Sunday Music

Wonderful days, warm, golden light – it should stay this way, but nevertheless the murk lurks behind the horizon, hopefully still for weeks.
The week was, nothing earth shattering to report. With the exception of Frayday afternoon, when all of a sudden a really loud bang occurred while I was driving over a country road. We have no idea what happened. Of course something must have hit the vehicle, but what where – no clue. All I know is that it occurred behind and above me, and that I did not run over something. But whatever it was, it left no visible traces. The young boy who was my sole passenger at this moment became really alarmed and needed consolation ; thankfully he is not afraid to climb in, at least on Saturday all was  well with him again. (This Saturday was an additional working day.)
After this dramolett in the Franconian wilderness, and the boring book list, it is time for some joyful, little Gran Valse, composed by Francisco TÁRREGA (1852-1909) (Ger., Eng.), performed by David RUSSELL (Ger., Eng.).
I hope you enjoy the music ; may the coming week be warm, sunny, easy for all of us.



11 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Gaaa …. another good reason not to fly !
    Is this Capt’n Kirk, LẌ ?

    I expected something to stick somewhere, or to find a large dent, so I was a bit startled when I found absolutely nothing. When the incident happened I instinctively ducked my head, checked the mirrors ; luckily the road was empty behind and in front, but I had still to go some hundred meters until I could pull over and stop, because the road is narrow and a bit twisty. But I think no gremlins were involved, it simply was not gremlin weather, dear Z. Would it have been a rain & foggy night on the other hand …

  2. Lieber Mago,
    deine Musik ist wundervoll.
    Das ist, was ich heute Abend hörte – in allen möglichen Varianen …

    Ich hoffe, das ist dir jetzt nicht peinlich?
    Alles Liebe

  3. Liebste Anna – hier muss niemanden nichts peinlich sein.
    Take care.

    Yes I know Eryl – I could not resist the urge, the flesh is weak …. poor MsScarlet will feel befuddled, fallen out of time – ohwhathaveIdone ….

  4. I rebelled and came here on a Tuesday, as everyone knows that Sunday music is for Tuesdays!!!
    Meanwhile, maybe it was a squirrel using your bus as a steeping stone to the ground?

  5. You are born a rebell, dearest MsScarlet !
    I hope that the poor imaginary squirrel did not use the vehicle as stepping stone while it moved with aestimated 80 kilometers per hour. That would make it a kamikaze squirrel, or maybe it watched too many action movies like Fast & Furious, Squirrl Edition, and decided to goo full ninja style.

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