Sunday Music

Finally “Sunday Music” on a Sunday – order is restored, cosmic chaos avoided, we may return to the trusted course of things, when “Sunday Music” actually means music on a Sunday, and not on a Monday ! Sloppiness, laziness, lack of discipline – ta !
I am back from Suebia, but not yet back to the daily drudgery. I am expected to take care of my vehicle, and I received a list with my passengers’ names etc. – and it is wrong : Obviously the communication between the school and the knights could be improved, because one boy left the school and is definitely not a passenger anymore, and one seems to be left out at all. Some months ago a mother complained about a lack of clear communication with the school since a certain position was filled with a new person who seemingly thinks it is not necessary to tell others (parents) what he has decided about their kids. We’ll see – it is not my problem, I’m just a driver, and I’ll start only next week. Enough time to do household stuff, and sort some photographs. Perhaps I’ll find one with a castle on it.
But until then we should listen to some nice music – like Mr Kenny BURRELLs (Ger., Eng.) Chitlins Con Carne, the opener on his 1963 lp Midnight Blue (Eng.) ; fiftyfive years old now, not to everyone’s taste.
I hope you can enjoy the Kaldaunen anyway – may we all face a peaceful new week.



14 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Glad that you like it Tim, you old guitarrero

    It’s complicated MsScarlet. Sorry to ad to the confusion …

    Kuddeln, Kutteln, Fleck, Kaldaunen, basically cow stomach. Better than Beuschel – that’s Austrian for lung of cow, looks really like puke on plate – there you NEED all the Schnapps you can get LẌ ! Poor colonel Kurtz, must be tough as a vegan in Nam …

  2. Thank heavens for Sunday Music on a Sunday! I could feel the universe unravelling, but now it seems to be knitting itself back together. I wonder if The Very Mistress is doing it? She did used to have a knitting blog, after all…

    Anyway, Castles? Yes, please. And still a week to go until school starts! Although, I can’t wait until school starts as it means I’ll be able to go shopping in the city at lunch times without having to navigate around oblivious youths. Have a good week, Mago!

  3. I always wondered what the lime in question is Eryl. I’m not trying to ridicule you, please do not think in this direction. But where does the “lime” come from ? Is it the Latin limes, the “limit” – is the music “under the limit” ? It is a spell they put on me when I learned Latin, always looking at the words, and it parts, trying to under-stand, ach, ach und nochmal : Ach !

    YES ! It is something eternal, man’s disability to realise that some things do not work , the happiness in repeating, the promise that one day it could finally work – be it the lottery, be it heighth restriction : Man is happy slamming things against the wall.
    Thank you LẌ – I feel I had a major insight. Every human being starts a new, we must repeat a lot, all the effort put into avoiding mistakes – like putting up signs, teaching in any way – is basically in vain : All those signs did their job of course as signs, but the one who should receive the message (and as I guess, many others too) did not act accordingly, ignored the signs, and slammed into the wall.
    What one has to admire is the capability to built really tough bridges.

    (Maybe I’m a little sideways right now, sorry lorry.)

  4. It is a very nice and relaxing tune.

    I hope the school sorts out the mess, because I would be really upset if I was the parent of child left off the list!

    Have a great weekend!

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