Political bla ahead, just skip / ignore if you do not like to read my nonsensical ideas about that man.


Yes, I did not want to write about the little fuehrer again, but something changed.
In the usual mix of disport, amusement, plain horror, despair, and mostly, disgust, I feel when I look at the little fuehrer’s actions on a nationwide, and especially, an international level, a new feeling has crept in : I feel fear.
Because I think that the next level will be reached soon, and it means violence.
I think the little fuehrer now slowly realises that there is still something called “law”. The trial of his crony is going on – and as far as I can see, the emphasis is put on the machinations around the money this particular crony shoved around between Ukraine and “the West”. I am sure that sooner or later the Bank of Cyprus will raise its ugly head. Latest when another lawsuit against another crony will start – and it will – the little fuehrer will realise that there is no way out.
Except, he overthrows the whole damn system.
And because we know that the only thing the little fuehrer is interested in, is his own arse, he will do anything to save this arse of his own.
Either the little fuehrer will start a foreign war, or he will enable unrest within the nation.
Most likely candidate for “a little war” is now Iran, but I think it is not viable – if someone explains to the little fuehrer that such an action would seriously harm the interest of Vlad. Big no-no.
And “Little Rocket Man” is seemingly working according to plan, so nothing sellable there.
Leaves us with a little civil unrest.
You may find this scenario ridiculous, the idea that the elected president of the US would enable something like a “civil war light” just to protect his arse. Breaking up this already shaky society along the lines of race, North-South, GOd knows what – he does not have to, this is already done, when you look at it – and then using violence, or allowing violence, to break up the federal state. Just to make him “El Supremo” – creatures like his actual attorney general will find a form & formulation for this.
I think this is pretty much what the little fuehrer wants. This would make him the great fuehrer. Finally above the law.

5 thoughts on “Blam

  1. It’s everyone’s nightmare, dear friend! That’s the scary thing because no mater if a person supports him or (thankfully) doesn’t support him, his insane and dangerous antics are a threat to us all! xoxo

  2. Exactly this Svannah – a threat to us all – and this guy gives a sh** about it. Threadening and escalating is all he did, and all he does. No change, no reflection, nothing. A great intellectual zero.
    I really wonder how long he still can be contained.

    … I’m going straight back to the blender and the grape juice and Les Psilocybe. They got me through Nixon. Maybe they’ll get me through this.
    Says Mr Truscott (the fourth).
    Thank you for the peek into the Kanzleramt LẌ !
    And btw, I repeat it, if Texas grabs the posibility and becomes independent again, I’m in ! If I can’t work as teacher there I help with the Texian embassy over here.

    I have my doubts about GOd jumping in at the last moment, dear Eryl … last stands and all

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