Sunday Music, Monday Edition

Oh dear.
“Gestern noch auf stolzen Rossen, heute durch die Brust geschossen”, as WIlhelm HAUFF (Ger., Eng.) once put it in a poem called Reiters Morgenlied, Horseman’s Morning Song. After a weekend spent in fine company in sunny Suebia, I went to work this morning, still all good. Then I had to see the company doctor for the bi-annual check-up, and it went downhill from there. In the end he prohibited me from driving until I can show correct new glasses. He kindly avoided words like “ticking time bomb” and “accident waiting to happen”. I had realised that reading has become a bit difficult over time, but when I stared into this eye testing thingy, I understood that something is wrong. Cheating Adjusting the glasses did not work. And when the friendly assistant showed me a cardboard with a dot, I could not help and had to ask “Dot ?”, what produced a light sigh from her.
I drove home. Shortly afterwards my dispatcher’s right-hand-man wrestled the car keys from my shaking hands, and that was that.
And rightly so. The risk is simply much too big, it is totaly irresponsible not to act.
Tomorrow midday I’ll see the optician who “made” my glasses (in 2012), there will be an eyesight test resulting in correct new glasses (and a huge bill), and with a little luck I’ll be back on the road next week. Meanwhile I am on forced holiday, a good chance to look around and orientate oneself.
I need some friendly music today. Please listen with me to Mr David RUSSELL playing Minueto by Francisco de Asís Tárrega y Eixea.
I hope you like the music – and if you realise that your eyesight changes, have it checked please.



11 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. It is a lovely piece, especially perfect for a rainy day here in my part of the world. A cool front has arrived, bringing relief from the hot weather. The cool weather will not last. But I’m enjoying its visit–keeps the mosquitoes away.

    I hope your new glasses fit well and improves your eyesight so you can get back to reading and enjoying the activities you love. Have a nice relaxing time off. Take a nice walk and have a snack and coffee in the park. Enjoy nature as the seasons change. Do the leaves change colors in your part of the world during fall?

  2. We still have warm temperatures around 22° C during daytime and 12° C through the night. but they will decline over the coming days and hoover around 14° and 7° next week, with rain then. The golden days will be over – it was a long golden October here. The leaves swishle and crinkle on the foodpaths, but it has not yet frozen, so the trees are not leafless yet. Sometimes it comes to fog in the morning, but the sun quickly dissolves it. With the rain and the cloudes next week the foggy murk will rise its ugly head ….
    Yes, a stroll in the park may be a good idea Eroswings.

  3. Glad that you enjoy the music LẌ. Don Tárrega wrote some really beautiful little gems. I found his music by accident. Youtube can be a nice thing (especially when one skips the comments !).
    The lady who treated me with the eye examination was generally nice, but she could not refrain from sticking a needle into my arm. I think it is a kind of ritual.

  4. Why did she stick a needle in your arm? And what was she even doing with a needle during an eye test?!
    I need an eye test, and new glasses…. but will have to save a few pennies first.

  5. Oh dear MsScarlet, don’t mention the pennies please …
    They gave me the full service, made me piss into a cup, drained me of litres of precious blood, connected me with old sparky, and finally an elder man squeezed my abdomen before he hit me with a hammer.
    Today the optician, after some to & fro, deceided that I had to visit an ophtalmologist first, some test results were far from acceptable. To be true, I feel a bit unsettled to say the least … especially when the eye doctor gave me an appointment next week, usually they have waiting lists for six weeks minimum.
    I feel the strong urge to wring my hands.

  6. Yikes! Your “full service” explanation to Ms Scarlet sounds like something out of a horror movie. I’m sure it’ll all be worth it in the end, especially when you get your new specs and can see what you’ve been missing!

  7. Oh IDV – I am missing nothing in the moment. I just want to be told what happened to my right eye.
    By the way, I think that there is a good chance to see your photographs of those strange coastal features you show now & then in this list some time, especially your expeditions in unknown small areas of the coastal waterways should be shown prominently. And of course, a shag will always be on topic too.

  8. Oh, those photographs are good! I especially like that ice one. I did take a few that were similar, but not nearly so well thought out – I’m far too impatient for that (it’s mostly just point and click from me).
    Perhaps, as you suggest, if I can get a shag in a mini-landscape, I might be in with a chance?

  9. I’m late, but thankfully the music is still here for me to enjoy! You’re right about the eye exam, it’s best to do it and move on from there to “seeing with new eyes” as Proust said. I wish you well, dear friend! xoxo

    p.s. I think I need to go back and check out what IDV was talking about because a shag means a couple of different things to me! ;)

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