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According to the weatherpeople the high temperatures in the middle thirties (Celsius of course) will stay with us until Wednesday. This evening rain will fall & on Thursday the big bang will come with thunder, rain and anything fun, so that we’ll find us from Thursday onwards in the mid-twenties. Man darf gespannt sein …
Yesterday while driving through the Rhine valley the thermometer showed 40°C outside. When we stopped for a drink, we sat for a minute or so in the car while the engine was idling, before I switched it off. When I opened the door the proverbial brick of heat hit me. One could feel it working itself through the soles of the shoes, every inch of tarmac was reflecting heatwaves. We stood in the shadow of a nearby tree and drank some water, but quickly decided that we had baked enough, and that the best place would be inside the cooled cabin of my friend’s car.
Her visit in Switzerland already had come to an end. I went in Southern direction by train, she picked me up, I drove the car home. The South-North rhinevalley Autobahn was stuffed, the stretch of the West-East-connection, from (roughly) the Frankfurt region towards Nuremberg I used, also was crowded ; the last South-North-part on the other hand was remarkably quiet, even relaxing to drive. She has spent a good time in the Swiss wilderness, and we ended the day with some beer under a tree, far from any tarmac, all nice.
Now without further ado some friendly Sunday Music. The Anouar Brahem Quartet performs live at the festival Les Suds (Fr.) at Arles (Ger., Eng.) in July 2016, the title is Halfaouine. BRAHEM (Ger., Eng.) is a Tunisian oud player of his very own right.
I hope you like the music, you can cope with the heat – may it be a peaceful week.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Lovely music! We’ve had a break from the heat, and got some much needed rain too, and avoided the tornadoes here (there were several elsewhere in my province, one an EF-3). I would like to see the sun again, and have it warm up a touch, as 19C in early August is just too cool.

    Stay cool, and hydrated, and have a peaceful, enjoyable week.

  2. What an exotic and wonderful music choice! Thank you. I’m glad you had a safe and pleasant drive back home with your friend.

    It sounds like you are going to get that much needed relief from the heat. We had a thunderstorm today that lasted for an hour just past noon. All the water dried up before the sun set. While things did cool for a bit during the rain, as soon as it stopped, it got awfully humid! It was like a sauna this afternoon with the blazing sun evaporating the water!

    But I love the heat. It gives me an excuse to have a cold drink and eat ice cream and other frozen and sweet treats. And I like to pretend I’m under a waterfall when I take a cold shower to cool down.

    I hope you enjoy a wonderful week!

  3. Roses – darling ! It must have been ages since you dropped by the last time – and a new post – I’m stumped speechless.
    Great to see you again !

    So mid thirtties Celsius is the “cold spell” in Texas !? I’d be lost LẌ. You should have a monument for the inventor of the air-conditioning-machine on any town square. I have to look who it is, sorry.

    Glad that you like it Dinahmow ! In the best moments they float.

    Tornadoes ? Thankfully not in Franconia. What we see is an increase in “Windhosen”, these small local whirlwinds that can e.g. draw a path of destruction through a village with destroyed roofs etc.
    I hope your new companion settles in nicely !

    Oh, I dread this sauna-effect after a rain, thankfully this did not occur here, Eroswings. They say that rain, thunderstorm etc. mid-week will really bring a change that will last for some time. Thank you for the good wishes !

  4. That is tremendous music, and from musicians who are quite new to me, I’m going to enjoy getting to know them more.

    Hope it’s cooler now for you, I’m in London for the next few weeks and it’s fresh but sunny, which is a lovely combination.

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