Venerated reader, I have to beg for pardon. Perhaps the first time since I started “Sunday Music” as a regular feature some years ago, I did not publish it on Sunday or Monday ; over time  there were one or two Tuesday editions, but a “Sunday” Music on Wednesday is a bit much.
I can give as an excuse only that I was busily exploring my surroundings, castles were involved. To give you an impression of what can be found here, and of course as captatio benevolentiæ, see a little clip showing a mysterious lady walking around – you guessed it – a castle.



10 thoughts on “Castles

  1. If I had been her I would have worn that jacket on my shoulders, without putting my arms through the sleeves, giving the impression that I live there and have just nipped out for a saunter.

  2. What a fantastic and grand castle! The sculptures and designs are amazing. The gardens and setting are marvelous and enchanting. Was that Queen Elizabeth II looking for a vacation home?

  3. You are pardoned, dear Mago. I do like a good castle, and that one has such a splendid array of towers and turrets as to wonder how many extremely long-haired young maidens could be imprisoned there?
    I think, with a different soundtrack, that could be quite the spooky film. Ms Norma, included (thank you, Ms Scarlet)!

  4. You post when you want to post, and you can call *every* day Sunday if you wish. ;-)

    Please do show us some of the photos of the castle you visited!

  5. It must be Norma ! Yes, this is the magic of laziness – in the end I’ll be “there” first because I never left, dear MsScarlet !

    I remember that it was a steep walk and that it was draughty – but one had a nice look from some points over the land. As I remember they have no crypt there, but use a nearby chappel for the Hohenzollern family burial – but I am not quite sure LẌ !

    I followed her order stat Dinahmow – and did nothing until today !
    I’m a good boy.

    Thank you dearest Z. Of course the self-set goals are hardest to reach …

    Just a dash to the stables to be sure that the Italian stallion is kept in good condition Mitzi ?

    I am not sure what Her Majesty would think about this castle, Eroswings. It is definitely not very comfortable, because a report says that they had a family gathering there in winter time and everybody had to wear thick clothes and fur while sitting at the dinner table. It is surely not “warm & comfy”, more “kalte Pracht”, cold spledour. I think it is even easier to warm Ludwig II’s castles in Bavaria than this house.

    Norma appearing as “The White Lady” ! In fact they have a “white lady” there, a family ghost who predicts the demise of the family head. Yes, I have visited this castle, last year I think. No photographs as I remember, but I have to look. You know IDV – I shy away from sorting my pictures, so the heap grows and grows …

    Thank you Ponita – yes, some photographs will follow soon. But sadly they will be pretty balnd, sorry.

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