Sunday Music

It took me ages to worm myself through the amassed heap of photographs on the harddrive, and I’m still not finished. There is work-related stuff that can simply go into an archive-folder, there is nonsense that gets deleted without second thought, and there is a vast amount that needs to be seen, categorised – simply decided upon. When I will have finished all this I will go through again and look for quality ; if some can be found there looms the possibility of a photo-post.
It was a strange week, I felt out of place. I did household things, prepared what had to be prepared for the new round of work, sometimes found myself looking around and wondering. Read quite a bit. Miss to have a real kitchen at hand.
Outside is a really beautiful autumn, a wonderful light. Sun has still enough power to make one sweat, but the air is cool, even a light wind can sting a bit. I love this time of the year, although a little melancholy looms.
Here are five minutes of beauty : Mr GRAILLIER (Ger., Eng.) on piano, Mr RASSINFOSSE (Ger., Fr.) on bass, Mr BAKER (Ger., Eng.) on trumpet, perform Nardis (Eng.) 1985 in Sweden, I hope you like it. May the coming week be friendly and forgiving to all of us.



10 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Still warmish here. I’m looking forward to the crisp days sans wind and rain.
    This is a very September type of tune…. but in my mind’s eye I’m also seeing 1960s imagery, black and white and jazzy…. and melancholic.

  2. We are warmiah and breezy with rain here and there… very welcome after the very dry summer we’ve had. I am hoping winter holds off for a couple more months. Just before Christmas would be nice. Very relaxing jazz tune. Wishing you a relaxing, nonmelancholy week. Good luck with the photo sorting. I know from experience it is a rabbit hole one falls down: enjoyable but time consuming. :-)

  3. Oh, don’t talk to me about photo sorting. I spend what seems like ten times the time sorting the just taken photos than actually constructing a blog post out of them. Of course, it would help if I didn’t take so many, but I like to have a good selection in case of unnoticed photo-bombers when I click the shutter button.
    Still, carry on with yours as I am looking forward to a Mago Photo-Post!

  4. Very much looking forward to the Mega Mago Photo Post!

    Flash Flood Watch weather here which is actually good as it brings cooler temperatures and some much-needed moisture.

  5. The thunderstorms are here weekly. That means summer is winding down and the most severe hurricanes happen this time. If we make it to November, hurricane season is over for my coast.

    Enjoy the sunshine and light while you can. Winter is coming, bringing long cold nights and freezing winds. The music selection is nice and relaxing, and it makes me think of The Peanuts, Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Woodstock, and the rest of the gang.

    Have a nice, relaxing week.

  6. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts, dear MsScarlet, the grey murk will arrive soon enough …

    Time consuming it is Ponita ! BUt now excuse me please, while I still bask a bit in melancholey. It’s warm, blueish, and I only do it once a year, in September.

    Yes, I am astounded of the sheer number of pictures taken IDV – but of course you are right, one needs a good basis for selection. And what would it be without the occasional photo bomber ?

    Oh Chet, it’s tragic isn’t it. Sometimes he creates moments of sheer, nearly unbearable elegance.
    I have to look for some photographs of flowers Dinahmow – that would be the second topic after (IDVs) castles.

    I don’t think it will be “Mega” LẌ, maybe s-mallish, a Petite Photo Post perhaps …
    Ah yes, the annual flash floods – at least there is some cooling down before you get swept away. Thankfully the autumn storms will come only late October or so.
    Be careful please LẌ, especially in garages.

    I read in the news that a hurricane is coming, it seems to strengthen over the sea. Frankly, I would look for another place to live if I had to deal with an annual severe storm, or even two or three of them, Eroswings. Of course this is easier saied than done, but if man has to rebuild things year after year after year – ?
    Thank you for the good wishes, may it all return to you !

  7. The nice thing about hurricanes is that they give you at least a week’s notice of when they’re arriving–giving us plenty of time to prepare and evacuate if necessary. There are government schematics and housing plans designed to withstand hurricanes. The smart people follow the recommendations and their homes weather hurricane after hurricane. It’s the ill informed and ignorant who don’t follow guidelines who often lose their homes to the storms.

  8. Good to learn this Eroswings – I had the impression (surely because I only “know” about hurricans from the news here that regularly show desaster areas) that it is an ongoing, seemingly constant, circle of devastation, almost like an annual ritual of building and destroying. Good to see that this is wrong ! So when you hold it together, follow rules (that are not arcane, but officially communicated) one can protect one’s property, and life (!) – and even has a good chance in doing so.
    Maybe the US are not that lawless after all as one could come to think … :)

  9. I hope you’re enjoying worming through all those photos, I need to do something similar but keep putting it off. I also have an old, broken concertina file full of papers that need to be re-homed, either in new files or the bin, but the thought of it is enough to exhaust me, so I keep trying to ignore it.

    Lovely light here, too, the last week or so, and the leaves are beginning to change colour which I fond both pretty and depressing.

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