Sunday Music, Monday Edition

Not the best weekend it was, more the humpf-end of a humpf-week. Had to work through stuff in my head, was angry at others and finally at myself, cursed the damn wheel in my head that kept on repeating thoughts, scenes etc., seemingly unstoppable.
I went to town on Saturday, just to walk, look around and disperse my thoughts, for the same reason I strolled through the village on Sunday. No photographs. Work was easy this morning, I gradually re-assemble my shiny, optimistic self. The very good thing is that a very close friend’s health is notably improving, some other things in the lives of people close to me are going better, this makes me feel good.
Sunday Music is a little instrumental piece by Robin TROWER (Ger., Eng.) titled Wish You Were Mine, taken from the 2014 compilation Compendium 1987-2013. I hope you like the music, may it be an easy week for all of us.



7 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. Oh that monstrous unstoppable, unpredictable wheel! I do think getting out and walking is the best way to slow it, glad it worked for you.

    And now you’ve introduced me to a new musician, how lovely!

    Hope this week is a good one for you, and all of us. X

  2. I think, as Eryl already mentioned, walking did the trick. But if you find a spoken formula (“spell”) that works, please let me know IDV.

    A guitarrero for your collection Eryl ! :)
    Trower is in his early seventies now but still going strong, in fact one could say he never stopped since 1967 or so. Thank you for the good wishes – a particular week with only four working days because of Wednesday holiday ; most people I had spoken to find this to be a nice and promising arrangement one could get used to.

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