother, love sister !
    It all comes back around, LẌ.

    Gone in the electronic orcus, dear IDV, sic transit gloria mundi
    I started to change the fonts, because all of a sudden I found it difficult to read text – what is not correctly expressed : My ability to read is in no way weakened, but I had difficulties to recognise the text. So I started to change the fonts – there is one for the text of the post (and some additional parts of the blog’s surface), and one for the head(-lines). This was (and still is) divided, I had used one “sans” for the written text, another with “Unterlängen” for the head – this is still the case – but they used to be from different fonts, now it is from one font only.
    I looked especially how it would “fall”, so that it is large enough, but allows enough white space, for readability. I hope I found an acceptable compromise. Meanwhile the mango started to hurt me, so I changed to something less intrusive from the offered standard pallette of colours. It helps with the contrast and does not hurt the eyes.
    Sorry to disappoint you, but it was time for a change.

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