Sunday Music, Monday Edition

Time flies, even when one is busily doing nothing.
Of course no one never does “nothing” – there is always something “done” : Places are visited, pictures are snapped. And if this computer would be so nice to recognise & accept my camera (as it easily did before all those “updates” by microschuft) I even could show some of the mentioned pictures to you, venerated reader.
But on the other hand, there may be deep wisdom in this non-accepting of an ancient digital camera – aren’t there more than enough digital pictures flooding the web ? Why should I add a straw to the heap ? Most likely because it would tickle my vanity, ach vanitas, vanitas vanitatum
Now let’s hear some nice music : Mr Sonny STITT (Ger., Eng.) plays a title called Blue Prelude, it is found on his 1959 lp Sonny Stitt blows the Blues (Eng.).
I hope you like the music – may we all, especially MsScarlet – have a relaxed and stress free week !



15 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. I hate Microsoft updates! I had to do a reset to original setting of several devices to get them working again after the stupid updates messed up my devices. I hope your problem is an easy fix.
    It sounds like you had a great adventure. I hope to hear more of it when you have time.

    The music is soothing. Thank you. I hope you have a great week!

  2. Glad you like what Mr Stitt does here, dear Dinahmow.

    I am a bit concerned, because usually when you plug something into the usb-port it simply is recognised and works. At least this always was the case here, Eroswings. Now I plug in the camera via cable and nothing works, regardless if the camera is switched on when I connect it, or if I switch it on after I conncected. It is simply not recognised anymore – pffft, I say !
    I’ll find a way to save my pictures, I mean the card in the camera is not unlimited, too …
    Thank you, may we all have a peaceful week !

  3. Maybe the software that the computer use to read the camera/card somehow got deleted? Maybe if you go to the camera maker’s website it can help you find the extraction tools to download. :) I would love to see pictures of you! You only gave a glimpse or two of yourself that I recall after, what? Eleven years of non-corporeal friendship! I wonder how that translates to German. Ha ha ha

  4. YOu know what LẌ ? I was mourning tha fact that my multi-card-reader sits on my desk in Franconia – but it never dawned on me to buy one here !
    ARG – I feel like my brain has finally dried up over the vacancy !

    Always the best for MsScarlet !

    Pictures of me ? I can not imagine that someone wants to see a picture of me Mekanie – see, I see myself any day, and its boring :) I think I once photographed the bald spot on my head ?
    Is it eleven years already since you made me open a blog ? Goodness …
    “non-corporeal” could be translated as “un-körperlich”, “im-materiel” or “nicht-fleischlich” (=vegan)..

    Glad to learn that you like the music Eryl.
    I doubt that I can always anticipate your mood – it is your ability and readiness to empathise, to “allow the music in”.

  5. “Blue Prelude” makes a nice accompaniment to my photo sorting and uploading to the web! I’m not finished flooding it with coastal photos just yet. Although, some castles and chapels would be a nice change, Mago…

  6. Perhaps the driver for your camera needs updating? LX would be better at answering that. And my laptop had a built-in card reader slot, which is very handy! I too would love to see photos of castles and chapels!

    @LX: Oops!!

  7. They did wrong what one can do wrong, in fact it is a difficil task. One can only hope that the “driver” put on that rubber helmet he’s supposed to wear.
    BTW did you notice the orange/black sign on the turret LẌ ?

    Right as you hinted, dear IDV, a post with a castle is published.

    Card reader – thank you for turning the knife in the wound, dearest Ponita, Figuratively speaking of course …

    I can do that with a computer what they did with that tank LẌ !

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