Sunday Music

Here I sit, a helpless victim, a lonely prisoner in my own living room. Outside looms the monster : eight-legged, brownish, hairy, and mean.
Last evening I walked through the door of my living room, and was stopped in my track because I noticed a dark, brownish blob on the floor. It was a pretty large hairy spider, I have no clue of what sort. I only know that it is not one of those harmless, even slightly likeable Weberknechte (Ger., Eng.), but something more massive, and un-likeable.
I grabbed a glass from the kitchen counter and wanted to just put it over the creature, when I noticed that the glass would be a little too small and perhaps cut one of the behemoth’s legs ; so in an unexcusable fit of empathy I moved the glass to push the ogre a little in the right direction to its own benefit, what awoke the animal and made it run. Thankfully it did not make it into my living room, but returned and went in the general direction of hall, bathroom, kitchen. Especially in the last room are enough possibilities to hide.
When the creature run towards my left foot I leaped up squeaking, jumped into the living room, slammed the door shut and ripped my trousers off in fear to find the terrible animal running over my legs. GOd alone may know what this creature would do to my body ! So I jumped like Pantalone while checking my pantaloons …
Later that evening a friend on the phone not only laughed about this scene, but also reminded me that getting up in the night, and walking to the bathroom in the dark barefooted could hold some surprises – we arachnophobes are a lonely bunch …
Today’s Sunday Music is nothing “Itsy bitsy spider”-like, but a little piece by Nicolas VALLET (Ger., Eng.) titled Les Pantalons, performed by Marina BELOVA (about,  ytchannel).
I hope you like the music. May we all have a peaceful week ahead, preferable without any spider bite.



16 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. If they would be successfull LẌ, they’d have a problem with all my bad cholesterol !

    AAAAARRRRGGG ! Der Ammendornfinger ! Or whatever.
    WHy move to the UK MsScarlet ? Don’t you have the Huntsman, or something ? Be prepared I say !
    Wearing shoes is essential – and looking up when entering a room.

    You are not alone Savannah !

  2. Sorry, I just run out of Peppermint oil, MsScarlet. I have a cheap cooking oil made from sunflower seed – will that work ? I could combine it with vinegar, so it’s effectively a vinaigrette … perhaps I could add a little garlic ?

  3. The Snaps might work, as does white vinegar mixed with peppermint oil…. so when you’re bound up in a sticky web you’ll know what to do!
    Don’t say I didn’t try to help!

  4. When caught in the sticky web I’ll reach out for LẌ’s helper and hope for the best.
    But I think its best to avoid being bound in the sticky web – so a little dab-dab of peppermint behind the ears, as lady like as it is dearest MsScarlet, seems not to be sufficient. I thought more of a full body immersion.
    Would someone please hold the bottle ?

  5. Airline ticket! That’ll do the trick.Oh, and someone to meet me at the airport as you will be barricaded in the sitting room!
    Just a nit-picking note- they are not poisonous.You could, in fact, eat them.Venomous, yes, and very few have sufficient potency to kill you.(We like to keep those here for tourists!)
    But I understand your predicament. While I find them fascinating to watch I am not enthusiastic if they suddenly hide…

    Now, I suggest you listen to some lovely, soothing lute music.

  6. EAT them ?! Oh dear GOd ….
    By the dozen ? On a stick ? Dipping in cream ?


    Life must be harsh down under, never will I set foot on that island ! Thank you for pointing out the delicate difference between “venomous” and “poisonous”, dear Dinahmow !

  7. Ohhhhh… I get your “Sadist” comment over at mine now. Sorry.
    (I can’t believe I missed this post – I must have thought it was last weeks “Sunday Music”?)

    P.S. In response to you ‘vinaigrette’ reply to Ms Scarlet: Don’t! Don’t season yourself for the spider – it’ll eat you up even quicker!

  8. Toothpaste could work in place of peppermint oil, worth a try.

    I’m rather fond of spiders, we have quite a few in the house at the moment (I think they come in at this time of year), one I’ve named Gertie. She lives in my room and comes out to promenade in the evenings. My only fear is that I stand on her, or any of them, which would be horrid.

    Hope you’re having a good week.

  9. I could try garlic, IDV – if it helps against vampyres, why not against slurpy spiders ?

    So I’ll roll in toothpaste, dear Eryl – but it may dry and brake off after a while …
    Yes, they come in when the temperatures drop, and the nights are rather chilly around here now with single digit numbers Celsius.
    I am pretty sure that at least one spider lives here, so be it – who am I to deny a creature the possibility to survive ? As long as it stays hidden, all is well. And of course I would never harm Gertie, this is simply something one does not do.
    Thank you for the good wishes m’dear, the week is so-so …

  10. Just think! She’s probably building an egg sack or two in a hidden corner of your kitchen. You’ll be an uncle soon to hundreds of wee 🕷 spiderlets!
    Oh, btw, I looove lute music.

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